Public petition to take interest in the prosecution of mass poisoning of dogs cases in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Article 318

Torturing and killing an animal

(1) Whoever abuses or exposes an animal unnecessarily or to prolonged pain, 
or inflicts unnecessary pain on it, or unlawfully destroys animal habitat to a greater or great extent,
or unlawfully kills animals, shall be punished by a fine or imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months. . (2) Whoever commits the criminal offense referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article for the purpose of betting
or other acquisition of material gain, or if the criminal offense referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article causes
the death of a large number of animals or of an animal whose species is particularly protected, shall be punished by a fine,o
imprisonment for up to one year.

This is nothing!

But this is our law, and we should require the court and the judiciary to enforce it and start thegiving the maximum sentence! 
To do such acts, dear people cannot be accepted by conscientious people and citizens, "he is not the only one" who done such a thing,
and is probably not the last, before the court and judge this act and similar acts should be made cases of public interest for general public.
and the system should start imprisoning and not just handing fines!

If "Normal people, of good conscience and pure hearts (stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself) do not care about such acts and people l
this then we cannot tell ourselves that we are humans, so please sign this petition to start punishing people which are known and there is evidence,
and in order to stop such an individual from our society for at least some time, when the law does not impose major penalties,
the fine may not be accepted by the public in any mass poisoning case, this and any person who does such acts by theyr own will or for any benefit known
to them should go to prison!

I must add that there is the possibility that any person who does this kind of thing is also a psychiatric patient, which could easily be determined b
neuropsychiatric examination if this is the case than he or she should be required to undergo mandatory treatment in a closed institution a
least for the duration of maximum length of imprisonment, as well as additional prohibition measures and mandatory medical controls when released.
I urge all witnesses to this relentless event, as well as other such events in other cities of BiH, to report these people who comit them.

I think most will agree that even the so-called "hygienic service" was a better solution than this way of solving stray dogs, if the dogs were dangerous t
humans there must be bitten people in the place where this happened, there is some information in the health center or local hospital about such events,
the veterinary inspection should have dealt with such cases, I say this because there are certainly some who will be happier because these dogs are gone, a
therefore grateful to the person who solved the problem for them in this and many such cases, which are forgotten very quickly because they are an ugly occurrence,
and one-day news, in the sense that perhaps no one will ever write about the epilogue of this and such cases before the court.
It is always possible to designate a place in or out of the city where there are such problems at which these abandoned and non-proprietary dogs will be fed, 
and therefore would probably remain in such areas, adequate castration of these animals will reduce the number of them over time as they are no longer breeding,
and all owner dogs should be properly cared for and with their owners, marked and recorded in a single register to prevent animals being abandoned and thrown o
into the street where they become nuisance and bother to people, which is definitely the case in our cities, all of this is already being done in various ways,
but patience is needed to see the impact of castrating dogs and constantly removing dangerous individuals for humans, from the streets, the mass poisoning n
to stop and should be prevented! This is not a petition against an individual!
This is a petition whose ultimate goal is to prevent and discourage people who are capable of doing such things for any reason!

Throwing poisoned food, bait, or other forms of poison kills other animals, such as hedgehogs, cats, birds, other domestic animals used for the benefit of man, 
fish stocks in rivers, it can be dangerous for humans as well as it may come into contact with drinking water and it causes general damage to the environment. Animals that die of poisons and whose corpses are not adequately "disposed of" are a potential source of contagion and source of poison for the anymals that f
on carcasses, animals such as crows etc... If there is a legal entity or more who are willing to voluntarily participate in bringing a lawsuit against such people, please sign the petition and establish contact!
I have no personal motives, I do not know the man, they accuse him of poisoning 35 stray dogs and of being caught in the act, they say with poisoned frozen meatballs 
or some sausages poisoned in his pocket, and in his house they say they found prepared poisoned meatballs, they say same poison found in the dogs being poisoned, a
being detained during the search of housing and ancillary facilities, the poison by which the dogs were poisoned, this is all very easily but very easily established, f
and evidence are crucial and this kind of behaviour must be punished and condemned, this and such acts that are neglected in our country greatly!
The maximum sentence itself says everything, but the sadest thing is that I personally do not know that anyone ever received it, and this man is claimed to have poisoned
35 dogs over a certain time period, successfully poisoned and killed 35 dogs and other 15 dogs survived, and that there are proprietary dogs among the poisoned dogs killed,
it is further claimed that threats where made to the women who rescued these dogs, I support these women for their actions, I also do not know any of them for the record,
I support humanity, truth, and possibly justice! I have no personal or greed driven motives, I am not a nationalist, I am not actively involved in politics, I can only suffer for this,
but if I am not alone in such cases, I am sure that nothing will happen in my life and that justice will eventually prevail! If a man is innocent, he will not be proven guilty, there will not be any witness, there will not be a conviction if it all cant be proven in court, i do not wish to insult or slander anyone,
I have no nationalistic thoughts in my head at all, I just sympathize with the suffering of those who cannot speak on their own behalf and suffer our neglect and abuse, and again
They reply to us with a wave of their tail and joy, and I will not even speak about the threats to these women and what I think about that, and the threats can be proven probably if they happened, w
all have mothers, sisters, aunts, nannies, grandmothers, and these women are just that to someone and they should feel safe where they live and after all I am tired of silence in this country
we call ours and our home so here I am not silent.

The state should solve the problem of stray dogs in a globally acceptable and humane and law-governed and regulated manner, it should allow its public insight into its solution 
(State look to any exemplary world state and solution and implement it), and not have people commit such crimes against other living beings and potentially humans,
this is a mass murder of living mammals, my dear people, by one person who has taken the right upon them self to do such a thing, we cannot agree with such actions of individuals, a
if something like this happens to stay at level of simply informing, and forgetting about everything after a few days, everything has to be cleared up in this and such cases,
there are various possibilities in all this, which is indisputable, but it is also indisputable that dogs are massively poisoned and die in pain in the cities of BiH , and that animals are ignored,
killed, tortured and used in an unacceptable manner.


Radoslav Božović u ime svih savjesnih državljana BiH / in the name of all concious citizens of BiH    Contact the author of the petition

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