Pardon Crystark

Hello EK Community,

I'm Crystark. Most of you heard my name by now but for those who didn't, I'm the one who created "Crystark's Sim". I've been playing for almost 2 years on the Chaos server and coding the sim for over a year now. It's being used by quite a lot of people and is even a tool for Fedeen to help them balance the game and create new cards.

Some of you already know this and some don't but I've recently been banned alongside the list of players who "used the EW gem exploit".

It's no secret I've been close to Lightja and he's proven invaluable in helping my sim get to it's current state. I've come to trust him more than anyone else in this game and when he told me he wanted to thank me for my work on the sim with gems he would put directly on my account, I unfortunately accepted. I honestly didn't know what I was getting into and had I known where this would lead, I would definitely have refused:
- I'm losing my whole clan which I love
- I'm losing all the hard work I put in as a F2P to rival with the top 20
- Most of all, I'm kinda losing all the hours I spent coding my sim.

I actually really don't care about those gems: this game has always been doable with the ones you get for free, but I guess it felt nice getting rewarded for the work I'd done.

I've been talking with Fedeen lately, trying to find a solution, some middle ground. They actually have the proof I had no other part in that than letting Lightja access my account and Lightja even confessed doing this without telling me where the gems would come from. But Fedeen is deeply concerned by how the community reacts and won't come back on this decision because it has been made clear to them that the community doesn't want anyone who's benefited from those gems to be unbanned.
So here I am, coming to you today to say I'm sorry and to ask for YOUR pardon. I'm asking YOU, the EK community, to unban me because that's actually the only thing that can make them review my case. I've never asked anything in return for the work I've done on the sim but today I do. That will be the first and last thing I'll ever be asking: If you ever cared about the sim, if you care about me continuing my work on it, then please, I implore you, make it known and ask for me to be unbanned. You really are my last hope.

I will accept any other punishment from Fedeen, as they see fit.

Thank you