On Maroon and Gold the Sun Won't Set: A Call to Action



The maroon and gold colours of Wolmer's and what they represent are a sacred bond between Wolmerians, past, present, and future that CANNOT be compromised. As an alumni member. I am saddened to see how the school administration and Old Boys Association has allowed the colours and crest to be disrespected and marginalized for years. AGE QUOD AGIS!

(Brampton , 2017-04-06)


Maroon and Gold is sacred. The red and yellow cannot be allowed to be worn by the students who represent the great institutions anymore. ENOUGH IS Enough.
I implore all Wolmerians to sing this petition in order to keep the administrators on their toes and send them a signal that AGE QUOD AGIS means the world to us. No to Cornwall College colours.

(Wellington, 2017-04-06)


Our lives have been made better for the ideals and principles inculcated at that great institution for which we owe a great debt. The identity of this institution is captured in its motto and colors. These inanimate things do not make the institution but correctly and appropriately connect all those who pass through its halls, who are passing through it and who will pass through it. Let us ,intentionally, work to preserve it.

(Bowie, 2017-04-06)


MAROON n GOLD forever in my blood

(Brooklyn, 2017-04-06)


I respect and adore the Wolmer's brand as a Wolmerian

(Lauderhill, 2017-04-06)


I am apart of the graduating class of 04 and I totally agree with this petition. We can't sit back and allow poor Management and poor representation to go by without holding persons accountable. I'm in!

(St. Catherine, 2017-04-06)


Proud Wolmerian ...

(Brampton, 2017-04-06)


I am in shock that we would even think of using red as a substitute for maroon. Please let's stick to maroon and gold our colours!

(Kingston , 2017-04-06)


In agreement

(Kingston, 2017-04-06)


School pride

(Kingston, 2017-04-06)


Maroon & Gold is sacred!!!

(Bowie, md, 2017-04-06)


Age Quod Agis

(Elk Grove, 2017-04-06)


Proud Wolmerian

(Kingston , 2017-04-06)


There is some liberties taken but a lot of truth to the concerns. We really have not taken it seriously it is about time it be addressed.

(Houston , 2017-04-06)


I'm a Wolmerian

(Kingston 6, 2017-04-06)


There can be no substitute for our Schools colours

(Pembroke Pibes Florida , 2017-04-06)


As a proud Wolmerian I agree with the author whole-heartedly

(London, 2017-04-06)


Our school colours are sacred. If the principal loves his alma mater and their colours so much then maybe he should go there to be head master. Attention to detail is key and this matter of the school colours shows that none of the people charged with safeguarding the integrity of our school's proud heritage care about abiding by the school motto. Show some competence and fix this issue and maybe we may be inclined to believe the school administrators are competent enough to handle larger issues that may arise.

(Sierra Vista, 2017-04-06)


I uphold out school colours as Maroon and Gold

(Kingston, 2017-04-06)


Glad to see I am not the only one who noticed that.

(Pembroke Pines, 2017-04-06)


The school colors are Maroon and Gold!!!

(Columbia, 2017-04-07)


The Maroon and Gold matters.

(Kingston, 2017-04-07)


Maroon and Gold are our colors.

(Sunrise, 2017-04-07)


Maroon and Gold Forever

(Atlanta, 2017-04-07)


I'm signing this petition because getting small things right is important, and a start.

(Kingston 6, 2017-04-07)


It matters

(Kingston, 2017-04-07)


I concur.

(Kingston, 2017-04-07)


Our colours are maroon and gold, not red and yellow.

(Kingston, 2017-04-07)


Standards matter
Maroon and gold matters
Sad that an appeal to large numbers must be made to coerce leaders to do the right and obvious thing but if needs must, then so let it be.

(Kingston, 2017-04-07)


I agree.

(Kingston , 2017-04-07)


I agree

(Kingston, 2017-04-07)


Have always been proud of my MAROON AND GOLD.....no common red!!!!!


(Brooklyn, 2017-04-07)


It's long overdue. Standards must be maintained.

(Kingston , 2017-04-07)


I support the cause

(Lauderhill, 2017-04-07)


Wolmer's is the greatest institution in the world and its legacy should not be taken for granted. I could not agree more with this stance.

(Spanish Town, 2017-04-07)


I agree; the school colours are maroon and gold, not red and yellow.

(Kingston, 2017-04-07)


This has been going on for 7 years.. shameful

(Kigston, 2017-04-07)


Clearly, a leadership vacuum encroaches on and erodes the confidence of all who adhere to our schools treasured principles.

This is time for real action to begin the process of removing those who pose a threat to the schools well-established and properly-settled principles of excellence. It would be a disaster for Wolmerians to hibernate while an inveterate administration continue a policy that is sure to bring an institutional ice age, rendering the symbolism of our rising Sun as useless.

Age Quod Agis...is more than a sound bite; it is integrity!!!

N.B. Always in life, there will be challenges to GOOD. Wolmer's recalibrated and rebuilt after the earthquake. This present challenge is nothing more than a swarm of feckless, harassing flies. Therefore, I appeal to all my fellow Wolmerians to stand guard with fly swatters on alert.

Love, Honor, Respect

(Lauderhill, 2017-04-07)


i agree!

(uppermarlboro, 2017-04-08)


It is if utmost importance.

(Ft. Lauderdale , 2017-04-08)


The administration is creating sabotage, suppression of what correct, and confusion and separation. Negative entities need to go

(Las Vegas , 2017-04-08)


Our school colors must not be compromised. It is a sense of identity for current students and alumni.

(Easton, PA, 2017-04-09)


Maroon and Gold is the school color. Get it right.

(Bowie, 2017-04-11)


I agree totally with the petition demands.

(Kingston, 2017-04-11)


I agree

(Brampton , 2017-04-12)


Maroon and Gold are the official school colours and must be represented on ALL school events.

(DC, 2017-04-12)


We must do the right thing everytime - no half measures

(Kingston, 2017-04-12)


Our beloved school colour has not yet changed to red.

(Spanish Town, 2017-04-12)


Born with a maroon blood....and my email address is maroonkid**********

(kingston, 2017-04-13)


To protect the Wolmerians legacy for the generations to follow

(Kingston, 2017-04-13)


I attended Wolmers from first form through sixth form, graduating in 1995. It is important for our school colours to be accurately represented.

(Kingston, 2017-04-13)


I love my Maroon and Gold colours and I want it acknowledge by everyone

(Kingston, 2017-04-14)


(sing);Our emblem sun keep shining and it must never set, our hopes and aspirations place as high as they can get, Age Quod Agis, Age Quod Agis, on maroon and gold the sun won't set, try to do your best, put it to the test, Age, Age Quod Agis. WOLMER'S!; I love this anthem.

(Ocho rios, 2017-04-18)


I went to Wolmers

(kingston, 2017-04-18)


Your Brand represents who you are! It is outrageous that this is even an issue for debate. With 275 years of history, we need to stand firm on keeping our school colours Maroon and Gold. No company, organization, or government should dictate to us regarding our Brand; we can negotiate on anything else, but not our Brand! Corporations like Nike or Puma would never alter the Nike or Puma Brand. For those who think this is not a big deal, think of the Jamaican Flag; would you allow others to change our flag colours? Our Brand colours must remain Maroon and Gold!

(Sunrise, 2017-04-18)


As a Proud Wolmerian, our School Colours are MAROON & GOLD.
When I visit home and go to the School to purchase current school memorabilia, I will/would like to purchase MAROON & GOLD and not a facsimile thereof!

(London, 2017-04-18)


Maroon & Gold is our colors and should never change

(Sunrise, 2017-04-18)


Maroon and gold are the right colours more unique and as wolmerians we have to stand out from everyone else.

(Kingston , 2017-04-18)


As a proud Wolmerian I too am concerned.

(Kingston, 2017-04-19)


I am in support of always displaying our 'true colours.'

(Portmore , 2017-04-21)


This school is an absolute beacon of the Caribbean and should be recognized as such.. The COLOURS of maroon and gold are symbolic and runs deep, literally and figuratively in the blood of its students present and past..... SAME MUST THEREFORE BE RESPECTED AS WITH EVERY OTHER SCHOOL.
Age Quod Agis and never forget it

(Rosario , 2017-04-24)


We need to keep the true colours and crest of Wolmer's

(San Leandro, 2017-04-25)


As a proud Wolmerian I see the disregard to scared emblems that makes uniquely Wolmers' as an threat to school pride and legacy. Too many Wolmerians don't even know the school song, which I think is the best school song I have ever heard. We must preserve what makes us who we are, and that goes for the school colours.

(Kingston, 2017-04-26)


Proud Wolmerian. With greatest respect for the MAROON and GOLD. I have seen the Reddish (sometimes pinkish) colour creeping in over the last couple years. The Wolmers Brand needs proper Management. Brand representation (colours) is a critical part of Brand equity which is a great asset. This management has to come from the Board level as it will impact all 3 Schools.

(Kingston, 2017-05-01)


I agree !

(Jacksonville, 2017-05-02)


I just came across a picture of sone young ladies receiving awards and I said to myself quietly, that's not "maroon & gold"...I'm a proud Wolmerian...in string support of my Schills rich legacy, including the colors

(Miramar, 2017-05-30)


i believe that a compromise of standards is the beginning of overall decay

(Kingston, 2018-01-31)