Is it really necessary to say why? The facebook pages and groups explain it all. Injured, scared, lost and helpless animals everywhere!

(Vredenburg, 2017-01-01)


For the sake of all animals, domesticated and wild, please ban all the selling and ignition of fireworks. The trauma, pain and fear that often leads to so many animals running away pannicked, getting lost, hurt or killed isn't worth the selfish act of a few moments of lights and terrible noise. And except for those igniting the fireworks, most other people really don't enjoy it. This can easily be confirmed by reading all the local Town's facebook pages. We speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves and we say NO MORE FIREWORKS

(Malmesbury, 2017-01-01)


1. I have 3 dogs
2. I do not see the purpose of fireworks.
3. I have seen kids burn to death in a car playing with firreworks.

(Langebaan, 2017-01-01)


Because animals!!!hate fireworks, love animals

(Cape Town, 2017-01-01)


My dogs get mad and digging holes to get out

(Vredenburg, 2017-01-01)


No more fireworks. Rather do lasershows Please

(langebaan, 2017-01-01)


Fireworks is harmfull to animals, fisically and emotionally

(Vredenburg, 2017-01-01)


I have pets whom i love and adore, and it is absolutely upsetting to me to see my pets this scared because of ignorant selfish humans that just dont care how much harm they are causing

(Langebaan, 2017-01-01)


Fireworks should be banned immediately.

(Langebaan, 2017-01-01)


Our animals and pets are terrified of the fireworks, the whole neighborhoods pets go crazy. My household would like to have fireworks banned completely throughout SA to safeguard all animals and pets.

(Vredenburg, 2017-01-01)


I care about animals that loose there lives becoze of the fireworks..

(Vredenberg , 2017-01-01)


I thing our animals must be helped

(Vredenburg, 2017-01-01)


Fireworks cause terrible suffering to both domestic and wild animals! Enough!

(Langebaan, 2017-01-01)


I feel that animals need a voice.. fireworks cause a tremendous amount of panic, anxiety and unnecessary deaths.... please hear our plea...

(Western Cape, 2017-01-01)


Let our animals live in peace as we humans live in peace. They protect us from harm especially our dogs so let UA protect them from harm

(Johannesburg, 2017-01-01)


Anything that is not kind to animals must GO!

(Cape Town, 2017-01-01)


No to cruelty to animals!

(Hawera, 2017-01-01)


Fireworks upsets the animals and is a fire hazard

(Vredenburg, 2017-01-01)


Too many terrible things happen to our animals and to children.

(Saldanha , 2017-01-01)


Dit is nie net meer klappers nie, dit klink soos bomme wat om ons ontplof. Geen mens of dier hoef daaraan blootgestel te word, tensy jy in 'n oorlogsone woon. Groot asb, kan ons dit verbied kry!!!

(Vredenburg, 2017-01-01)


Too many animals get hurt or die or run away from home due to fear of fireworks. ...

(Cape Town , 2017-01-01)


Fireworks wreak havoc amongst innocent animals and there are other ways to celebrate without using firecrackers

(LANGEBAAN, 2017-01-01)


It's cruel towards our innocent animals. Please make this stop.

(Langebaan, 2017-01-01)


This must stop for pets as well as wildlife

(Scottburgh , 2017-01-01)


To protect animals from getting hurt by human *******s

(Vredendal, 2017-01-01)


People are not responsible for there actions & do not consider those around them, be this human or animal!

(Cape Town, 2017-01-02)


I hate fireworks because it frightens the animals.

(Langebaan , 2017-01-02)


For my dogs

(Vredenburg, 2017-01-02)


Animaks are defenseless beings who are in some cases extremely harmed by fireworks. Ban firewirks, and also ban selling or buying of fireworks. Jail anyone buying, selling or firing fireworks/crackers.

(Pretoria, 2017-01-02)


Fireworks are a menace to impacts negatively on many lives, especially on animals that cannot speak for themselves. It also impacts on human life as small babies are just as scared of all the loud noises. Please ban all fireworks immediately and put in place real punishment i e jail time. This ban needs to be placed now across the whole South Africa and even the world

(Pretoria, 2017-01-02)


The physical (sound) and emotional (trapped by fences) of animals in Suburban areas has to stop. There is positive points in allowing the discharge of fireworks.

( Langebaan, West coast, 2017-01-02)


Nature and an animals well being is far more important than a pretty display.

(Langebaan , 2017-01-02)


For animals, old people, unnecessary veld fires

(Langebaan, 2017-01-02)


I think it the right thing to do.

(Dwarskersbos , 2017-01-02)


I worked at a vet and i know what fireworks do to all animals. Its cruel to do something where you know what the outcome will be. Dogs missing,animals dead and sometimes people to.

(Vredenburg, 2017-01-02)


I love dogs and hate fireworks as well as stupid people who shoots it

(Saldanha South Africa, 2017-01-02)


fire works cause havock amongst animals

(Saldanha Bay, West Coast, 2017-01-02)


Our animals are terrified by the noise!

(Langebaan, 2017-01-02)


I speak for those who can't speak for themselves!

(Langebaan , 2017-01-02)


I hate fireworks and think its cruel to man and beast. Why must I be tormented by other peoples so called pleasure.

(Langebaan, 2017-01-02)


Safety of our pets and because fireworks in the wrong hands causes injury to innocent people.Also danger if starting veld fires.

(Langebaan, 2017-01-02)


I care for animals effected by fireworks.

(Cape Town, 2017-01-02)


I honestly believe that fireworks are hugely detrimental to most animals

(Port Owen, 2017-01-02)


Ek haat vuurwerke .... het weer Oujaarsaand gesien hoe honde en katte verbouereerd raak.

(Malmesbury, 2017-01-02)


I love animals and we are the guardians of this planet...we can make a better job of it!

(Hermanus, 2017-01-02)


I've seen the devastating effect of Fireworks on animals!

(Vredenburg, 2017-01-02)


Gatvol vir klappers, sien geen nut daarin nie.

(Vredenburg , 2017-01-02)


There should be a total ban of fireworks. Animals and humans are traumatised.

(Langebaan , 2017-01-02)


Animals can't speak up for themselves, so it is up to us

(Hopefield , 2017-01-02)


I am an animal lover and no animal deserves to be subjected to any trauma

(Cape Town, 2017-01-02)


I have pets of my own and know what it is like when they are lost

(Langebaan, 2017-01-02)


I can NO longer be quite while animals are being tortured, traumatized and killed for the sake of idiots wanting their five minutes of fun. It's got to stop. Ban the import of fireworks.

(Langebaan, 2017-01-02)


I care for animals

(Gordon's Bay, 2017-01-02)


Fireworks cause more damage than anything else.

(Cape Town, 2017-01-02)


Animals do not need to suffer.

(Langebaan, 2017-01-02)



(st.helena bay, 2017-01-02)


I am against the crualty against animals and nature

(Cape Town, 2017-01-02)


Dit is gemeen wat dit aan ons dierekinders doen!!!!!

(Vredenburg, 2017-01-02)


I hate the effect of fireworks on animals.

(Lutzville, 2017-01-02)


I am a animal lover and fireworks is killing animals!!!!!

(Somerset West, 2017-01-02)


Fireworks in the hands of anyone except professionals is simply irresponsible. The damage done by the shooting of these explosives is huge,both to domestic animals as well as wild life. And because it simply makes sense to bad them.

(Cape Town , 2017-01-02)


Dis absurd en gevaarlik

(Vredenburg, 2017-01-02)


I love animals

(Hopefield western cape , 2017-01-02)


It puts dogs and other animals through tremendous amount of stress.

(Saldanha, 2017-01-02)


I had my hands full because of fireworks that was going off on new years Eve and not at the allocated place but everywhere. My dog went nuts!

(Saldanhabay , 2017-01-02)


Love furr kids

(Saldanha, 2017-01-02)


Don't want animals to be hurt.

(Jacobsbaai , 2017-01-02)


I love my dog, Daisy, and do not want her or any other defenceless animal or child go through the trauma of fire works.

(Hermanus, 2017-01-02)


Please please do whatever it takes to ban this. These poor souls shouldn't have to suffer for our pleasure

(Durban, 2017-01-02)


My honde is bang en ek kry die honde jammer wat weghardloop vir die klappers

(Vredenburg, 2017-01-02)


Please stop the distress to animals, environment, young and old people caused by fireworks.

(Germiston, 2017-01-02)


Carring for animals

(Western Cape, 2017-01-03)


I love my dogs

(Alberton, 2017-01-03)


I've witnesses the suffering caused byfireworks

(Yzerfontein Western Cape, 2017-01-03)


I want to ban fireworks all yet round

(Lambertsbay, 2017-01-03)


Fireworks do so much emotional and physical damage to domestic and wild animals, they need to be banned completely

(Langebaan, 2017-01-03)


Im signing beacuse I think its cruel towards animals

(Saldanha, 2017-01-03)


I am tired of all the deaths of our furkids
and all the animals that go missing, breaking our hearts

(Kraaifontein, 2017-01-03)


Want this nonsens to stop!
My animals can't take this!

(Langebaan, 2017-01-03)