The total ban of Fireworks displays in residential areas.



My animals were distraught and people were using fire crackers one house away and couldnt ca less

(Nelspruit/Mombela, 2017-01-03)


Terrifies the life out of poor animals!!!!!

(East London, 2017-01-03)


Animals have no voice and we need to stop the carnage

(East London, 2017-01-03)


I am signing because I feel that fireworks are not only cruel to animals who are truly terrified by them but also because they are dangerous for children. Parent's allow small children to play with fireworks which often end up in critical injuries.

(JHB, 2017-01-03)


Animal abuse and danger to unsupervised kids

(Amanzimtoti , 2017-01-03)


Enough is enough. Cruel, noisy and totally unnecessary.

(Springs , 2017-01-03)


Sign up for petition for fireworks.

(Johannesburg Newlands, 2017-01-03)


It's unfair that City Council allows residents, their families, pets and wildlife n residential neighbourhoods to be terrorised by fireworks 11 days of the year while it is illegal on other days

(Randburg , 2017-01-03)


I'm signing because of the stress caused to animals

(Roodepoort, 2017-01-03)


It is completely insensitive to our dogs. Although my dogs are fortunate enough to be inside when those bombs go off it is still very traumatic for them. What about those dogs whose owners do not allow them in or those owners who are the culprits and shoot firework around their pets? I strongly support it being banned completely. There should be not time that it is allowed to be shot.

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-03)


Fireworks traumatize animals, birds and old people

(Pretoria, 2017-01-03)


It is totally unacceptable for animals to suffer like that!

(Boksburg , 2017-01-03)


Animals are lost, maimed and traumatised

(Pietermaritzburg , 2017-01-03)


I can't bear to see the destruction fireworks cause with all animals

(hilton, 2017-01-03)


I am tired of frightened horses, and dogs!

(Magaliesburg, 2017-01-03)


It is completely unnecessary for millions of animals to be traumatized just for the entertainment of humans.

(Hilton , 2017-01-03)


It's cruel to animal's and destroys nature. It's also dangerous.

(Germiston, 2017-01-03)


Animals don't have a voice! Speak up for them and stop the unesseccary deaths. It is heart breaking to see the results of these fireworks!

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-03)


I want them gone's cruel on our animals and I'm totally against it...

(durban, 2017-01-03)


My dogs are traumatised every year and it must come to an end! It's unnecessary really!!!!

(Randpark Ridge Gauteng, 2017-01-03)


Iv got dogs that are really sceard of fire works

(Benoni , 2017-01-03)


So many animals are scared and lose their lives because of this idiocy

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-03)


We as humans created dogs to be our companions. We owe them our survival and loyalty. We cannot be so cruel as to carry on with a tradition that scares them to a point where they die.

(Cape town, 2017-01-03)


I have pets that I love dearly and that gets totally freaked out by the noise.

(Roodepoort , 2017-01-03)


Fireworks have a negative impact on animals

(Pretoria, 2017-01-03)


Ban fired work throughout the whole world

(capetown, 2017-01-03)


Fireworks are a huge distraction and it hurts the animals.

(Alberton, 2017-01-03)


Abuse to animals is unacceptable.

(Hilton, 2017-01-03)


I support the ban off fireworks due to the effects it has on peoples pets. It is a selfish act of those who does not respect other peoples pleas on behalf of their pets who can not speak for themselfs.

(Benoni, 2017-01-03)


I love my animals and their fear is terrible.

(Pretoria, 2017-01-03)


I had to pacify two traumatised dogs for hours. They were hyperventilating and totally terrified. Enough of this inconsiderate behaviour !!!!

(Randburg, 2017-01-03)


They must really ban all fireworks because the poor animals, children and the eldery suffers, people should respect each other privacy

(Alberton, 2017-01-03)


Animals do not have voices. Stressful times for own pets. Please ban fireworks in total. Thanks

(Secunda, 2017-01-03)


I am tired of my dogs having to suffer every new years, guy fawkes and Diwali because of inconsiderate people who have no care about the animals who are terrorised with these fireworks. And no medication can help. If its illegal it should not be sold at all.

(Brackenhurst, 2017-01-03)


people can't be trusted to not act like fools and hurt animals, other people or themselves.

(Pretoria , 2017-01-03)


Bring back heavy fines and money going towards animal care. It's inhumain against all animals. A land in poverty but money to waste and animals in distress. Hate the damn things!

(Centurion, 2017-01-03)


I have dogs which really scares and makes them extremely anxious.

(Pretoria , 2017-01-03)


My son was bitten by a terrified dog due to the fireworks this year. He has needed plastic surgery.
Our dogs were terrified until 4am until the fireworks started to subside. The fireworks continued for two nights after.
This can't continue! IT MUST STOP!

(Germiston, 2017-01-03)


My dogs are petrified of the fireworks

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-03)


Fireworks and crackers are the serious injuries and death to animals it's cruelty. There is other ways to celebrate and have fun.

(Benoni, 2017-01-03)


Stop all fireworks now!

(Pretoria , 2017-01-03)


I'm signing because every year innocent animals and dogs die due to being scared LITERALLY TOO DEATH! This should be put to an immediate STOP!!

(Groblersdal, 2017-01-03)


I'm signing this because we have look after our animals. It's our duty to protect them

(Benoni, 2017-01-03)



(Brakpan, 2017-01-03)


I am totally against fireworks

(Randburg, 2017-01-03)


I'm signing because I care about animals. I have had it seeing year after year what fireworks do to animals.

(Roodepoort, 2017-01-03)


I think we ought to have evolved enough as humans to realize that all animals are sentient beings and that the stress caused by fireworks is completely unnecessary and an activity we can live without

(Cape Town, 2017-01-03)


Believe in the cause

(Pretoria , 2017-01-03)


Total ban please. Fireworks are harmful and destructive to the environment, and dangerous to all animals, domestic, farm, and wild, including urban wildlife, plus they affect vulnerable people, small children, the elderly, and those battling with mental disorders. There is nothing positive about fireworks, and they infringe on the rights of too many to be allowed any longer.

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-03)


Because people don't know how to behave.

(Port St Johns , 2017-01-03)


I love animals

(Durban , 2017-01-03)


I am a pet owner and see the devastating effects fireworks has on my pets and those around me!!!!!

(Johannesburg , 2017-01-03)


It's senseless noise that frightens the dickens out of our pets and wildlife including birds . Far too many unnecessary deaths and trauma! Even people who are sick get no rest !

(Johannesburg , 2017-01-03)


My animals mostly

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-03)


We have to be the voice for animals. We have to defend them. 30 mins of fun for someone with fireworks is not worth an animals life.

(Boksburg, 2017-01-03)


To keep all animals safe from unnecessary harm

(Hilton, 2017-01-03)


I am speaking up for animals who cannot fend for themselves.

(Centurion, 2017-01-03)


It's unfair to animals and parents with babys and children you are scared of load noise....animals gets hurt year by year....and its a selfish act...people get hurt and it's a waist of money...

(Rustenburg, 2017-01-03)


For the safety amd wellbeing of all animals

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-03)


I work at the local SPCA and see the deviation fireworks cause first hand. It's cruel. Humans are supposed to be the guardians of animals.

(Benoni , 2017-01-03)


I have two dogs who are terrified when fireworks go off in our area.

(Gauteng, 2017-01-03)


New Year's Eve was ridiculous in the brackendowns area. I have small children and animals that were all affected.

(Alberton, 2017-01-03)


Save our animals!NO MORE FIREWORKS!

(Fairleads, 2017-01-03)


I want to protect all the innocent animals and elderly people

(Pretoria, 2017-01-03)


I lost a dog to fireworks during Diwali - Please we need to BAN fireworks

(Roodepoort, 2017-01-03)


I'm outraged by the cruelty to animals

(Benoni, 2017-01-03)


The animal are suffering!! My cat is a shivering mess with fireworks!!

(Roosevelt Park, Randburg, 2017-01-03)


Noisy fireworks are unnecessary and harmful to animals.

(Okahandja, 2017-01-03)


Im tired of all the animals get hurt so some people can enjoy themselves its not fair to the animals

(alberton, 2017-01-03)


I hate to see what it does to the poor helpless animals !!!!!

(Alberton, Brackenhurst, 2017-01-03)


It is cruel not only to pets, but wildlife, the elderly and those suffering from mental illness.

(Northcliff, 2017-01-03)


Of the terror it causes to animals

(Hilton, 2017-01-04)


Fireworks to be banned!!

(Alberton , 2017-01-04)


I want it band completely

(Gauteng, 2017-01-04)


My dog is a nervous wreck from the nose of the fireworks

(Riverlea ext 2, 2017-01-04)


They are noisy and irritating as well as dangerous to animals

(Germiston , 2017-01-04)


Because of all the animals that can't bear the noise and kill themselves by trying to escape

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-04)


I have pets that mean the world to me: the fireworks scare the hell out of them and totally not fare. Ban them for life !!!

(KZN, 2017-01-04)


My Animals means the world to me and I don't like seeing them traumatized, people setting off fireworks are not sticking to the times and rules

(Pietermaritzburg, 2017-01-04)


I'm signing because of the amount of animal deaths and injuries caused by pets running away in fear of the sounds.

(Johannesburg , 2017-01-04)


It's cruelty to animals

(Hilton , 2017-01-04)


Waste of money

(GAUTENG, 2017-01-04)


It's harmful to our animals

(Gauteng, 2017-01-04)


Fireworks are not part of the culture of the average South African and the money wasted should be to use on supporting animal rescue institutions.

(Kempton Park, 2017-01-04)


For the safety of animals

(Pretoria, 2017-01-04)


Sick of having to watch my dogs freak out and really sick of picking up traumatized animals in the street days after

(Centurion, 2017-01-04)


I would like to see a total ban. Wildlife suffers too. Enough suffering for our precious animals.

(Benoni, 2017-01-04)


Fireworks cause so much pain to all animals.

(Gauteng, 2017-01-04)


I am against fireworks

(Gauteng, 2017-01-04)


For my pets. Very traumatic for them

(Benoni, 2017-01-04)


It causes unnecessary noise that is harmful to babies, the elderly people, pets & animals in the wild. They are used irresponsibly & sporadically from 5th November until the red January & not only on one occasion at a specified time. In a socio-eco system where so many people can hardly afford food it is a disgusting waste of money that should be used for feeding families.

(Springs, 2017-01-04)