Petition against forest logging due to the construction of the summer ski hall in Donovaly

The forests of Donovaly represent a unique natural wealth. They are an irreplaceable natural environment in which thousands of residents and visitors regularly relax, do sports and recreate and provide a unique microclimate for all of us. These are forests in the protection zone of NAPANT (Low Tatras National Park), where there is a II. degree of nature protection, they are home to a number of protected animals, plants and biotopes of European and national importance.

This wealth is increasingly threatened - with intensive logging, including clearcutting, as well as increasing construction pressures. In addition, state forests are threatened by doubtful interchanges of forest lands that fall into the hands of private owners with the sole purpose of cutting and monetizing them, so build it over. In this zone, developers decided to build a Summer Ski Hall, which would allow skiing even during hot summer days. However, such a hall will significantly damage the landscape, beautiful, old forests, water resources and the overall environment. It is our duty to reverse this negative trend and promote the sustainability of natural resources and to preserve these ecosystems.

The preservation of cultural and natural values, which must be priority over business projects and investments, is crucial and necessary. Don’t let turn the national park into an amusement park. We are people who care to stop the devastation of natural resources, precious forests and to protect the health of all of us.

We are people who care about the future of all generations. We think that development of region, tourism and sports can be realized in accordance with the protection of national parks, forests, nature. More here

We pay attention to the statement of the State Secretary of the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic: “Inheritance is something we get at the beginning of our lives without our cause, and at the end we pass it on to the next generation. Whether we can preserve it or even enhance it depends only on us. The natural and cultural heritage has a wider dimension, it’s not just a house or a garden or a piece of field, it is something that individuals have created for the whole society - in the case of culture and - in the case of nature – what natural processes have created often with human participation. We will not “build” the natural and cultural heritage in a year or in ten years, but it can be destroyed very quickly. Therefore, its protection must be one of the highest priorities of the state. Precautions leading to nature protection are also the basis of our government program. ”JUDr. Boris Susko PhD., State Secretary of the Ministry of the Environment of Slovak republic.

We ask the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic to take all necessary steps against the construction in the area, to stop the clearcutting of such a precious forest and prevent the destruction of the natural values of the Slovak Republic due to the construction of the summer ski hall in Donovaly.  

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