Petition on the introduction of vitamin C for coronavirus patients in Finland!

I am a 50-year-old woman belonging to the risk group. I'm worried about their own and many other high-risk group of consumable Finns care if we have to hospitalization due to coronavirus. I myself have asthma, bronchiextasis (rare lung disease: permanent bronchodilation) and type II diabetes. Because of my bronchiextasis, my breathing volume is low already, so getting coronavirus could be fatal or even worse for my lungs.

Numerous studies on vitamin C by University of Helsinki docent Harri Hemilä show the benefits of vitamin C in infectious diseases. In Hemilä's study summary, intravenous vitamin C reduced the duration of intensive care by an average of 8%.

Preliminary studies in China confirm the effectiveness of vitamin C in severely ill coronavirus patients. Following these good experiences, on March 3, 2020, China announced that it would include vitamin C in its official treatment protocol.

Now, New York has also introduced vitamin C for coronavirus treatment in hospitals.

Intravenous vitamin C therapy is not yet available in Finland. This needs to change quickly.

We, the undersigned, jointly appeal to Minister Aino-Kaisa Pekonen to make available, on the basis of scientific evidence, intravenous vitamin C treatment in all Finnish hospitals for the treatment of seriously ill coronavirus patients.

The petition will be forwarded to Minister Aino-Kaisa Pekonen.


Kirsi Koivu



agree with Kirsi Koivu's petition for rapid integration of vitamin C into the Finnish healthcare system for patients with severe coronary infections.

Päivi Mäkeläinen, LL, General Practitioner, Biologist

Erkki Antila, LL, Doctor of Philosophy

Karin Munsterhjelm, LL, General Practitioner, Orthopedic Medicine Specialist

Tiina Keldrima, LL, Specialist in Psychiatry

Ville Pöntynen,LL 

Taija Somppi, LL,  specialist in general and vascular surgery

Tuula Virrankari, LL, Specialist in Occupational Health

Liia Nordström, LL, Specialist in Psychiatry

Thomas Levy, LL, , Specialist in Internal Medicine, Cardiologist and Attorney, and a world renowned Vitamin C specialist. (The Finnish authorities have the opportunity to consult Dr. Thomas Levy on vitamin C treatment issues.)


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