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#1 Other deaths...

2011-03-31 18:14

It's also been warfarin (rat poison) out. A friend's German shepherd suffered through four days before finally recovering from this slow poison. There was a dead cat on the doorstep yesterday. Another friend's dog survived a strychnine poisoning just the other day with Dr. Amira's help.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
- Mahatma Gandhi



2011-03-31 18:16

This is not new, poisonings and shootings have been going on for years and years in Egypt, even clubbing to death has been witnessed. the only way to stop this is to put pressure on the Egyptian government, please support us in Egypt by signing and sharing widely. this will not stop unless the whold world screams 'STOP'...
Susie Nassar
Holly Mistry

#3 important

2011-03-31 18:19

this is a very important matter people need to become aware of if they are not already. animals need to be treated with dignity and respect, anything less is completely unacceptable.



2011-03-31 20:04

2 of our cats were poisioned in Dahab in 2009 ... something nobody should experience.



2011-03-31 20:22

This is cruel and sick and very barbaric, when will people in that country ever change!

#6 stop this cruelty towards animals!

2011-03-31 20:26

Animals are our best friends, why don`t Egyptions see that?



2011-03-31 20:38

Poisoning is no solution to solve the problem of strays. It is cruel and inhuman.



2011-03-31 20:43

End this senseless killing and project your energy and resources to an effective humane population growth control ie Trap, Neuter and Release. Show God,the community and the world your worth!


#9 Murder!

2011-03-31 22:55

As a long time resident of over 12 years in Dahab and having seen many animals (stray and owned pets) suffer this horrible end to life we are calling out for help!



#10 Poisoning

2011-03-31 23:14

That has to stop!
A Dogfriend


2011-03-31 23:43

Thank you for helping the animals.
A Humanist

#12 dingdong

2011-04-01 02:21

Another emotional plea from animal lovers. Unfortunately there IS no government in Egypt capable of making micro policy about animals. The country has enough problems sorting out it's human population, let alone worry about dogs and cats. Whilst I agree the alleged poisonings are cruel, this country is really not in a position to give a S**T.
Exactly who is this petition addressed to? Sir and Madam? Tourists and long term foreigners living in this place may be appalled by these poisonings and go "oh, how sad/cruel/backward/blah blah blah" but there are slightly more important issues that Egypt faces on a humanitarian level.
For the 1st time it may have the chance to participate in real elections which may lead to civilian Egyptians having a part in shaping their future. Women's rights and things like human trafficking, female genital mutilation, christian/muslim harmony will definitely take priority over your little puppy/kitten!!
I will NOT be signing this petition (addressed to who????) but will support humans in this country to have a chance at moving themselves upwards towards a better standard of living.
As for the Gandhi quote, I think the greatness of nation and it's moral progress can be judged by how it treats it's women, civilians, underprivileged, handicapped, and all citizens.
Pragmatically, puppies and kittens will have a better life in Western cultures for now :-)

#13 Re: dingdong

2011-04-01 03:12

#12: A Humanist - dingdong

Dear "A Humanist", I find you post very bitter & sad. Why do you have such a big chip on your shoulder?

Do you not have enough compassion in your heart for people AND animals? I know I do!

I support charities that help people and animals. You don't have to choose one or the other you know?

Why are you criticising people who are trying to make a difference? Even if you don't care about the animals, do you think it is nice for people (including children & the elderly) to see their animals die a slow, painful & unnecesary death?

Regarding who this petition is addressed to, yes there is uncertantity in Egypt at present, but when a new government is finally in power then at least these people will have thousands of signatures on their petition? Maybe that is the reason it is not addresed to a particular individual at the moment?

By the way, it is not just foreigners that are concerned about the poisoning, I know many Egyptian people who are also outraged at the poisoning of animals. They welcome the support of foreigners living in Egypt & across the world to help them in their campaign.

There are many important issues facing the world, but your apathetic moaning attitude isn't helping anyone?



#14 poisoning

2011-04-01 04:09

Also kills tourism.



2011-04-01 06:39

The poisoning in Dahab MUST be stoped, the people responsible must be made to understand that this is wrong and very dangerous for all both animals and humans alike!

#16 Milo RIP

2011-04-01 12:28

I lived in Dahab for 7 years and in this time I took on a 2 week old puppy and he lived for about 3 years. I was lucky the first time he was poised I got to save his life but the second time not lucky. He died along side of all his pals in the neighborhood. This has to stop.


#17 Re: dingdong

2011-04-01 12:41

#12: A Humanist - dingdong

I hear what you are saying and yes puppies and kittens do have a better life in Western cultures but who's to say they can't in a country like Egypt. Just a thought..... How you treat animals is a reflection on how you treat people? Maybe now is the time for change just like the change in government? Thanks for your feed back :)


#18 The sad truth about how it works

2011-04-01 14:01

Strychnine poisoning can be fatal to humans and animals and can occur by inhalation, swallowing or absorption through eyes or mouth, as explained above. ******* It produces some of the most dramatic and painful symptoms of any known toxic reaction. ****** For this reason, strychnine poisoning is often used in literature and film. It is also used as a rodenticide, but unfortunately it isn’t specific for unwanted pests. Nux vomica seeds are effective only when they are crushed or chewed before swallowing. As the pericarp is quite hard and indigestible, if whole seeds are taken through mouth without chewing than usually there won’t be poisoning symptoms seen. The following are the main features:

1.A severe nausea is seen, which may include vomiting due to the bitter taste.
2.Since the whole nervous system is excited, convulsions affect all the muscles. They keep on coming, intervals become shorter and convulsions stay longer.
3.The face is cyanosed, wears an apprehensive look of impending death. Eyes are staring and eye balls become prominent, also the pupils are dilated. This is all due to spasm of facial muscles. The froth may be seen on the face.
4.The body may be seen arch-shapes in following postures:
1.Opisthotonus: Hyperextension. The person may be resting on heels and occipit.
2.Emprosthotonos: The spasm of abdominal muscles may bend the body forward.
3.Pleurothotonos: The body may be flexed to one side.
5.******** The person/amimal is conscious and the mind is clear untill death.
6.There is an immense reflex excitability. Even a small stimulus like light, noise or movement of the body may throw it into a spate of convulsions.
7.Death usually occurs due to asphyxia as respiration is affected by muscle spasm.



2011-04-01 15:37

this is against Allah! stop! please!


2011-04-02 00:10

In no books God tells humans to hurt or torture animals! Humans are too selfish or self-centered to even get the point out saving lives of ALL beings except themselves. This is why I left Egypt and not planning to get back unless ALL beings will be treated with RESPECT!!

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2011-04-02 07:47

Advocate Against Abuse

#22 Re: dingdong

2011-04-02 09:58

#12: A Humanist - dingdong 

Animal cruelty is related to cruelty against people, including violence against women & children. This is why more law enforcement agencies are starting to take it seriously.  See "The Animal-Cruelty Syndrome", an excellent "NY Times" article that explains this very well.

No one here suggests campaigning exclusively against animal abuse. ALL forms of abuse need to end.  The article I mentioned notes that veterinarians can help fight child and spousal abuse by reporting when pets have been abused or other clues.

Actions speaks louder then words

#23 Re: dingdong

2011-04-07 22:18

#12: A Humanist - dingdong


i would like to ask you if u have enough courage to go one day with one of us in the streets. showing you the big different between the humans who get our help and animals.  what u did already to human ?  dont you listen to your religion what its say regarding animal rights ?  if u r not interested in, why u reply here ?  democratie means, everyone can say what he want, IF he have knowledge for speech.

and we WILL reach our goal, as the world is watching egypt and will care each step we do. animals are born here. egyptian like you and me. so at least you have to RESPECT them and as well our charity work for white souls.


هذه هي خلق جميع الله ويجب علينا حمايتهم لكمسلمين أن هذا هو واجبنا

وما من صديق اوفى من الكلب دون جدال


#24 Give the poisoners a realistic alternative option, don't just complain!

2011-04-09 13:00

People don't spend money on poison and bait because they are cruel human beings, they are trying to deal with a problem at their own expense in the only way that they know.

I agree poisoning is cruel, I am a dog lover and owner myself but what is the proposed long-term solution in Dahab when the vet will not put to sleep unwanted animals? Countries that impound and euthanaze stray dogs through national policies still have major problems with the explosion of stray dogs especially in tourist areas where they are fed, 'adopted' and put back on the streets.

Any solution has to include local people and not be primarily foreigner-driven and will inevitably involve the humane destruction of these unwanted domestic animals unless they are left to become wild and a threat to humans and their livestock through disease and direct attacks. Many foreigners in Dahab leave their 'pets' to openly roam the streets, causing them to become an public annoyance and have no respect for the religion or culture of local people but attack them for trying their best to control what they perceive to be a major problem. In any European country, dogs left to stray would be routinely confiscated and put to sleep. The 'dog-adopters' then leave after a year and have no consideration for the trauma experienced by a pet by turfing it out on the streets (or even worse, the dreaded dog-wadi!). Dogs are not accessories and you're not doing them a favour taking them in for a year and giving them a 'home' with an irresponsible foreigner who will only leave and add to the stray dog problem themselves.

If you bother to buy a lead and collar, walk your dog regularly, pay for your pet to be spayed and vaccinated and commit to taking it with you when you leave Dahab, even if it costs you a over 1000USD maybe you could be then classified as an animal-lover and people would listen to you seriously. Maybe some of the 'dog lovers' in Dahab need to look in their own backyards before criticizing local people who are trying to deal with a problem foisted on them by foreigners coming to live in their area and force upon them their own quite twisted values.

Don't let Dahab lose its appeal as a tourist destination (and escalate inter-cultural tensions) with packs of dogs spreading disease to local children and attacking people's livestock - let's get rid of this problem now and the only way is to destroy unwanted animals humanely and enforce responsible dog ownership for the animals that remain and are adopted for life not on a whim!!

#25 Hypocrites

2011-04-09 19:51

Bet all you people wouldn't give a second thought of how cruel this poisoning is were it done just to mice/rats instead. They suffer too, there are more humane solutions to be rid of a pest problem. So I guess it's OK to torture mice/rats like this, but heaven forbid that it happens to a dog? All of you are a bunch of hypocrites.