No more cuts - Develop Europe’s long-distance rail!

Trains can create the best and most environmentally friendly connections across Europe. But a wave of closures of long-distance rail services has swept through our continent. We are facing an important Climate Summit later this year and this is the time to get back-on-track!

This is our message to the railway companies and the politicians:  

We demand:

  • No more cuts - maintain all long-distance European rail services
  • Develop direct trains between major cities in all European countries, both by day and (!) by night
  • Establish a European rail timetable information and ticket booking system

The Back on Track coalition will take your opinion to the rail companies and to EU with some more practical proposals. Have a look and see what we will do with your support

Activists on the platforms in Zürich to protest against reduction of night trains. Similar actions are planned Europe-wide on the 20.6.


Back on Track is a European network to support improved European cross-border passenger train traffic.