Nomination of THE PHOTODEPARTMENT at DMJX for The Danish Photography Honor Award "Fotogratula"

Dear photojournalists and friends

We would like to nominate The photodepartment at The Danish School of Media and Journalism, campus west, w/Søren Pagter and Mads Greve to The Danish Photographys honor award "Fotogratula'14"

The award is "to those who gives honour to the professional photography. It its given to a person, group or institution who have done something special for danish photography and politically, technically, artisticly or through another way have liftet the professional photography and secured its developement."

Last week we got the message, that the danish council of education wants to cut the line from 16 to twelve students, and that puts a big pressure on the school. 

So we need your help. We are sending a nomination on behalf of all educated or current students at dmjx, friends, photo-lovers and other kind souls. So sign in and we will put you name on the nomination - share, spread the rumour and help give the school school some well needed cheers.

Deadline is 15th October at 14:00.

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