Des Hollis

We as a community of pet owners, should able to file our pets as dependents when filing our taxes! For those who receive Government Assistance, should be able to claim their pet/s. Food, grooming supplies and accessories, are not cheap at all.

The cost of having one pet dog, is equivelant to having a teen child. Some will say, "It's your choice to have a pet" or "If you can't afford them, don't get them". To them I say, You don't always choice to have a child and you can't always afford everything needed to properly raise that child, that's why we have help available.

Think of the amount of money you spend monthly on just your pet/s... now add that to your other monthly bills! You can now purchase insurance for your pet!

I personally have a Pure American Rednose Pitbull named Diamond. She isn't a dog, she isn't a pet. To me Diamond is family. She protects the family with the same aspects as myself. She's my baby. Anything that I wont settle for, neither will I let her settle. She very obedient but she still in training, personal and professional. How many pet owners agree with this?