Gopinath Deb Bigroh Mondir (Temple) is an ancient heritage of Hindu religion since long. It is located on the bank of river Ghahgot (a branch of the Tista), Dhormoghat (Golaganj), Monoharpur, Rangpur Sadar, Rangpur, Bangladesh. It is within Rangpur city corporation, has a good communication and has an attractive natural beauty. The Hindu communities of Rangpur District celebrate various ceremonies of their religion since British era. CS and SA record of the land is by the name of Sri Sri Gopinath Deb Bigroh. But the BS record abolishes the divine name and included as Golaganj Bazar. Having this in cognigence, the selfish persons are trying to occupy the land for shop of their own by abolishing the temple. On 12/12/2011, they set up bamboo sticks on temple land to take unlawful possession. We submitted petition to UNO and DC, Rangpur since long ago to solve the issue. But, the administration is lengthening the issue unnecessarily. So please sign the petition to DC, Rangpur and Bangladesh Government to sovle the issue immediately.