Request that PGCPS reinstate Marla Holder as the IEP Facilitator for Friendly High School

Parents Did you know?

Hello parents of a student with a disability.  Did you know that Ms. Marla Holder has been removed from her position as Department chair due to the fact that she advocates for your child and your rights as a parent of a student with a disability?  Ms. Holder has effectively served in this position with PGCPS for more than 15 years and because she ask questions and request an explanation for decisions that are being made that impact the services provided to special needs students, she has been targeted and forced out of her position

If PGCPS allows this to happen.  The services and accountability that she has consistently fought for and required will be jeopardized.  The rapport that has been established with the students and parents will be for naught.  She has empowered students and parents and she is passionate about making sure that students with disabilities are given an equal playing field.

Let PGCPS know that you are a stakeholder and you do not agree with the actions that they have taken to remove such an effective and dedicated individual from her position.  Act now so that our students are given a smooth start to the school year.  Demand that Ms. Marla Holder be placed back into her position at Friendly High School.

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