2.60€ student lunch option in Otaniemi on Sundays

When some of our ESN Aalto association members were in Jyväskylä for a weekend, they were surprised that there were two student restaurants serving lunch for the Kela-supported amount of 2.60€. Consequently, we sent mails to Fazer and got the response that they were considering this option and open either Dipoli or A Bloc on Sundays – however, in the last few weeks, we have not heard back from them. Therefore, we want to make this petition and show Fazer that there is indeed a need for student restaurants in Otaniemi to be open on Sundays!

Saturdays in Dipoli and A Bloc are usually rather crowded; on Sundays, however, there is no option with student-friendly prices in Otaniemi available so far. Surely the number of visitors would not be smaller then, especially if there would be only one open student restaurant on the whole campus. In addition, not even any UniCafé is open in Helsinki on Sundays.

By signing this petition, you agree that there is a demand for a 2.60€ lunch option in Otaniemi on Sundays. Let's take one more step to further improve the situation on campus even more!

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