No more cuts - Develop Europe’s long-distance rail!

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2015-05-09 21:41

Because I both care about the environment and climate and am a frequent user of rail services.



2015-05-09 22:53

Time for some fair deals for traintravelling. Godd for society, enviroment as well as people.



2015-05-10 12:51




2015-05-11 16:49

Since it can not be pssiböe that such a comfortable way to travel will be buried more an more. How can one get more out of a city weekend than arriving saturday morning by night train and going bck on sunday evening? no plane can subsidise this!!



2015-06-09 10:27

Having spent the summers of 2013 and 2014 criss-crossing Europe by night train I believe that travelling by night and walking around cities by day is by far the most exciting way for overseas tourists to see the great cities of Europe. It would of course bring significant economic benefit to the cities visited and be an environmentally responsible way of travelling.



2015-06-10 08:38

Because we need more climate friendly trains operating. I tried to get a night train from Berlin back to Brussels (and then London) and it was impossible.



2015-06-10 18:17

I have just arrived in Greece by train the whole way. Not only is the journey much less environmentally damaging than flying, I've had way more adventures en route



2015-06-11 09:46

i used to be proud of the trains in Europe, we were the example for the rest of the world. Let us keep it that way. Stop the cuts to long distance rail, keep them in place,use tried material though instead of wasting it on experiments.



2015-06-18 13:09

I personally prefer taking long-distance trains (including night trains) rather than flying. I wish more people had the same preference, with more demand for such services we could really create pressure on the railroads to provide these trains.



2015-06-18 19:48

Night trains are so much more comfortable than rushing through airports, being squeezed into narrow airplane aisles etc.!
Not even to mention the benefits in terms of CO2-emissions..



2015-06-18 20:21

Mit Zuegen zu reisen ist umweltfreundlicher als mit dem Auto oder Flugzeug und zudem auch bequemer.



2015-06-18 20:25

In addition to wanting to support climate friendly transport, I love travelling by train! Its less stressful than flights and airports. Slow but still efficient.



2015-06-18 21:29

I don´t fly! Never will fly anymore!



2015-06-18 22:33

I want to have again the Nighttrain connection back between Copenhagen and Basel!!! No more cuts!!!



2015-06-19 03:09

I like travelling by train at night, because I am well rested
at the arrival and gain a day. One more day to live.



2015-06-19 11:55

As a family of 4 we have been using the trains to travel around Europe for the last 20 years .... It has got more and more difficult ..... More and more expensive ..... Greater need to book in advance.



2015-06-19 14:21

It's wrong what is being done. It is right and brave for you to stand up



2015-06-20 07:29

It's obvious - whether you are considering the environment, the pleasure of rail travel, the convenience of getting city to city whilst you sleep - however you look at it night trains are needed.



2015-06-20 08:17

Love train travel and its environmentally friendly



2015-06-20 13:14

Jeg kan bedst lide at rejse med tog når jeg skal rundt i Europa. Det er nemmere, billigere og man får set en masse i forhold til at flyve.



2015-06-20 15:57

As a regular user of Europe's overnight trains I find it inexplicable that the EU is allowing cross-border connectivity to be run down.



2015-06-20 17:58

My husband used the night train to Germany every fortnight for business so he didn't have to he has no choice but to fly. Train was relaxing and very enjoyable for him as well as a low carbon mode of transport.



2015-06-20 19:48

I don't fly and for me is to travel by train the only opportunity to reach cities and places with longer distances. The last two years I travel by nighttrain to copenhagen,prag,amsterdam and Wien and it was a comfortable way. ... and it 's better for our environment!!!



2015-06-20 20:07

Train travel makes the journey part of the adventure. Well worth the fare and so much more civilised than flying. Competition from the air industry is unfairly subsidised.



2015-06-21 08:20

It's the most pleasant way to travel