Better english version will come later..

In order to make some sense operation of the Paraguayan authorities to ban abortion
in life-threatening situation from the 10-year-old girl, already with violence victim.

Please active citizenship. This is not an obligation of Finnish or any other citizens, but please
you too will feel ashamed and sorry for stupid things like this 1500 figure of practice.
We live in the year 2015! Where human rights issues should be good.
The article says that the Catholic. If this religion in any way associated with this thing.
Then yes, I have to already put in the same letter that now walk along this of kind of
weird goes on "forever church law" over and think now actually 10-years of age
neighbor of interest in this case and not your religion (apparently sick) interest in
compliance with the law.

IF THIS LETTER GET EVEN 10 000 names. I'll send it to the Paraguayan authorities
personally. I accept Amnesty's call for doing so.
EVEN IF I could not get any write sound. I personal Appeals anyway.

The girl is allowed to abortion and bypass disable these all humanity
Fugitives "shit laws" that prevent it.

Since this design is justified for this mandatory so
yet be said. I am not myself uphold any reckless abortion but this
situation of 10-years old girl is already very far from reckless abortion.
This is a girl's life and health in question, as well as the background
coercion and violence clearly underage child.

The girl is all understandable and legal doctrines under the guise ALLOW
100% RIGTHNEOUS to do abortion! As well as change the laws to allow also
in the future for all by force pregnant duties to the victims.

Thank you and goodbye.