Mayor Pankow and council members approved Option 1 (which included angle parking) after public consultation in February of 2018 . After the elections in Oct. of 2018 the present council and Mayor Pankow voted to rescind Option 1 and approved Option 2 (to include parallel parking, bike paths ) without any public consultation. Now is the time to stand up and be counted to keep Option 1.. E-mail addresses will be confirmed and if you don't respond, your signature will not be counted...Please state whether you reside in Smiths Falls or work and shop here.We are all citizens of a town we love and want to maintain our heritage. We are asking Mayor and Council to reverse their decision on implementing Option 2 and implement Option 1 with angle parking which was approved in Feb.2018..This is the voice of the people and we are asking for a public forum on this issue.. 

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