Petition to have. Native Oaks Golf course take responsibility

B3F770A8-BF17-48A7-9095-9251C38F2228.jpegThis is a petition to Native Oaks Golf course to take responsibility for the damage and or injuries cause by rougue golf balls from their patrons..We are asking for nets to be put up in effected areas to lessen the damage caused by rougue golf balls that continually accure  on Woods Valley rd. And or compensation for damages...these are just a couple picture....04C7578D-95E8-441B-BEDD-4E3632064CF4.jpegCF1C611A-60FD-4D47-A634-EB456EDD3A27.jpeg9C245E6E-061C-4FCC-A3B8-F21758D3E117.jpeg


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