No more cuts - Develop Europe’s long-distance rail!

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2015-06-22 07:48

Ive used the overnightsleepers many times and it is part if what i love about train travel. I would like to think that i will be able to take my son on them too.



2015-06-23 08:24

Langstreckenzuege sind eine umweltschonendere Alternative zum Flugzeug. Ausserdem ermoeglichen sie anders als der Luftverkehr die Reise mit viel Gepaeck.



2015-06-23 16:17

I signed this petition because I support the ideas of good reliable international long-distance trains by day and by night. On the contrary the quality should be significantly raised - good examples of high quality trains are the Spanish Talgo trains or the new modern Russian trains on the long-distance lines Moscow-Berlin-Paris and Moscow-Vienna-Nice. Such trains aren't only friendly to climate and environment but travelling by such trains is a major cultural heritage which shouldn't be lost. It is an awesome romantic and relaxing experience and not only getting from A to B.



2015-06-24 17:29

When we went to Europe we talk the train and it was a gear sores of travel fast and comfortable



2015-06-25 11:56

Sleeper trains are a great way to travel across Europe. They are safe and eco-friendly compared to air travel.
I have travelled on the now defunct Amsterdam to Prague train (easy on the ferry from here in Newcastle) and also on the Paris - Munich - Vienna. Its great!



2015-07-11 21:01

Sleeper services across Europe need to be preserved and strengthened.



2015-07-30 16:45

Rail travel is better for our planet than plane travel.



2015-10-09 09:35

I believe - and have done for years - that train travel should be the cheapest and most convenient way to travel. How can governments claim to be interested in the environment when they don't promote this simple step? on a personal level, I find train travel to be a lot more relaxing and enjoyable. And if a bit more money were invested in research, the difference in the travel times of train and plane could be lessened significantly.

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2015-10-09 09:41

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 True! This so important for the feelings of people.



2015-10-11 04:53

Because always flying isnt the answer to the future.
I used the cnl (Basel-Hamburg) many time in the last ten years.



2015-11-30 15:42

Love traveling long distance by night train.



2015-12-11 19:12

We need our trains. More not less. Keep and develop possibilty to travel with train. For the glimtar, for generations to come.



2015-12-12 11:09

slow travel!!



2015-12-14 07:31

Shutting down traffic by train on the continent is insane! instead we need a massive development of carbon friendly means of transportation as soon as possible!



2016-01-12 15:04

Convencional railways can run almost as faster as many TGV/HST do, Instead paying for a luxury travel.