Petition in support of locked gate between Sleepy Hollow Trl and Fossil Springs Rd.

We, the undersigned, are asking that Pinal County Board of Supervisors reconsider their decision to open Peralta Canyon Way to all traffic on the grounds that Sleepy Hollow Trail has an official capacity not to exceed 1000 vehicles per day, based on established planning level volumes, which take into consideration road safety and livability and quality of life.

Since that decision was made, and because of it, traffic levels now exceed three times the designed capacity. That volume is increasing by the week with disproportunate levels of all terrain vehicles using that new road to access trails and the new Peralta Regional Park. This has resulted in unreasonable noise levels and disturbance to the neighborhood of Mesa Del Oro and other neighborhoods to the North and West of it.

We ask that the County Board of Supervisors:
1. Install a new gate on Peralta Canyon Way" (which connects Sleepy Hollow Trail with Fossil Springs Rd) with a secure locking gate only openable by key or remote control limited to Emergency vehicle access only.
2. Honor the commitment made by previous Supervisor, Todd House, that road remains as was previously designated as a Fire Road.
3 . Notify GPS providers including Google Maps to cease showing this as Public Access.

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