put bradley lowery on the front cover of fifa 18 to honour him



This simply has to be done in honour of him.
Should put the picture of him holding jermaine defoes hand.

(St helens, 2017-07-10)


This is an absolute amazing idea and must be done football is not just about the players it's also about the fans and this would probably be amazing to Bradley's family and such an honour.

(Peterhead, 2017-07-11)


This little guy should be on the cover of FIFA 18
All love little man

(Arnhem, 2017-07-11)


It would be a great tribute to his life, with permission from his family of course!

(Lake Forest, 2017-07-13)


This gesture would mean the world to the family. it would also send a very strong and positive message to the kids battling cancer every day around the world. Do the right thing FIFA.

(Flemington, 2017-07-13)


The way this kid fought was amazing and he should be an inspiration to all

(Penicuik , 2017-07-13)


I'm signing because Bradley Lowery was an inspiration to football/soccer fans everywhere, although his time with us was brief, showed us what true heart and character was, being able to smile while battling cancer. R.I.P. Bradley Lowery you were living proof of what the beautiful game is all about.

(Nashville, 2017-07-13)


just do it

(Ploiesti, 2017-07-13)


Finally someone who deserves being on a FIFA cover, due to his love to football and his favorite club. Plus the struggle he had to deal with needs to be honored. R.I.P.

(Frankfurt am Main, 2017-07-14)


Because he deserves it more than Ronaldo

(Dewsbury , 2017-07-14)


He deserves it

(Derby, 2017-07-14)


I'd love to see little Bradley lowery on the front cover, he deserves it

(Rhyl, 2017-07-14)


Bradley is a source of inspiration for everybody. He was such a wonderful kid and it's very hard to accept that he is not with us anymore. Love you, Bradley!

(Ploiesti, 2017-07-14)


Everybody sign this petition to remember this little man

(Southampton, 2017-07-14)


He deserves to be on the from cover

(Asmara, 2017-07-15)


He deserves this

(Norcross , 2017-07-15)


He deserves the respect to be on the cover of FIFA 18 no one should have to die that young

(Hammond, 2017-07-15)


This little boy has changed my life - I've never met him but he has had a profound effect on me. I believe he was an actual angel sent down to earth. Never to be forgotten. RIP little munchkin xxxx

(Solihull, 2017-07-15)


Brave boy and inspiration to the world. R.I.P Bradley your heavens angel now

(Gateshead, 2017-07-15)


Bradley Lowery is a Football Legend!
With love from all Huddersfield Town fans.

(Knottingley, 2017-07-16)


I'm signing because Bradley deserves to be there.

(Enugu, 2017-07-16)


It would be a brilliant way to honour him

(Norfolk, 2017-07-17)


To honour Bradley

(Shrewsbury , 2017-07-18)


Should be remembered everywhere what better way

(Telford, 2017-07-18)


Bradley Lowery was a legend r.i.p little man

(london, 2017-07-18)


I want this to happen

(Dublin, 2017-07-18)


I would buy this anyday and it needs to happens

(Derbyshire, 2017-07-18)


We are sending our condolences to you we will love it when the game comes out as it will bring people all over the world together

(Glasgow, 2017-07-18)


Everyone should sign this petition this little boy deserves it, he is a bright boy a true warrior and now he has the best bed in heaven R.I.P

(London, 2017-07-19)


He deserves it xxxxxxxx

(Ireland, 2017-07-19)


I think he deserves it he seems Like a lovely kid. R.I.P

(drogheda , 2017-07-19)


THE most inspirational thing iv ever known FIFA to do!!! real touching tribute

(littlehampton, 2017-07-21)


If Bradley Lowery is featured on the next FIFA cover, It would be a great honour for Bradley and something different from your average player. People may also want to buy the game and keep it for sentimental value. Please consider this, Electronic Arts Sports!

(Rotherham, 2017-07-21)


Inspiration & brave little boy

(Hartlepool , 2017-07-22)


I feel that little Bradley deserves it for his amazing goal against Chelsea

(Rustenburg , 2017-07-24)


With this we can support all kids And all people Fighting cancer

(Bánov, 2017-07-24)


I want bradley lowery to be on the front cover of fifi 18 rip bradley

(London, 2017-07-28)


The biy deserves to be in the game as he is a great lad that wilk b saldy missed by many xxx

(Nottinghamshire, 2017-07-30)


Bradley deserves it

(Heredia, 2017-08-06)


Porque Bradly Lower fue un verdadero guerrero

(La Paz, 2017-08-06)


De acuerdo. :D

(Goascorán, 2017-08-07)


I’m signing because I love bradley

(Cádiz , 2017-08-09)


Que Se Haga

(San Bernandino, 2017-08-11)


Por favor Ea Sports este hermoso niño una gran persona se merece mas que cualquier jugador estar en la portada de su próxima entrega todos estaríamos agradecidos y solo QDEP

(Salto Uruguay, 2017-08-13)


This is a pretty cause

(Queretaro , 2017-08-14)


Pongan al pequeño bradley en el fifa para honrar a el y a los demas niños que tienen cancer y haci vivir su conmovedora historia..De antemano muchas gracias

(Zapopan, 2017-08-14)


Put him on the cover!

(Andorra la Vella, 2017-08-15)


because mg this cover

(albacete, 2017-08-16)


tribute to Bradley Lowery

(BArcelona, 2017-08-18)


i am sing in because is very sady.

(zaragoza, 2017-08-19)


Por favor realizen esta portada

(callao, 2017-08-29)


becayse i want to see his story.

(Santo domingo, 2017-10-10)


I was in the internet doing nothing when i saw a video about this kid, this fighter, and it touched me... If EA did this cover, it would be the best cover ever because of his sentimental value and it would be always remembered

(Havana, 2017-10-11)


i want to help

(new york, 2017-10-17)


Bradley was and still is such an inspiration

(Isle of Wight, 2017-11-05)


This brave little man was a true hero and should be honoured even if its only in the uk markets

(Gosport, 2018-05-09)



(London, 2018-05-09)