The total ban of Fireworks displays in residential areas.



Animals are more important than people's pleasure, and also have the right to feel protected and safe I'm their own homes and habitats.

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-05)


Animals can't speak up,

(Boksburg , 2017-01-05)


It is cruel to animals and unfair to parents with small children who have their sleep interrupted

(Johannesburg , 2017-01-05)


This is long, long overdue. Every time people get hurt and/or maimed and animals injured or killed.

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-05)


It is inhuman against animals

(Alberton, 2017-01-05)


I hate fireworks period they are wasted pieces of paper with gunpowder.

(Pietermaritzburg, 2017-01-05)


Rules are not followed and very loud ones are used at late hours , not human and pet friendly

(BENONI , 2017-01-06)


Sick to death of our babies being tormented, injured and killed

(Gauteng, 2017-01-06)


Fireworks are a deadly threat to animals. There is no place for them and definately no need for them. They are a nuisance and disturbance to people as well.

(Pietermaritzburg, 2017-01-06)


Fireworks are EXTREMELY dangerous and cause unnecessary suffering to our pets, our birdlife and our wildlife. I would like to see them banned worldwide. If they are banned in my area, I might be able to actually enjoy my New Years Eve by being with friends instead of staying home looking after my pets and neighbours pets............. The banning would allow everyone to enjoy New Years Eve and enjoy Diwali, etc. instead of just the selfish individuals who insist on setting of fireworks in the area!!

(Alberton, 2017-01-06)


The impact of fireworks on pets and willife in general is horrendous and should be stopped at all costs

(Springs , 2017-01-06)


There firework displays are out if control - on New Years eve they started around 5pm and went on until the early hours!!

(Bedfordview , 2017-01-06)


I am sick and tired of the animal abuse and suffering due to fireworks

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-06)


Terrifying to young babies and children, the elderly, pets and wildlife. Creates safety hazard with potential for starting fires on dry grass, thatches etc. As well as injury risk to those handling them. I also object to having to tranquilise my pets so there can have fun. People have Money to burn on fireworks but no money to pay for schooling food basic . amenities etc. Pice are unable to enforce by laws.

(Kempton park, 2017-01-06)


I love my dogs, who are terrified by fireworks, more than I enjoy fireworkd

(Thohoyandou, 2017-01-06)


I am totally against animal abuse!

(Pretoria, 2017-01-06)


Due to fireworks killing and stressing all types of wildlife and our domestic pets. It is not welcome in South Africa

(Durban, 2017-01-06)


For 30 years i've put up with this of having fireworks going dogs scared out of their wits and me getting agitated unable to do anything about it...the last time even almost assaulting a neighbor for setting off fireworks..he claimed it was his constitutional right to do so. now its my time & opportunity to do something about it. now lets see how far your "constitutional right" will carry you!

(Brakpan, 2017-01-06)


I feel I is illegal and harmful for animals

(Germiston, 2017-01-06)


The welfare of animals should come first.

(Johannesburg , 2017-01-06)


The unnecessary suffering caused by fireworks is unacceptable for both domestic animals & wild life. There are particular instances where animals rely on humans & this is one of them.

(Johannesburg , 2017-01-06)


My sister's dogs have run away never to be found again, the brother has done so much damage to himself it has been unbearable to watch and now they have another dog that has to be be wrapped in a scarf to calm her down. Please please stop fireworks it is killing our animals who are our family!!

(Randburg, 2017-01-07)


The animals don't deserve distress caused by fireworks displays

(Johannesburg , 2017-01-07)


I believe stop the import of fireworks. My children did not experience these as they were previously banned. Children are used as labour in these factories too.

(Alberton, 2017-01-08)


I've seen what fireworks can do to both animals and humans. Far too noisy and far too dangerous

(Johannesburg , 2017-01-08)


Way after curfew my poor furbabies were still shaking even though we dosed them they were terrified. People claim to not have money and beggars everywhere but they still buy this nonsense. It is also very dangerous - crackers should only be used in controlled environments if they have to be used at all

(brackendowns, 2017-01-09)


I care for animals. They're like my kids

(Boksburg , 2017-01-09)


this needs to happen

(johannesburg, 2017-01-09)


I love my cat and dog!
I have a therapy dog, who helps a lot of children. She gets severely traumatized by foreworks and it takes a while before she is herself again.

(Sandton, Johannesburg , 2017-01-09)


I hate it when animals get hurt or killed because of fireworks! I hate fireworks!! I hate the sound of fireworks! Ban this devil practice PLEASE!!!

(centurion, 2017-01-09)


So many animals are hurt , maimed and killed.

(Brackendowns, 2017-01-10)


Fireworks is disruptive as it continues for days. Many animals die and are injured or lost. People are irresponsible with them. It's a waste of money as people claim poverty daily. It does not create employment or increase our economy. People get injured. The police can't control it as it's out of control. It needs to be banned.

(Midrand, 2017-01-10)


Our dog and all the other dogs in the neighbourhood are confused and having trouble to absorbed all these very hard noises.

(Bloemfontein, 2017-01-11)


Suffering of animals due to fireworks

(Bassonia, Johannesburg, 2017-01-11)


Animal welfare

(Bloemfontein, 2017-01-12)


This should have been banned years ago !

(Cape town, 2017-01-13)


I advocate for animals. Fireworks is not only noise pollution, but distressing and so harmful to animals of ALL kinds

(Kempton park, 2017-01-29)


People up the road from me was shooting of fireworks from 23h30 until 02h00 the next morning non stop. The street looked like if a parade has come through and that only from one house. Dogs were running scared and we had our hands full with keeping our dogs calm.

(Alberton, 2017-02-01)


enough is enough! twice I had to watch my neighbours set off their fireworks towards the neighbours' houses. last year a burning piece landed in my yard. when are they going to burn a house down??

(alberton, 2017-02-01)


My neighbours set these "bombs" off and my poor dogs go beserk. It also caused the death of the dog on the other side of these neighbours.

(Alberton, 2017-02-02)


The Fireworks should stop !!!!!!!!!!!

(Alberton, 2017-02-08)


It is a bad thing for baby's and animals

(Alberton, 2017-02-08)


I'm signing because everyone has a right to a peaceful new year or old years eve. Also fireworks drive my dogs crazy and people don't care even some of those with animals of their own

(Johannesburg South, 2017-02-09)


I love animals. It causes hundreds of animals to run away get lost killed and go into shock. Stop fireworks full stop.

(Randburg Johannesburg, 2018-01-02)