Traffic Light Installation on Summit Rd & Plantation Rd Midrand



I need to feel safe when traveling on this road.

(Midrand, 2017-06-20)


Hazardous intersections

(Midrand , 2017-06-20)


I'm signing because I use this road every morning and it is always difficult to turn into olifantsfontein road. There has been a number of car accidents there. I see the place as dangerous and traffic lights are a necessity to control traffic.

(Midrand, 2017-06-20)


I use that intersection daily and it extremely difficult and dangerous to turn into summit road from plantation road

(Johannesburg, 2017-06-20)


This road is a danger to all trying to cross it...

(Johannesburg, 2017-06-20)


I use that intersection daily to and from work, and I know first hand the hazard it is. I have actually been in an accident right at that intersection

(Sagewood Ext. 19, 2017-06-20)


It is dangerous to cross this road and sometimes leaves us waiting for up to an hour waiting to cross when it is safe. It will also slow speeding cars down if a robot was instolled and creat more safety. Even people try to cross risking lives!!!!!!

(Johannesburg, 2017-06-20)


This is really a dangerous intersection and have seen numerous accidents. A week won't go by without an accident

(Midrand, 2017-06-20)



(Midrand, 2017-06-20)


I use the intersection turning into Olifantsfontien daily to go to work and have seen a couple of accidents taking place. It's not a safe turn to use.

(Johannesburg, midrand, 2017-06-20)


I am sick of putting my pregnant girl friend and my self on danger every time we try cross this intersection

(Midrand , 2017-06-20)


I support the initiative. We need the traffic lights.

(Midrand, 2017-06-20)


I use this road every day, my husband was involved in a car accident on this same road

(Johannesburg, 2017-06-20)


I support the installation of traffic lights between Summit road and Plantation road in Midrand.

(Midrand, 2017-06-20)


I also use the road on a daily basis when going to work, a traffic is needed as soon as possible.

(Midrand, 2017-06-20)


I use this junction almost everyday and it's risky getting onto Summit Road because of approaching vehicles that travel at high speeds.

(Midrand, 2017-06-20)


I hope something gets done !

(Midrand , 2017-06-20)


This intersection is extremely busy and dangerous in peak hour traffic.

(Midrand, 2017-06-20)


Risky to turn right towards the N1 Freeway

(Midrand, 2017-06-20)


I am signing because traffic lights are really needed at the specified road.

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


I live in the area.

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


It takes way too long to cross that road and it's also very unsafe.

(Johannesburg, 2017-06-21)


Heavy Traffic to join into Olifantsfontein

(Johannesburg, 2017-06-21)


I had 3 accident on that intersection,it's very dangerous,we have been complain about for the past 4 years but nothing happened

(Midrand , 2017-06-21)


This corner is a death trap with accidents happening every week. We have to cross this intersection daily from Plantation and live in fear daily, especially peak hours!!!

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


Our lifes are at risk

(Gauteng, 2017-06-21)


I'm signing because we desperately need a traffic light at the intersection of summit road and plantation road. We are bound to lose lives if nothing is done. I am behind this proactive approach 100%.

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


It is a dangerous intersection. Where Ive seen accidents happen, and my husband and myself almost had a few close calls at tis intersection too.

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


The intersection is highly dangerous without the traffic lights. People need to get onto Olifantsfontein Road on a daily basis and do so at the risk of losing their lives.

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


That is a very busy road and safety is important to me

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


That road to try and turn off or even onto it is a nightmare let alone does no one obey the speed

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


There have been a countless number of fatal accidents involving pedestrians & vehicles

(Midrand Johannesburg , 2017-06-21)


I make use of this road and it is so dangerous trying to get accross this intersection!

(Johannesburg, 2017-06-21)


I agree the intersection is dangerous and challenging to cross

(midrand, 2017-06-21)


This intersection is dangerous,

(Johannesburg, 2017-06-21)


because it is a mission to get on this road in the morning and it is very dangerous

(gauteng, 2017-06-21)


This intersection is dangerous, by installing traffic lights it will ease traffic and save lives.

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


i use this road daily and almost got hit a few times, traffic lights should be implemented in this intersection

(midrand, 2017-06-21)


It's very difficult for us to turn, and have seen lives being lost when trying to cross

(Midrand , 2017-06-21)


This much needed.

(Midrand , 2017-06-21)


This will make our roads safer.

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


It is a dangerous intersection and the lack of adequate law enforcement, safety of residents - pedestrians and motorists - is of paramount importance to me and needs to be addressed

(Johannesburg, 2017-06-21)


That intersection is extremely dangerous, installing a few traffic lights to save lives is a very good trade off.

(Bluehills Midrand, 2017-06-21)


I am affected by the lack of traffic lights at that very dangerous intersection.

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


Safety of my fellow countryman is paramount

(Midrand , 2017-06-21)


It is a very dangerous stop street to cross.

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


I often use this intersection and as discribed above this is a very busy and dangerous intersection! Vehicles speeding on Summit road make it worse!

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


This is one of the busiest intersections during peak traffic. Crossing over into Summit road from Plantation, is a nightmare and near impossible, especially in peak traffic. Accidents occur on a regular basis. It's a death trap and needs traffic lights for sure.

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


We use this crossing multiple times per day. We often see people getying hurt !!! WE NEED A TRAFFIC LIGHT HERE!!!!!

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


Extremely difficult and dangerous to cross the road.

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


I use this road everyday

(Kyalami, 2017-06-21)


I have to cross this intersection everyday and do not feel safe at all. I have seen many accidents nearly happen and have seen others actually happen. This is a very dangerous intersection and needs robots urgently!

(Johannesburg, 2017-06-21)


I'm signing because there is a great need for a traffic light. This should assist with traffic jams and accidents which are a regular occurance.

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


The area has become very built up resulting in an alarming increase in the surrounding roads. Traffic lights are urgently needed to avoid the probability of fatal car accidents.

(Vorna Valley, 2017-06-21)


It's a very dangerous intersection nothing more!

(Johannesburg, 2017-06-21)


I have seen so many accidents at this junction. As a wheelchair user it is very difficult junction for me to turn right from Plantation as I use hand controls. To turn right I must first turn left and then do a u turn at Build it which is dangerous. With traffic light I could turn right normally. Pls pls put lights in before more people die - next time it might be me, and my children still need me. Thankyou

( Blue Hills, 2017-06-21)


Concerned about the safety of all road users affected by this dangerous intersection. Anything to help make our roads less hazardous. My little contribution to my beloved community.

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


Iuse that road daily and have seen many accidents

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


The intersection is dangerous whether you are turning left or right onto Olifantsfontein. Also during peak hours it is very difficult to turn right due to the traffic flow both ways

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


I frequently use this dangerous intersection

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


I work in Midrand

(Midrand , 2017-06-21)


It is time council spent money on our infrastructure problems. This is why we pay Tax not so????

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


I agree with the petition! I was onlso involved in an accident on this intersection.

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


I use this road everyday and it's a mission to turn onto that road

(Midrand , 2017-06-21)


I've seen many accidents at that intersection there is a definite need for traffic lights

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


Not having a traffic light is a safety risk!

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


It is a very dangerous situation.

(Midrand , 2017-06-21)


I'm signing because this is a very dangerous intersection and has needed traffic lights for years because it's a high volume traffic area.

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


It is so dangerous on this intersection been more then 4 accidents and more then 2 pedestrians hit on this road, something needs to be done for everyone safety.

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


I believe this is a good move and will ensure safety for the community backed by visible lighting around the area as well.

(Johannesburg, 2017-06-21)


Dangerous intersection

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


That is a very dangerous intersection. Traffic signals/controls are needed. Supported!!!

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


Ive seen some horrific accidents there...pls put one up...

(Midrand, 2017-06-21)


Pose a huge risk and long waiting time to navigate the crossing.

(Johannesburg, 2017-06-21)


I use the Plantation road and find it to be very dangerous

(Johannesburg, 2017-06-21)


For the safety of drivers, prevention is most important and could save lives

(Amstelveen, 2017-06-21)


This situation is extremely dangerous. That there has not already ben a HORRIFIC accident at this spot is just a miracle....

(Midrand, 2017-06-22)


I use the road daily and am aware of how dangerous it is

(Midrand , 2017-06-22)


It's frustrating to use the road during peak hours

(Midrand, 2017-06-22)


I'm signing because I use this road every morning and it is always difficult to turn into olifantsfontein road. There has been a number of car accidents there. I see the place as dangerous and traffic lights are a necessity to control traffic.

(Midrand, 2017-06-22)


I use that road often and it can be quite difficult getting on to Olifantsfontein rd with very little view for the person turning

(Midrand, 2017-06-22)


I feel like the corner Summit Rd and Plantation is a hazard for us as residents and road uses around Midrand.

(Johannesburg, 2017-06-22)


This is a very dangerous section.We need a traffic light here and a points man now.

(Midrand, 2017-06-22)


I use this intersection everyday and it very dangerous for people joining Summit from Plantation, it is a major accident waiting to happen.

(Johannesburg, 2017-06-22)


I am a resident and affected by this traffic hazard daily.

(Midrand , 2017-06-22)


It is very difficult to cross especially if we are turning right onto Olifants.

(Midrand , 2017-06-22)


I am a resident and use the road on a daily basis

(Midrand, 2017-06-22)


I would like a traffic light installed at Summit & Plantation Road

(MIDRAND JHB, 2017-06-22)


Extremely dangerous intersection at any time of the day! Needs traffic lights before more people die on the roads!

(Midrand, 2017-06-22)


It is extremely dangerous to join Plantation road during peak traffic. There are cars traveling at high speed from both directions

(Johannesburg , 2017-06-22)


This road is extremely dangerous to the point that we are not even prepared to use it and would rather travel some 2km out of our way to avoid it at all costs! There will be a serious accident here if nothing is done about it! I have already sent emails to the various bodies regarding having a traffic light installed at this intersection but have not received a response

(Midrand, 2017-06-23)


To many lives have been lost at this intersection .

(Johann, 2017-06-23)


This intersection is extremely dangerous to the extent where I would prefer to travel 2km out of the way to avoid it. If something is not done about it there will he an accident here. I have already emailed the responsible bodies about this as well

(Midrand, 2017-06-23)


The road has bevome very busy and very dangerous to cross

(Midrand, 2017-06-23)


We need this. Its so dangerous and we sit for ages there!

(Midrand, 2017-06-23)


I use the road on a daily basis to go to Blue Hills Mall from Summerset or to go work in Pretoria via the R55. I have witnessed many horrible accidents on this intersection and was almost hit once. Summit road curves on the right so visibility is poor and its very risky to turn even when there's not much traffic. Please help provide safe access on this intersection and save lives.

(Midrand, 2017-06-23)


It is a dangerouse intersection and robots should be implemented

(Gautenge, 2017-06-23)


I would love to use that road to get to work but it is too dangerous to cross the road to Summit/Olifantsfontein road

(midrand, 2017-06-23)


It is a dangerous intersection and needs traffic lights to stop all the accidents

(Noordwyk , 2017-06-23)


I'm signing this because many times I have seen motorists becoming impatient and taking chances. On two occasions I have seen bumps luckily not serious, but could have been.

(Midrand, 2017-06-23)


Highly dangerous intersection

(johannesburg, 2017-06-23)


I sit there for lengthy times and its extremely dangerous to get into the main road due to high traffic volumes from both sides at high speed

(Johannesburg, 2017-06-24)