Shorten our lunch break by 15 minutes

This is for all the students and teachers at UCN Porthusgade who wants the lunch break reduced by 15 minutes. 
Since the start of the 2nd semester our lunch break has lasted from 11.30 up to 12.15. The argument for this extra long break is that there will not be enough room in the canteen for everyone if the break is only 30 minutes. 
In the Student Council we are determined to change this back to the original lunch break time from 11.30 to 12.00 so that the day in the end will be shortened by 15 minutes. We do not believe that the extra 15 minutes is needed since there is plenty of time to eat in the 30 minutes from 11.30-12.00. If you agree with this, please give us your support by signing this page.