Petition regarding the storage of barrels in Mr. Hubáček's garden and restoration of the environment in Polešovice.

Dear neighbors and fellow citizens,

Wishing you a good day, I am contacting you with an urgent matter regarding the storage of barrels and various plastic and metal containers in Mr. Hubáček's garden. Despite repeated attempts and calm actions to resolve the situation, the problem persists and is escalating.

Mr. Hubáček refuses to take measures that would ensure the appearance of his garden, so it does not disturb the surroundings. The barrels are not adequately grounded and stored, putting neighbors at risk of being blown away in high winds, causing damage to nearby properties, and cars, or even endangering passersby.

Additionally, when handling the barrels and in the wind, they collide with each other, creating an unpleasant noise that disturbs the peace of the surroundings. Based on recommendations from environmental institutions, where the matter was discussed in Uherské Hradiště, and agreement with the leaders of our village, it was proposed to write a petition that would officially invite Mr. Hubáček to resolve this situation.

The uncooperative behavior of the businessman from Polešovice (IČ: 05676527,, Email: disrupts relations in the neighborhood, as he is unwilling to accommodate and ensure better conditions for life in our community.

We have documents available that explain the need to call on people within the community to deal with their business if it is interfering with other neighbors' peaceful lives.

Your signature on this petition is crucial, and we kindly ask you to share it with other fellow citizens.

Please print the petition and gather signatures from those who may not have technical skills but are willing to get involved and help. You can bring this copy directly to the building office and attach photos and videos that will support this petition.

With respect and love for our village,

Citizens from Polešovice



In the first photo, you can see the view of the church in Polešovice 3 years ago.WhatsApp_Image_2024-02-19_at_19.59_.35_1.jpeg

This is the same view NOW.