The total ban of Fireworks displays in residential areas.



My pets were terrified on New Year's Eve because of the fireworks. Instead of enjoying my New Years with my happy pets I had to sit and comfort my pets to keep them as calm as possible until the fireworks ended.

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-01)


People and animals are injured. Bad news

(Alberton, 2017-01-01)


Every year the use of fireworks gets worse. New Year's Eve is the worst but Diwali/Guy Fawkes and Halloween are just as bad.

We have small dogs who arecterrified by the loud bangs. People discharge fireworks for extended periods of time which disrurbs the peace.

We therefore have to stay home to look after our animals or like this New Year's Eve- drug our dogs so we could visit friends.

There is no need for noise.

Ban the sale of noisy fireworks and ban the discharge of fireworks in residential areas.

(Alberton, 2017-01-01)


This is absolutely horrendous for the poor animals

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-01)


Fireworks terrified my pets

(Brackendowns , 2017-01-01)


It harms the animals

(Alberton, 2017-01-01)


Because I had to calm my dogs while fireworks were going off. They were panting and trying to escape and I sat with them to soothe the fear and offer safety and security.

(Alberton , 2017-01-01)


Our dogs are very distressed and we cannot calm them down even after giving them calming tablets

(Alberton, 2017-01-01)


Because it has to stop, because of the absolute cruelty to animals. What is the point of it anyway? Just a waste of money and noisy.

(Gauteng, 2017-01-01)


Fireworks need to stop

(Alberton , 2017-01-01)


So many innocent animals ans birds suffer and even die due to fireworks! Enough is enough!

(Boksburg, 2017-01-01)


I hate seeing animals hurt and distressed

(Alberton, 2017-01-01)


Fireworks are not something that should be set off in any residential area. It is bad for animals, children and the elderly

(Germiston, 2017-01-01)


Animals can't talk

(Klawer, 2017-01-01)


Its unacceptable that explosives are allowed in a residential area. There is laws that forbit it but its not Policed. We need a total ban on this fireworks.

(Germiston, 2017-01-01)


The effects it has on children and animals

(Alberton , 2017-01-01)


I love animals and it's dangerous to all human and four legged .

(Birchleigh, 2017-01-01)


Bad for animals

(Gauteng, 2017-01-01)


My dog was so traumatised from the noise she got herself wedged between the bath and the shower and had to manually removed

(Kensington, 2017-01-01)


In most cases the setting off of fireworks is done by individuals who are totally oblivious as to the consequences of their misguided sense of excitement. They have no regard whatsoever for their own safety, the safety of others including children and the total unneccesary stress that our beloved pets must endure! Fireworrks should not only be banned in residential areas but banned outright in South Africa.

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-01)


For the safety of animals

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-01)


Please ban import of fireworks

(Alberton , 2017-01-01)


Totally against the use of fire works in residential areas

(Johannesburg , 2017-01-01)


I'm absolutely disgusted that a human being can blow fire crackers for their enjoyment at the cost of our poor innocent animals.....some animals have lost their lives, some their homes and some are badly injured. Savages!!!!

(alberton, 2017-01-01)


Animals get very traumatized when fireworks are let off.

(Johannesburg , 2017-01-01)


Fireworks is simply too dangerous and cruel!

(Johannesburg , 2017-01-01)


It's hurting and frightening for babies, toddlers, elderly and animals

(Brackendowns Alberton , 2017-01-01)


People are fined or arrested for driving under the influence yet are allowed to use extremely dangerous fireworks in a residential area which poses a threat to the safety of ones family members, property and animals. Most of the time they are used by people under the influence of liquor and it is my right to be protected from the dangerous and irresponsible actions.

(alberton, 2017-01-01)


Ban on fireworks

(Germiston, 2017-01-01)


It is very unfair that our animals must suffer and there are still so many people who just don't care. It's shocking

(Alberton, 2017-01-01)


I have traumatized and scared pets because of fireworks.

(alberton, 2017-01-01)



(Roodekop ext 31'germiston, 2017-01-01)


Fireworks are senseless and cause harm to animals.

(Benoni, 2017-01-01)


I am signing due to the effect that letting off fireworks has on animals like dogs, cats etc.

(Roodepoort, 2017-01-01)


My heart aches for the many dogs who are absolutely petrified of the sound made by explosive fireworks going off. They can do nothing about it... but together we can. Ban fireworks !!!

(Vaalpark - Sasolburg, 2017-01-01)


Even though I gave my dogs prescribed calming meds, the absolute chaos over new years eve made damn sure they heard it and we're still freaked out! Full anaesthetic would have been the only way they did not hear the awful bombers!

(Johannesburg , 2017-01-01)


I'm sick and tired of these people going against the law. People using fireworks are inconsiderate and don't care about the law and they need to be stopped.

(Albemarle, 2017-01-01)


It's not fair on our animals. We can never visit anyone on new years as we cannot leave our dogs alone..

(Brackendowns Alberton, 2017-01-01)


I hate these fireworks. Why does animals and humans have to suffer for the stupidity of others just to have a few minutes of senseless fun. And then the after math of that fun if things go wrong takes a lifetime to forget. People die of hunger but they rather use their last bit of money to shoot up into the sky. It really does not make any sense at all. Please please please ban all kind of Fireworks in residential areas!!!!

(Rustenburg, 2017-01-01)


Distress to animals domestic and wild. Fire threat. Noise disturbance.

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-01)


I believe that ALL Animals have the right to be safe and free from fireworks.

(Boksburg, 2017-01-01)


It is dangerous and cruel to animals plus its noisy and causes pollution.

(Alberton, 2017-01-01)


Ban thet fireworks

(johannesburg, 2017-01-01)


They are dangerous, cause trauma and harm to animals and birds, domesticated and wild.

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-01)


Fireworks are a danger to animal and humans. I was driving last night and a firework was shot directly at my car.

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-01)


I'm signing because of safety to animals and humans

(gauteng, 2017-01-01)



(Johannesburg, 2017-01-01)


Safety of animals and homes

(gauteng, 2017-01-01)


Ek het diere en hul was gek gister aand tot vanmore 3 uur

(Rustenburg, 2017-01-01)


I want to band fireworks

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-01)


Our dogs are really suffering. Total waste of money..........

(Johannesburv, 2017-01-01)


I'm siging because fireworks is dangerous and scares our dogs and cats. It should allowed where there's no animals or far from homes.

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-01)


Cruelty to aninals

(Alberton, 2017-01-01)


I hate fireworks! Due to my animals

(Roodepoort, 2017-01-01)


I feel they should be band for the safety of all animals

(Johannesburg , 2017-01-01)


I hate that I feel guilty leaving my dogs at home alone when there are fireworks. I'm tired of people disregarding pets as a whole. Even pet owners that don't prepare safe environments for their pets when they know what's coming. All this frustration can be avoided.

(Johannesburg , 2017-01-01)


Crackers need to be taken off market. It is animal cruelty

(Alberton, 2017-01-01)


Love for animals

(Rustenburg, 2017-01-01)


Fireworks are extremely cruel towards animals leading to trauma and often the death of many animals

(Jhb, 2017-01-01)


I'm signing because this "fun" for people leads to pets getting hurt or even leading to their death. Fireworks are completely unnecessary!

(Johannesburg , 2017-01-01)


The terror for all Animals, Wildlife etc for Human 'pleasure' horrifying
Once again so many have escaped &
lost on streets due to the huge
Explosive bangs especially in the
Mulbarton , Allerton areas...need to stop all fireworks being made & all imports now !!!

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-01)


Animal cruelty and stress

(Alberton , 2017-01-01)


Because fireworks needs to be banned and actions actually need to be takken against ### people who use them, it is unfair to all animals and some people. I also find it very disrespectful towards others.

(Boksburg, 2017-01-01)


This abuse of our animals has to stop.

(Fourways , 2017-01-01)


My animals are suffering

(Jhb, 2017-01-01)


Setting if fireworks is cruel towards animals

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-01)


I hate crackers

(Rustenburg, 2017-01-01)


It terrorises the animals

(Johannesburg , 2017-01-01)


To speak for those traumatized animals who can't.

(Alberton, 2017-01-02)


Speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Stop terrorizing animals with this nonsense. My cat went through hell for years... time to stop!

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-02)


I love my animals and seeing them scared and huffing underneath the bed is unacceptable

(Alberton, 2017-01-02)


Animals and people are hurt. Nobody gains anything from shooting fireworks and crackers.

(Meyerton , 2017-01-02)


I have dogs and they are petrified. I also don't like the loud noise and it carries on all night until late into the morning hours.

(Boksburg, 2017-01-02)


It's unnecessary and causes too many animals stress

(Edenvale, 2017-01-02)


I'm signing the petition because I have a dog and for all the other dogs owners who maybe don't know how fireworks affect their dogs

(boksburg, 2017-01-02)


My dogs were devistated, try to eat the door to get into the garage

(Mayberry Park, 2017-01-02)


Our entertainment should not come at the cost of terrified and traumatized animals. We are better than this.

(Kew, 2017-01-02)


My poor animals are terrified and I cannot bear what happens to all animals when subjected to fireworks. Please ban fireworks.

(Johannesburg , 2017-01-02)


I'm disgusted at the damage caused by the access people have to fireworks. They may as well have guns.

(Boksburg, 2017-01-02)


It's not fair to the animals

(Boksburg, 2017-01-02)


To save the animals that are killed and put through hell

(Boksburg , 2017-01-02)


It's totally cruel to have fireworks with Loud bangs. Laws need to be changed to exclude the noise from fireworks manufacturing whilst still controlling use in specifically identified areas with professional supervision of the use thereof

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-02)


I am tired of these fireworks that makes my dog scared as well as other cats and dogs
Upsets me when you read on social media about missing pets as well as animals injuring themselves because they are scated

(Beyers park, Boksburg , 2017-01-02)


The distress and injury it causes to animals and birds

(Boksburg, 2017-01-02)


It is cruel it is unnecessary. It is dangerous

(Boksburg, 2017-01-02)


The trauma that fireworks create for animals, birds, kids and elderly is beyond reason. Apart from the fact its noisy and a waste of money to the current economy

(Boksburg , 2017-01-02)


My dogs always go mad when fireworks get setoff

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-02)


The cruelty, suffering and unnecessary death of animals caused by fireworks!!

(Benoni , 2017-01-02)


it's time people start taking responsibility and acting like adults, fireworks are dangerous and especially harmful to our non human kids.

(Benoni , 2017-01-02)


I am an animal lover

(Benoni, 2017-01-02)


I have seen the terrible damage fireworks cause

(Benoni, 2017-01-02)


It is so sad for all the poor animals to be so scared

(boksburg, 2017-01-02)


Fireworks should be banned too many animals get hurt due to humans having fun with our animals..we are their voice

(Fairleads, 2017-01-02)


I am totally opposed to the trauma, anxiety and injuries caused by the use of fireworks to pets and suburban wildlife.

(Benoni , 2017-01-02)


I am totally against the cruelty towards animals... Pets, wild birds etc... Why must they suffer for our entertainment

(Benoni , 2017-01-02)


There are so many poor animals that are petrified by the loud bangs and then find their way out and fill up the shelters due to people being inconsiderate.

(Boksburg, 2017-01-02)


I am tired of these fireworks

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-02)


It scares my animals

(Kensington, 2017-01-02)


I support the pain, fear and suffering of thousands of animals

(Benoni, 2017-01-02)


Gatvol fir all the animal and bird abuse caused by fireworks

(Boksburg, 2017-01-02)


My dogs are freaked out because of fire works

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-02)


My dog

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-02)


To protect small children and animals to get hurt or to be killed!!

(Alberton, 2017-01-02)


Abusing animals is a crime why not fireworks because its also a crime

(Vanderbijlpark, 2017-01-02)


I'm signing because many animal get misplaced, injured, stressed and die due to the noise that firework makes!! I had to close my own dogs in my room just to give them confort during @ midnite.

(Etwatwa, 2017-01-02)


I love animals

(Vereeniging, 2017-01-02)


I am fed up of my dogs being tormented!

(Benoni, 2017-01-02)