Remove COVID19 Vaccine Mandate for CLTP Cast & Crew

We, the undersigned, as members of the Cheyenne and surrounding community who are interested in the well-being of the Cheyenne Little Theatre Players (CLTP), do hereby submit this petition to the members of the CLTP Board and to the CLTP Managing Director to request the immediate removal of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate that is in place for all cast and crew who volunteer their time, talents, efforts, and expertise to the success of the productions put on by the theatre.  We represent past and present actors, crew members, donors, and otherwise interested parties.


1) cast and crew may hold valid medical and religious reasons to object to receiving the vaccine that should be honored,

2) as evidenced by recent CLTP productions and by documented cases around the country and world,  vaccinated people can still contract COVID-19 and its variants ( and can transmit the virus ( to other people, whether vaccinated or not, which nullifies any efforts to keep other people “safe” using this method,

3) the potential for adverse effects from the vaccine are documented ( ,

4) there are multiple studies that show that people who have already had the virus have a stronger immunity to the virus than those who have been vaccinated (Discrete Immune Response Signature to SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccination Versus Infection by Ellie Ivanova, Joseph Devlin, Terkild Buus, Akiko Koide, Amber Cornelius, Marie Samanovic, Alberto Herrera, Chenzhen Zhang, Ludovic Desvignes, Niels Odum, Robert Ulrich, Mark J. Mulligan, Shohei Koide, Kelly V. Ruggles, Ramin Herati, Sergei B. Koralov :: SSRN ; Antibody Evolution after SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccination | bioRxiv),

5) members who work as house staff and audience members are not held to the same standard of being mandated to receive the vaccine before volunteering or attending a performance,

6) talented cast and crew (vaccinated and unvaccinated) who have served the theatres and who object to the vaccine are being arbitrarily barred from volunteering in these roles.

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