Polk County Zoning

We the undersigned, urge the Polk County Citizens Advisory Committee, Land Information Department, Land Information Committee and Board of Supervisors to support the following items in the revisions of Polk County Zoning Ordinance:


1.  Incorporate the recently passed resolution which supports property rights, the free use of property, economic development, job creation and improvements in the tax base.

2.  Be no more strict than NR 115.  Specifically, setbacks should be the same for all owners and should not discriminate based on type of lake or river.

3.  Grandfathered (non-conforming) structures should be eligible for a broad range of structural repairs.

4.  There should be a 5 year statute of limitations.

5.  If the Board of Adjustment is reversed by the court, the property owner should get their fees and costs reimbursed by the county.

6.  Allow large bunkhouses on shoreland lots.


As a note, bunkhouse is simply a term for a sleeping area above an accessory structure like a garage.  When we say large, we mean the county should allow them to be at least as large as a standard 2-car garage (24X24).  Many counties allow them already and many people have them now, but they are technically a violation. When most people have a garage built, they have it built with an area above it.  Those are currently legal (unless you happen to fall asleep in that area).

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