Oppose the Re-zone of Bayshore Village (DCI2022-00032)

On 11/17/2022 the applicant amended their plan to allow for a 4 story, 48' high hotel (up from a maximum building height of 35 feet in their previous application), change the commercial space from 150,000 sq. ft. of commercial space to 125,000 sq. ft. of commercial space, and remove some uses.  These changes do not substantially change the impacts to the community.  The amended plan still more than doubles the the existing permitted commercial space, and is more than 40% above county guidelines for commercial space on a property of this size.

The 8.75 acre property at 17300 Wells Road & Bayshore Road (Bayshore Villiage) was approved in 2006 for 61,000 sq. ft. of commercial space, limited to 25 foot one story buildings. The developer wants to change the zoning on this commercial property, located at the northeast corner of Bayshore Road and Wells Road, to increase the total commercial floor area from 61,000 sq. ft. to 125,000 sq. ft., with a 4 story hotel at 48 feet in height.  This is a massive unprecedented overreach of square footage per acre compared to other commercial properties in Lee County and is inconsistent with the Bayshore Plan Goal shown below.

GOAL 18: BAYSHORE COMMUNITY PLAN. Protect the existing rural residential, agricultural and equestrian-oriented character of the community by maintaining low residential densities and minimal commercial activities, and exclude incompatible uses that are destructive to the character of this rural residential environment.


1. Traffic Safety Concerns

    *Bayshore Road is currently two lanes. There is already a traffic light at Nalle Road which may be too close to add another light. Traffic backups would be expected for travelers exiting I-75 trying to make a left hand turn, which could potentially cause accidents. 

    *Traffic on Bayshore Rd. has become very heavy over the past year as Babcock continues to grow, and the rezoning will add to the increasingly overburdened roadway, impacting the public health, safety, and welfare of residents and visitors (Lee Plan Policy 2.2.1).

    *The developer wants to put the main shopping center entrance/exit on Wells Road, further clogging the only intersection available to exit and access homes. 

   *Left turns out of Wells Road are already hazardous, and the increased traffic will exacerbate the problem. 

2. Flooding 

    *This development will cause flooding problems for the entire neighborhood and its surrounding homes regardless of what their so called “experts” promise. This was just demonstrated with Hurricane Ian which completely flooded over Wells Road and caused a back-up in the ditches up the street even without the obstruction of commercial buildings. Additionally, filling the 8.75 acres will block sheet flow from the north, increasing flooding on surrounding properties. 

3. Disruption of Rural Lifestyle

    *The developer claims that the increase in commercial space is justified because residents from Babcock won’t have to travel as far for commercial uses, however, the Babcock planned community was designed to have everything the residents need right on the Babcock’s site, and therefore can add their own commercial needs as they see fit. Our Bayshore community should not be burdened with something that is within the Babcock community planners’ control.  

    *The east side of I-75 is a rural community, while the west side is designated as suburban. Therefore, the more intense commercial uses should be limited to the west side of I-75. 

    *Bayshore residents do not want the area inundated with commercial buildings. We don't mind driving ten to twenty minutes to stores. We live in the area because we enjoy the rural lifestyle. 

    *The development offers no insight as to the final layouts or design of the buildings, thereby disregarding the rural nature of the Bayshore Community Plan (Lee Plan Goal 18). In addition, the developer wants to eliminate the already approved barrier wall that would help shield the neighborhood next to this development, and its high volume commercial and transient traffic all hours of the day and night.

4. Potential Crime

    *The concerns outlined above can forever change the serenity of our neighborhood bringing crime with its high volumes of transient traffic. 


Bayshore Residents Steven Brodkin, & LuAnne Coursin    Contact the author of the petition

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