Reinstate Erwin D Jones back into the Arizona Association.


Erwin D. Jones is currently a member of USATF. On September 1, 2018 a few Arizona Board members voted to suspend Erwin's membership to the Arizona Association.
Erwin has devoted his life to track and field in Arizona for over thirty - five years. He has cleared his background check and SafeSport. Mr. Jones recently stepped down from his position as Vice-President of Operations due to the lack of transparency by a few of the Board members. He was also for all clubs, coaches and officials to be in compliance with their background checks and SafeSport for the safety of the athletes / kids.

The Phoenix Bobcats Track & Field Club is a not for profit organization - 501(c)(3).
It's mission;
The Phoenix Bobcats Track and Field Club started in 1984 by me with the intentions in keeping young adults involved in a sport I had a passion for. As I grew older I used it as an opportunity to help young athletes develop life-skills through sports. At the same time encouraging athletes to do well in school and educating them on the importance of seeking a higher education.
The Phoenix Bobcats Track and Field Club now serve a two-fold purpose.
1. Improving the quality of life physically, academically and socially by participating in our club and other sports.
2. Encouraging athletes to succeed both on the field and in the classroom.

The Phoenix Bobcats and/or Erwin Jones will be happy to supply you with the stated reasons Coach Jones's membership to the Arizona Association was suspended for two years.

Please feel free to email the President of the Arizona Association - president@arizona.usatf.orguntitled22.png

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