according to the Article 20(2)(d) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU)

to the Council of the European Union

based on the initiative of the members of the Association for Healthy and Fair Society

in a cooperation with Pro Libertate


Reminding everybody that:  

1)    International Health Regulations Emergency Committee of the World Health Organization (WHO) already on January 15, 2021 in its statement recommended, not to introduce requirements of proof of vaccination for international travel as a condition of entry as there were still critical unknowns regarding the efficacy of vaccination in reducing transmission.  

2)   Activities of the President of the European Commission (EC) and its other members with subsequent impact on the situation in the EU member states have been in direct contradiction with the Resolutions 1749 (2010) and 2071 (2015) of Parliament Assembly of the Council of Europe, which emphasized that in the area of ​​interaction between the pharmaceutical industry and the health sector, there is a risk of conflict of interest among experts involved in sensitive health-related decisions, and therefore it is necessary at the level of the member states of the Council of Europe i.a. to ensure:

-     obligation of the pharmaceutical companies to declare their linked interests (conflict of interest) with all health sector players, absolute transparency regarding the linked interests of experts working with the health authorities and make sure that persons with a conflict of interest are excluded from sensitive decision-making processes, and to establish an independent authority responsible for monitoring this matter;

-     that health-related decisions are taken on the basis of public health considerations and are not profit-driven;

-     absolute transparency of the pharmaceutical companies regarding the real costs of research and development, particularly in relation to the public research portion;

-     obligation to publish results of all clinical tests relating to the medicine for which authorisation is being requested.  

3)   Activities of the President of the EC and its other members with subsequent impact on the situation in the EU member states have been in direct contradiction with the Resolution 2361 (2021) of Parliament Assembly of the Council of Europe, according to which it is necessary at the level of member states of the Council of Europe to ensure that:

-     with respect to the development of Covid-19 vaccines high-quality trials take place that are sound and conducted in an ethical manner in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Dignity of the Human Being with regard to the Application of Biology and Medicine: Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine (ETS No. 164, Oviedo Convention) and its Additional Protocol concerning Biomedical Research (CETS No. 195) (7.1.1);

-     regulatory bodies in charge of assessing and authorising vaccines against Covid-19 are independent and protected from political pressure (7.1.2);

-     relevant minimum standards of safety, efficacy and quality of vaccines are upheld (7.1.3);

-     implemented are effective systems for monitoring the vaccines and their safety following their roll-out to the general population, also with a view to monitoring their long-term effects (7.1.4);

-     independent vaccine compensation programmes to ensure compensation for undue damage and harm resulting from vaccination are put in place (7.1.5);

-     by implementing the recommendations contained in Resolution 2071 (2015) “Public health and the interests of the pharmaceutical industry: how to guarantee the primacy of public health interests?” special attention is paid to possible insider trading by pharmaceutical executives or pharmaceutical companies unduly enriching themselves at public expense (7.1.6);

-     citizens are informed that the vaccination is not mandatory and that no one is under political, social or other pressure to be vaccinated if they do not wish to do so (7.3.1);

-     no one is discriminated against for not having been vaccinated, due to possible health risks or not wanting to be vaccinated (7.3.2);

-     transparent information on the safety and possible side effects of vaccines is distributed (7.3.4) and the contents of contracts with vaccine producers are communicated transparently and made publicly available for parliamentary and public scrutiny (7.3.5);

-     with respect to Covid-19 vaccination for children a balance is stricken between the rapid development of vaccination for children and duly addressing safety and efficacy concerns and ensuring the complete safety and efficacy of all vaccines made available to children, with a focus on the best interests of the child, in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (7.4.1).

Serious suspicion of corruption

The relevant part of the doses, which the EC purchased for approximately 71 billion EUR was in accordance with the published information directly agreed upon by the general director of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, Mr. Albert Bourla and the President of the EC, Mrs. Ursula von der Leyen, connected i.a. by a personal friendship. In this regard the EC President has been repeatedly asked, but refrained to disclose the text messages she had exchanged with the company director. It is also alarming that the husband of the EC President, Mr. Heiko von der Leyen, is according to publicized information a member of the governing body of institution that benefits from the link with EC. Thus, a reasonable suspicion arises that the EC President acted in conflict of interests.

Furthermore, the EC to any request for disclosure of the contents of the contracts concluded between the EC and pharmaceutical companies reacted by releasing almost totally blackened pages, from which it was impossible to glean or evaluate the contract terms and conditions between the EC and the supplier of the „vaccines“. In September 2022 even the European Court of Auditors (ECA), when trying to check the legality of using billions of euros from EU taxpayers, was rejected the required documents by the EC. The ECA found discrepancies in the „vaccine“ usage approval procedures, where the EC bypassed the established control bodies, while the planned meeting of scientists aiming to determine vaccination strategy for the year 2022 never took place. The ECA stated that EC refused to disclose any details regarding the personal task of the EC President in the talks pertaining to the contract with the Pfizer company. The ECA blames the EC President that she acted „on her own“, disregarding established procedures and regulations. The ECA further states that the EC did not take advantage of the common negotiation teams, but by itself prepared the preliminary contract with Pfizer. Contrary to other contracts, the EC refused to provide the ECA any documents pertaining to preliminary negotiations regarding this particular contract. The European Ombudsman, Ms. Emily O’Reilly (EO) tried as well in 2021 to request the information pertaining to the contracts with the „vaccines“ suppliers, but to no avail. In this regard she pointed to the incorrect official procedure of the EC, since in response to her request in accordance with free access to information she did not acquire the incriminated text messages.  

Ineffectiveness of the vaccines against virus transmission

During the hearing in the EP pertaining to the COVID-19 disease, Ms. Janine Small, representing pharmaceutical company Pfizer[1] i.a. admitted that the laboratory had never tested its mRNA „vaccines“ on stopping the  (virus) transmission before they asked for registration of the injections as “vaccines”.

We do point out that according to the statistics the „vaccines“  cause serious side-effects, including (never before observed with any other vaccine) deaths in tens of thousands (in reality bigger numbers by far can be assumed).

After the hearing in the EP regarding Covid-19 and based on other publicly known facts and the ECA report, a group of MEPs published their suspicions and approached the European Public Prosecutor's Office in order to initiate an investigation into the circumstances of the decision regarding the purchase of mRNA "vaccines", which was taken within the EC and which, in their opinion, was accepted under conditions favouring the pharmaceutical industry, without any guarantee for the purchased product and without a rigorous (public or professional) scrutiny of the negotiated terms and conditions. In this context, Romanian MEP, Mr. Cristian Terhes, pointed out that the entire vaccination campaign conducted in EU member states with the support of the EC has been based on the safety and effectiveness of the “vaccines”. He emphasized that this was a lie because many people suffered serious side effects. If governments and vaccine manufacturers knew that the vaccine could not stop the spread of the virus, then he demands to know why they forced their citizens to be vaccinated and insisted on introducing the digital Covid certificate. For the above-mentioned, he insists and calls for deriving legal responsibility.

The contract with the Pfizer company and the scope of persons benefiting from it is currently under investigation by the European Prosecutor (EPPO)Ms. Laura Codruţy Kövesi.

The above-mentioned facts prove that all the restrictive measures adopted in the name of „vaccine mandate“, resulting in discrimination of unvaccinated persons, have been imposed without any scientific basis, while leading to deaths, health damage (see information published at the webpage of European Medicines Agency) and have caused inadequate interventions into the right for privacy of millions of people, including children. The listed measures were adopted on the background of serious suspicions of corruption during vaccines purchase at the top level of the EC.


According to the Article 245 of the TFEU the member of the EC when entering upon their duties they swear a solemn oath that both during and after their term of office, that they will respect the obligations arising therefrom, in particular their duty to behave with integrity and discretion as regards the acceptance of certain appointments or benefits.

The EC President has been according to the available information fully aware that no necessary test had been carried out on the „vaccines“, but nevertheless had pushed for EC decision under suspect terms and conditions to purchase these products and distribute them to the EU member states, while accepting unprecedented release of the vaccines producer from liability for possible side effects on lives and health. Taking into account the conclusions of ECA, that in the respective decision process the EC President acted „on her own“ and disregarded usual established procedures and regulations; she did not make use of the common negotiation teams, she prepared the preliminary contract with Pfizer by herself and unlike with any other contracts, the EC refused to provide the ECA with any documents regarding the preliminary negotiations on this particular contract; consequently her activity arouses suspicion that in doing so she followed her own financial and personal interests.

In view of the above the signatories of this Petition, so as to facilitate due investigation of the above-mentioned events, are hereby addressing the Council with the request:

·          to use its competences and all means available so as to facilitate a thorough investigation (including by EPPO) of the actions of the President of the EC, Ms. Ursula von der Leyen, and other EC Commissioners connected with the purchase of „vaccines“ and their just punishment,  

·          in accordance with Article 245 and Article 247 of the TFEU to address the Court of Justice of the EU with the request to retire the EC (in particular) due to violation of essential procedural regulations and misuse of competences during procurement of mRNA „vaccines“.

First signatories:              JUDr.Erik Schmidt LL.M.MA – rep for communication with the Council JUDr. Marica Pirošíková JUDr. Peter Weis Doc. JUDr. Ján Drgonec, DrSc. MUDr. Ján Lakota, CSc. MUDr. Andrej Janco MUDr. Alena Jancová JUDr. Tomáš Nielsen MUDr. Jitka Chalánková Prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Turánek, CSc., DSc. Prof. MUDr. Jiří Beran, CSc. Doc. JUDr. Zdeněk Koudelka, Ph.D. MUDr. Soňa Peková, Ph.D. JUDr. Vladana Vališová, LL.M.

[1]Producer of mRNA „vaccines“ against SARS-Cov-2 and its mutations.

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