Robertstown footpaths are dangerous and uneven surfaces they need fixing now

The footpaths in Robertstown from the school to the hotel have many uneven surfaces there are many nuts and tree debris all over them leaving the unsuspected person to roll ankles and fall. This town has a great number of elderly and school children which have fallen and someone needs to be held accountable, from the tourists to the passer-by it is a unprofessional way to have a walkway that can cause bodily harm.. who wants to walk and see a town when a danger of falling is imminent.. it is a lawsuit waiting to happen.. we need to take action for the well-being of our children, elderly, tourist and passer-by..many of our local residents are walking in the gutters to go to the local shop and businesses in the area , is that a safe way to be travelling around our town.. please help our town be more safe..

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