Rebecca Coriam and family need more backing by U.K. Government.

Rebecca Coriam from Chester was working as a youthworker on Disney Wonder Cruise-ship, which she loved!

It was cruising between L.A. and the Mexican Riviera when on 22/03/2011, Rebecca was said to have gone missing at sea.

She was 24. Under the foreign flag of convenience of the Bahamas, it was the Bahamas Police who 'investigated.'     They questioned no passengers and very few crew members.nThey promised their report to the Coriams within 3 weeks. Nearly 3 years later they have not received it and they instructed OUR UK Police at Cheshire, NOT to show it to Ann and Mike Coriam, parents of Rebecca. How evil is that!

The P.M. and the Home Office were approached to request the order be shown to the family. They said they can't. They send details of a missing persons website! Cheshire Police were approached to request crimewatch cover Rebecca's strange disappearance. They have not responded.

This family need more backing by U.K. Government, as I'm glad to see is happening in the case of missing child Madeleine McCann.  Coriam Family website:   Thank you!