Ban Fireworks in Mbombela



I hate fireworks and what it does to animals!

(White River, 2017-01-02)


I cannot stand to see the distress placed on animals & all wildlife by the unguided and abuse of fireworks & fire crackers. Our family has incurred personal tragic loss of a dog due to the terror it was forced to endure by the abuse of fireworks.

(Nelspruit Mbombela , 2017-01-02)


I love animals and hate the crackers causing unnecessary pain and causing animals to get hurt and the owners broken hearted

(Nelspruit, 2017-01-02)


It is totally unacceptable to allow something that has caused so many animals to be left in distraught because of these crackers! So many are left homeless and dead for the pleasure of 1 nights 'pretty' lights. How do you justify that for the life of an innocent animal who has no choice but to trust in the pathetic human race to keep them safe as they cannot always defend them self.

(nelspruit , 2017-01-02)


I care for animals and fireworks destroy animals lives and leaves the owners heartbroken

(Malelane, 2017-01-02)


My pets as well as myself are terrified of fireworks. Also my neighbours almost burnt down our gazebo due to negligent fireworks. Fireworks are dangerous and terrifies me and my family which includes our pets.

(Mbombela, 2017-01-02)


The animals do not need to go through hell and suffer

(Nelspruit, 2017-01-02)


Fireworks harm animals and cause serious injuries and death.

(Nelspruit, 2017-01-02)


I have animals who were petrified even after medication and people were using fireworks in the street one house away. Even after telling them ut was illegal they didnt care less. No police or security came out!

(Nespruit/ Mombela, 2017-01-02)


We have a neighbour (government offical) who sets off fireworks EVERY new year. When speaking to him he ignores you.. When calling the police/security companies as we are told to do nothing happens. Time to pass a law and lock these people up

(Nelspruit, 2017-01-02)


I can't bear the carnage that follows New Year's Eve any more. Please stop this archaic and cruel practice. Too many animals get traumatised and injured or killed by an evening of entertainment, not to mention what it must do to people with psychiatric disorders or PTSD.

(White River, 2017-01-02)


It is getting worse in stead of better! Will authorities only do something once a person is injured? I am sick and tired of having to dope my animals every year because of other people's selfishness. And then we have to drive the streets of Mbombela every year to rescue all the terrified animals! It is against the law in any case but our local law enforcement does nothing.

(Nelspruit, 2017-01-02)


I love animals and hate to see them suffer like that each year

(White river, 2017-01-02)


I signing this because the ligtning of fireworks is disturbing and causing death to many dogs in the area. It also have s big impact on nature. Birdies is leaving their nest and babies never to return again. Nobody is ganing from this only the people that selling. Please make Mpumalanga a no sone area for fireworks.

(Nelspruit, 2017-01-02)


Stop animals from getting hurt and getting lost

(NELSPRUIT, 2017-01-02)


I can

(Nelspruit , 2017-01-02)


I love my animals. They are family.

(Nelspruit, 2017-01-02)


A few minutes of colourful entertainment is not worth the hours of trauma suffered by all the animals.

(Nelspruit , 2017-01-02)


It is barbaric what we put animals through for the sake of entertainment.The suffering is unimaginable. Ban all fireworks!!!!!!

(Nelspruit, 2017-01-02)


I cannot handle this animal abuse any longer, because that is what this is!!

(Mbombela , 2017-01-02)


They are family

(Nelspruit , 2017-01-02)


We live in the bush. Fireworks are destructive to animals wild and domestic. They must be banned!

(Nelspruit, 2017-01-02)



(White River, 2017-01-02)


I have treated so many animals that get injured during firework displays. These injuries could be avoided if there are no fireworks.

(Hectorspruit , 2017-01-02)


Fireworks harm animals

(White River , 2017-01-02)


People cannot stick to the rules and it hurts to see the reaction of my own animals when the fireworks goes off so close to your house it seems as if it was lit in your backyard. As many fun photos you see on social media after a major event where fireworks were involved, so many pictures of lost or found animals... Or harmed animals.

(Nelspruit , 2017-01-02)


My dog went ballistic and I could not calm her down. She is still traumatized!!!

(Nelspruit , 2017-01-02)


I was heartbroken and totally disgusted by the audacity and selfishness of the people shooting fireworks on 31st December 2016. My animals were petrified even tho I had been giving them calming solution since the morning. Fireworks MUST be banned! !!! SO MANY animals were harmed and died because of the use of fireworks!!!!!!!!!!

(Mbombela, 2017-01-02)


3 houses not a block from my house shoot 3 of that and that was before 23h00 not 00h00 and 2 dogs of mine was going crazy for 5min+- I was so angry

(Sabie, 2017-01-02)


Fireworks should be banned everywhere

(Haenertsburg , 2017-01-02)


Fire works are a hazard to all animals, loud noises scare the young ones as well as the elderly.

(Ngodwana, mpumalanga , 2017-01-02)


Of It causes Harm and Noice to our Animal's
Each Year How many Animal's Must Die because of Stupid Humans shooting Animal's with the Fireworks and Even Other Humans self and the Noice scares the animals as they hear it so much loader than us that they run away throw windows and doors and Palisades and die of there injuries.

And for what....... just for 2seconds of joy...
It not worth our Animal's lives....

I hate Fireworks. I want it Gone and Not allowed in Nelspruit. I want People to Suffer there consequences of doing harm to our Animal's as we are there Voice.... Our Animal's Needs our Protection. God Asked Us as His Greation on Earth to Look after his Animal's.

(Nelspruit, 2017-01-02)


I care

(City of Mbombela, 2017-01-02)


I LOVE my pets and I totally HATE fireworks!!!!!

(Sabie, 2017-01-02)


People do not have respect for sleeping babies, sounds like a warzone outside our windows. Even as an adult my heart jumps everytime it sounds like a bomb going off and as a pregnant lady this stress has had a negative impact on me.

(White river, 2017-01-02)


If they can't keep by the rules let it be ban

(Nelspruit, 2017-01-02)


I am for the total banning of fireworks in all shape and form and the subsequent lawful prosecution of those who use fireworks without due permission in undesignated areas.

(Mbombela, 2017-01-02)


It is against the rules to let off fireworks in a residential area. This causes untold suffering

(Mbombela, 2017-01-02)


We as humans must know better how to treat and respect animals.It is outright cruel to ignite any fireworks knowing animals are petrified by it.

(Nelspruit, 2017-01-02)


Because new years has been horrible my child was woken up with loud bangs my dogs went crazy and my cat hiding under the bed ... not nice

(White river , 2017-01-02)


Alot of dogs and cats get lost during fireworks and no1 can sleep signing this petition for the poor cats and dogs

(nelspruit witrevier , 2017-01-02)


I'm signing because fireworks are cruel and unnecessary. It is animal abuse as well as noise pollution.

(Mbombela, 2017-01-02)


People getting injured and animals suffer because of fireworks

(Nelspruit , 2017-01-02)


I am signing because it is heartbreaking to see how the animals suffer because of the fireworks. Some die trying to get away from the noise. I hope we never see fireworks again and that the people selling them never get to sell them again.

(Barberton, 2017-01-02)


Wildlife also suffers from fireworks

(Dullstroom, 2017-01-02)


I am outraged at the devestating effect of fire works, crackers and any form of explosives discharged by children and adults leading to extreme terror experienced by animals and people. Ban this selfish and deadly practice!!!

(White River, 2017-01-02)


I've seen soo many people lose their precious pets because of fireworks !!! I've seen how my pets go completely insane and I hate it to see them like that.... This madness needs to be stopped !!!!

(Nelspruit, 2017-01-02)


Please stop fireworks - our animals are abused by it!

(Mbombela, 2017-01-02)


I am signing because I have lost 3 beloved pets New years because of stupid brainless people shooting fireworks. My pets were inside the house and died of trauma. Please no more fireworks.

(Nelspruit, 2017-01-02)


Fireworks are unnecessary and the consequences are horrific

(Mbombela , 2017-01-02)


for the sake of the dogs.

(Nelspruit, 2017-01-02)


For what reason do animals lose their lives???? 10 minutes of expensive whizz bang & sparkle that won't even be remembered a month later. Dogs gutting themselves on fencing, dying an agonising death. Stop the sale of Chinese crap throughtout South Africa

(George, 2017-01-02)


It's torturing our animals!

(Nelspruit, 2017-01-02)


So many dogs died this year, and last year and the year before that! Why not go outside like the staduim and go blow it off there instead of in streets where dogs live and evrything

(Mbombela, 2017-01-02)


This is a practise which brings an immense amount of pain to those who cannot defend themselves and it must stop!

(Nelspruit, 2017-01-02)


Fireworks are dangerous and affect the elderly, the sick and of course animals to the point of terror and even death. Debris from the crackers is very bad for the environment and wildlife.

(NELSPRUIT , 2017-01-02)


Of the trauma experienced by animals

(White River , 2017-01-02)


I hate fireworks. Upsets animals

(Barberton, 2017-01-02)


I hate what fireworks put my animals theough

(White river, 2017-01-02)


Love my animals more than silly fireworks

(Nelspruit, 2017-01-02)


Fireworks are cruel to animals. Many pets are lost, injured or killed due to the fear caused by the sounds of fireworks. They are extremely dangerous.

(Nelspruit , 2017-01-02)


I am so distressed at the amount of fur babies that ran away, were injured or died this last New Year's Eve. It HAS to stop

(White River, 2017-01-02)


People are harrless towards animals. We were put on earth to watch over God's creation not to destroy it.

(White River, 2017-01-02)


Fireworks kills animals and each year we fight with our neighbours

(Whiteriver, 2017-01-02)


Ban fireworx its not part of our country to many animals and people gets hurt snd distress

(white river, 2017-01-02)


I am a dog owner and its so bad we can not leave our digs alone for 5 min due to the noise of the constant crackers.

(white river, 2017-01-02)


I'm signing because it is affecting so many animals and they are so scared!!

(Mbombela, 2017-01-02)


I consider the unmonitored use and sale of fireworks extremely dangerous to:
- person, wildlife and livestock,
- poses fire hazards in a relatively dry country.
- people through personal injury to participants, spectators are innocent bystanders.

In addition there religious justification for there use is antiquated and shows total intolerance to others..

(Nelspruit , 2017-01-02)


It is cruel to use fireworks near animals . Ans people dont care whether it effects the animals

(Barberton, 2017-01-02)


I'm signing because every year I have to keep my dogs locked up during this crazy season when people have too much money to spend on crap like fireworks.

(White River, 2017-01-02)


My poor dogs!!

(Mbombela , 2017-01-02)


I am sick and tired of seeing animals getting hurt or lost because of the sound of fireworks..

(Nelspruit, 2017-01-02)


I'm signing this petition as the use of fireworks are animals cruelty. Our animals are terrified and shaking with fear. It is heart breaking to hear of other animals ending up in shelters or bleeding to death. The use and selling of fireworks must be banned.

(Nelspruit , 2017-01-02)


I am tired to selfish people shooting fireworks not thinking about the after math

(Nelspruit Mbombela, 2017-01-02)


Fireworks cause too much unnecessary stress, anxiety and death to animals both domestic and wild

(Mbombela, 2017-01-02)


To stop dimwits killing more animals

(Nelspruit, 2017-01-02)


Fireworks kills animals and hurt people and can cause veld fires

(Nelspruit , 2017-01-02)


Fireworks do no good, only harm

(Komatipoort, 2017-01-02)


I love animals!!!

(Nelspruit , 2017-01-02)


Fireworks are dangerous and money waisting! Animals do not like it.

(Mbombela, 2017-01-02)


Fireworks need to e stopped

(Blenheim , 2017-01-02)


It is cruel towards animals.

(Nelspruit , 2017-01-02)


It is inhumane

(White River, 2017-01-02)


I have dogs and the fireworks scare the crap out of them!

(Mbombela, 2017-01-02)