Dir Sir / Madam, 02.April 2011

kindly consider our complaint here under:

There is a very serious issue occurring in Dahab with the poisoning of animals in the last weeks, especially the last few days. The poison used is Strychnine. It is a highly poisonous alkaloid causing paralysis and contraction of muscles until it reaches the heart muscle leading to death. This poison is banned in most countries of the world.

The following examples are just a few out of many cases:

23.03.    Dead poisoned puppy found on Assalah beach
24.03.    Private dog poisoned in Assalah, but could be rescued by Vet Dr. Amira Nabil
25.03.    Private Boxer breed poisoned in Moubarak
29.03.    Two private dogs found dead, poisoned in a private garden
30.03.    Wild fox found poisoned in the wadi behind Bedouin Moon Hotel

This list goes on and on. Reports of each case can be sent on request.



Tourists, foreigners and locals are shocked about the ongoing situation and the cruelty of these methods. Pictures and comments published on the internet by tourists are going around the world and make Dahab appear in a bad light.

Not only strays, known as friendly, get poisoned but also private pets and endangered wildlife, such as wild foxes and gazelles. Dahab is famous for its beautiful nature and rich coral reefs. Poison on the beach could easily be washed into the sea and destroy marine life. People living in Dahab are afraid to let their pets out of their houses and to let children play on the beach. Lately, poisoned meat was thrown over walls into private gardens. People don’t feel save in their own areas anymore, not to mention the consequences if children were to touch the Strychnine used.

At the end of December 2010 an agreement (see attached) was successfully achieved between the organisation ESAF (Egyptian Society of Animal Friends, Ahmed el Sherbiny) and the South Sinai Government officials to stop poisoning in Dahab whilst continuing the TNR-Projects (Trap, Neuter, Release). However, poisoning still continues in Dahab, including private individuals who have issues with particular animals somehow getting hold of Strychnine as well and poisoning animals themselves.

Animal WelfareDahab is a small group of volunteers of ESMA (Egyptian Society for Merci to Animals, Reg. Nr. 3059/2007).
We are working in Dahab on a long-term solution to solve the problem of the overpopulation of stray cats and dogs. Therefore we neuter/spay stray animals on an ongoing basis. This is the only effective human way to solve this issue.

We ask you kindly to help us to stop any form of poisoning in Dahab immediately and support us to manage the overpopulation of strays through our trap, neuter and release work. Help locals and tourists feel safe again and ban
the availability of Strychnine and other poisons.

Please see the attached reports by individuals affected by the current poisoning in Dahab.

Animal Welfare Dahab

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