Petition for the resignation of Dr. László Rovó from the rector position and his exclusion from the Hungarian Medical Chamber

As a university teacher i'm afraid, but I can't sit doing nothing!
Because the leadership of our university, the deans, doctors are afraid too, but WE CAN PUT THE AUTHORITIES UNDER PRESSURE by the SOUND OF PUBLIC OPINION!

We ask you, to sign this petition with which we demand the resignation of László Rovó from the rector position!

We included some of the links to articles which deal with his case below.

For those who can't speak hungarian, here is the short version of his story:

On the 21st of march it was revealed that Dr. László Rovó, the Rector of the University of Szeged, the head of the university committee of response to covid-19 and head of otolaryngology and head-neck surgical clinic was tested positive for the Corona virus.

The next day he made a public statement where he admitted that the news were true.

The problem with all that is that he neglected staying in quarantine the very next day he came back from his travel and performed operations on patients. 
The sad irony of the story is that the regulations which prohibit going abroad for personal reasons were signed by HIM! 
He even violated the Code of Ethics as a Doctor.

Now it is prohibited for the university staff to talk about who and when got infected on social media or to the press.

He states that he did several researches on places where not to go, and he found that South-Tirol was not listed anywhere.

Articles dealing with the case:

Finally a message to the rektor himself:
If there is any honor, humanity, goodwill left in you, and you can still recall the Hippocratic oath you took, you resign from your duties both as a doctor and university leader.

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