No animal should be treated so inhumanely!!

(East London, 2017-04-05)


Animal abuse

(East London, 2017-04-05)


Disgusting animal cruelty

(East London, 2017-04-05)


It's breaks my heart that people don't care about animals. I'm sick of breeders just wanting to make a quick buck.

(East London, 2017-04-05)


I am an animal lover and rescue dog adopter!! Places like this make me MAD!!!

(Cape Town , 2017-04-05)


I am signing because I am against animal cruelty.

(East London , 2017-04-05)


Because I have heard to many bad things about this shop

(East London , 2017-04-05)


I agree that this shop is shockingly cruel to its pets and does not keep them in humane conditions.

(East London , 2017-04-05)


I cannot abide cruelty to animals and that little kitten is in a shocking condition.

(Kenton-On-Sea, 2017-04-05)


This horrendous breeder's game needs to stop

(East London , 2017-04-05)


This shop should be closed and the owners charged with neglect & abuse

(East London, 2017-04-05)


I am signing this petition because I am a very big animal lover and try to save so many animals from conditions like this because they dont have a voice and its crul to have them so underfed, malnourished and unloved! All animals want is to be loved and to be looked after! And for a pet shop to do this what does it show the children who buy from them thats its okay to treat animals this way? Absolutaly disgusting! These people are supposed to help animals not be so cruel to them!!

(Kenton On Sea, 2017-04-05)


Adopt don't shop! This place is very clearly a backyard breeder/puppy mill. They see profit not living breathing souls. Not only should they be closed down and ALL OF THEIR animals confiscated, they should also be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

(Port Elizabeth , 2017-04-05)


These owners are unscrupulous, money hungry idiots who are only interested in making money off poor innocent animals and they don't care about the health and welfare of the animals they sell

(East London, 2017-04-05)


I have head and seen too many horror stories involving this place!!!!!!!!!

(East London, 2017-04-05)


This needs to stop. Animals don't have a voice so we need to speak for them. Enough is enough

(east london, 2017-04-05)



(Cape Town, 2017-04-05)


Animals can't sign for themselves!

(East London, 2017-04-05)


No animal should have to suffer for any reason.

(East London, 2017-04-05)


They sell puppies from backyard breeders even though the sign in their shop states otherwise. When you ask to see the registration papers of ANY of the pups available in their store they tell you they are not registered so that can ONLY mean that they are selling backyard bred pups. They often cannot show you vaccination certificates for the pups and kittens in their shop. They sometimes have puppies with docked tails for sale which is illegal. I have seen worms in the poo of some of the kittens and puppies in their store. I have seen fleas and even ticks on some of the puppies they were/are selling. BY SELLING THESE ANIMALS ON BEHALF OF THE ARSEHOLES WHO HAVE BRED THEM THEY ARE ENCOURAGING BACKYARD BREEDING AND THUS CONTRIBUTING TO THE SEVERE ANIMAL OVERPOPULATION PROBLEM! Their farm needs to be inspected by the police and SPCA and they need to be shut down as they are also breeding animals on their farm and I suspect they are running a puppy mill. I also have reason to believe that their breeding stock is not being cared for properly and groomed daily. PLEASE CLOSE THEM DOWN!

(East London, 2017-04-05)


Per shops need to be banned from selling any live animals!! They have no scruples.

(Cannon Rocks, 2017-04-05)


I was at this shop before and found the animals to be in a poor state. This was just before the previous report about this store. Have never been back to it.

(East London, 2017-04-05)


I've seen the poor state of the puppies

(East London, 2017-04-05)


I previously wanted to get them closed down as well. We bought a dog from them and was told it was a sausage dog, after payment and arrival we noticed it was a different mix breed. 3 days later the pup died after paying a R3500 vet bill for 2 days. Pup already had parvo according to the vet. When we confronted her and requested our money back she refused. Got the vet involved and he denied all. This woman does so much back yard breeding just to make money and should have been closed long ago!!!!

(Cape town, 2017-04-05)


The animals in this pet store are in a neglected state and should not be put up in a commercial store.

(east london, 2017-04-05)


Animal Cruelty & Poor conditions

(Eastlondon , 2017-04-05)


These poor animals cant speak for themselves.

(East London, 2017-04-05)


The state these poor animals are kept in. The terrible neglect of food, care and cleanliness. Back yard breeding must stop and exploiting and selling of these poor innocent for money gain is just disgusting.

(Malmesbury, 2017-04-05)


No animal should be felt in cages and not fed this is inhuman

(East London , 2017-04-05)


This is cruelty to animals and as a pet store and a human being this is unacceptable!

(Shanghai, 2017-04-05)


We need to stop the breeding of animals and if pets are sold to ignorant people who do not have their pets spade or neutered it just adds to the bigger stray problem that we face at the moment. ALL PET SHOPS should be unable to sell animals.

(Gonubie, 2017-04-05)


Pets should be rescued and not sold and if they are sold then they should be in excellent condition.

(East London, 2017-04-05)


they are no good!!

(East London, 2017-04-05)


Think what they are doing is absolutely horrific and cruel

(East London , 2017-04-05)


The fact that this pet store is still operating after so many years is unacceptable! It needs to be closed down!

(Cape Town, 2017-04-05)


I'm signing because I think that all animals deserve to be treated with love and care and at this pet shop they are not getting it

(East London, 2017-04-05)


I bought a puppy in a terrible state. This place is CRUEL and the way they animals are treated is unacceptable

(East London, 2017-04-05)


It is not the first time there have been complaints and the state of the kittens recently posted on FB is atriocious...

(Hamburg, 2017-04-05)


We need to stand up for the defenseless animals

(Calitzdorp, 2017-04-05)


It is cruelty. Its a racket . These are pigs and mudt have all animaks removed

(johsnnesburg ex east london, 2017-04-05)


Pets Choice does not care for the well-being of the animals.

(East London, 2017-04-06)


I'm signing because I care about the welfare of helpless animals and am against breeding for profit.

(Pretoria , 2017-04-06)


I found the pictures pertaining to this incident reason enough for them to be shut down.

(tete , 2017-04-06)


There are enough homeless cats out there that need attention, and they seem to have no love for animals. Abuse for financial gain.

(Port Elizabeth, 2017-04-06)


Ive never liked this pet shop I agree that they need to be closed down they are very wrong for what cruelty they are doing its so upsetting

(East London , 2017-04-06)


Saw pics of kittens in a terrible state being sold at this pet shop, so very sad.

(East London, 2017-04-06)


I had bought a Lab from there and he nearly died as a puppy due to hookworm. They stated all his inoculations and de worming was up to date but obviously not. We spent thousands trying to get him better and luckily we did manage that. When I brought this up with the owner she said these things happen.

(East london , 2017-04-06)


The state of the animals in picture is horrible no animal deserves that

(Port Elizabeth , 2017-04-06)


People who abuse animals must be punished by law

(East London , 2017-04-06)


I'm signing because I have common decency, which includes citizenship participation and protection of the vulnerable

(East London, 2017-04-06)



(JOHANNESBURG, 2017-04-06)


I feel they should not be using the poor animals to breed .They don't care for the animals just the money

(East london, 2017-04-06)


dont support any pet shops, not with the abundance of unwanted pets looking for homes. no one should make money out of selling pets

(stutterheim, 2017-04-06)


This is unacceptable.

(Springs , 2017-04-06)


IT saddens me to see poor babies being ill treated for money

(East Londpn, 2017-04-06)


This pet store has been in the news so many times for the way they treat their animals and they also contribute to the already overpopulated pet population by breeding pets for the greed of money.

(east london, 2017-04-06)


Don't shop...adopt. Pet stores should sell pet related products, not animals.

(East London , 2017-04-07)


Place must be closed.

(Pretoria, 2017-04-07)



(East London, 2017-04-07)


Animal abuse

(East London, 2017-04-07)


Cruelty to animals disgusts me.

(East London, 2017-04-07)


Sick of animal cruelty

(Perth, 2017-04-08)


No animal should suffer and breading animals for profit is deplorable

(East Londom, 2017-04-08)


I hate cruelty of any sort be it neglect or abuse

(WAST LONDON, 2017-04-08)


I'm against selling livestock in a pet store

(east london, 2017-04-08)


******* disgusted that this pet shop sells animals in this conditions ..

(Cape Town , 2017-04-09)


It's despicable!!

(Cape Town, 2017-04-09)


I am sick of animals suffering because of human greed.

(EL, 2017-04-09)


Horrific. Pet shops should not be selling animals!

(Jhb, 2017-04-09)


WTH?!?!?! Do I NEED to explain myself?!

(Pretoria, 2017-04-09)


This is gross negligence. There are many places in the Bible where we are given instruction to care for His creations.
What these people do is a sin.

(Pretoria, 2017-04-09)


Puppies and kittens should not be sold in pet stores. Even if they where in good condition, they would have undoubtedly come from a puppy mill, where the parents live in horrible conditions, being forced to have litter after litter. :'( Selling puppies and kittens in pet stores should be banned!

(Durban, 2017-04-09)


This cruelty for shee greed has to STOP

(cape town, 2017-04-09)


Seeing an actual photo of the Devistating conditions this store keep live animals in and selling them is animal abuse!

(Johannesburg, 2017-04-09)


Pet shops selling animals should not exist. They are about nothing but money.. the lives and futures if the animals they sell mean diddly to them

(Johannesburg, 2017-04-09)


Close down Pets Choice!!

(Freestate, 2017-04-09)


This pet shop is out for making money and doesn't give a STUFF about the poor animal souls. They are scumbags.

(Durban, 2017-04-09)


I don't support pet shops who sell any live animals.

(Johannesburg, 2017-04-09)