First of all... you don’t change something that works and has worked since that street was made. 2nd, the money has more important ways it can be spent in this town and 3rd, parallel parking can be a challenge for many, which will cause traffic back up, accidents and overall congestion on the main street in town and 4th it will reduce the number of parking spots along that street, not good for a main business area in this town!!

(Smiths Falls , 2017-12-27)


I really hope it is left as is.. angle paring is perfect fr our downtown core..

(Smiths Falls On. , 2017-12-27)


I am signing because if downtown is changed to parallel parking we will be losing so many parking spots which in turn will turn people away from shopping in our stores on and off of Beckwith street. It's hard enough some days to find parking there now.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


It’s difficult getting out of cars in winter. It’s hard enough to back out I can’t imagine driving.

(Smiths falls, 2017-12-27)


I have lived in area all my life my dad grew up in the town. I work here,I agree the side walks r wide enough and the parking is perfect, there r other things we could do

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


I drive through smiths falls frequently on my way to Ottawa and to visit relatives. Beckwith street has that unique feeling of its heritage that is being lost around the world. Angled parking also makes it easier for those who are new drivers an easier way to park as well as
More flexibility towards vehicles size. I drive a small truck and it's hard to find a parking space big enough for me to fit due to parking spaces being designed f9r compact cars. The angled parking also offers more parking spaces then parallel parking.

(Kingston ont., 2017-12-27)


Nothing needs to be fixed

(Lombardy, 2017-12-27)


1. Nightmare especially during winter with the snow waiting for people to park
2. If must, why not this parking and patios on side streets instead - put effort toward helping build up sides, while keeping traffic flowing on main drag.
3. Would alienate enough people away from downtown

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


I'm constantly going through down town smiths falls. I commute to the city everyday. With confederation bridge being closed, and boat traffic in the summer, we need to keep the downtown core open for the heavy flow of traffic everyday.

(Smiths falls, 2017-12-27)


Why change something that works....there will be no room to park.

(Smiths falls, 2017-12-27)


I wish to keep the angled parking and do not want to impede traffic with parallel parking.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


It is much better parking than parallel and there's tons of room on Beckwith Street. You will only lose business if you do this!

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


I like the parking the what it is and I park a lot in SmithsFalls

(Jasper Ontario, 2017-12-27)


Leave the parking alone....angle...!

(Smiths falls, 2017-12-27)


It is my home town and I have a large family there still. I shop, stay in local hotels, eat in local restaurants, and wish to preserve the home town feel for my children and grandchildren

(CORNWALL, 2017-12-27)


I prefer the angle parking and there is more spots to park this way.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-27)


They have parallel parking in Perth....impossible to climb over the banked snow on the street and unable to open the passenger door especially for the elderly.

(Perth RR5 , 2017-12-27)


Why would you want to change the angle parking? It has been this way forever and should stay the same. All the small towns are redoing their main streets and ruining them (Arnprior, Stittsville to name a few). Leave it.

(Woodlawn, 2017-12-28)


This is a ridiculous idea ‼️

(Smiths Falls ON, 2017-12-28)


I have lived in Smiths Falls 40 of my 60 years. I work here and shop here. The rest of my family lives in Smiths Falls Please don't change the parking. Leave it as it is. Please.

(Lombardy, 2017-12-28)


SF needs to keep angle parking for the many safety reasons already listed. We already have wide enough sidewalks. If a median is put up the middle it will impede snow removal and make it difficult for ambulances to navigate. Also concerned that there seems to be no price tag associated with any of the options. Priorities need to be Confederation bridge and Lombard/Abbott street corner.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-28)


I am signing to protect the angle parking on Beckwith street. The street needs to keep the amount of spaces for customers. Plus the wide street is beautiful and unique to the town. I have been in towns with trees down the middle of the street and they are very crowded and over time look rundown. Let us all fight to keep angle parking and reserve the money to fix other things in this town, like the bridge.

(JASPER, 2017-12-28)


It has worked for years. Keep the heritage of the town alive.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-28)


Like the saying goes.....".don't fix it if it isn't broken" ...WHY change angle parking when it has worked for years !!

(smiths falls, 2017-12-28)


I grew up there and visit my family there frequently. So close to downtown and we loved the size of our street and ease of parking.

(Ancaster , 2017-12-28)


Downtown restructuring will hurt small businesses on our main street and create dangerous conditions.

(Smiths Falls , 2017-12-28)


I am from Smiths Falls and angle parking is unique and associated with this town just like it is in Lindsay where I now live. It’s a trademark don’t lose it.

(Lindsay, 2017-12-28)


I’m signing because I want to keep the angle parking!

(Smiths falls , 2017-12-28)


I'm signing this petition because I feel putting parallel parking on Beckwith street in Smith's Falls will only cause confusion and cause hold ups on an otherwise busy street resulting in more problems.

(Smith's Falls, 2017-12-28)


Our downtown is unique and functional. The angled parking is part of our heritage. Some changes are just a bad idea. And this is one of them. You can revamp the downtown without taking away this functional and unique part of our history. The old saying goes, if it's not broken, don't fix it.

(Smiths Falls , 2017-12-28)


Born and raised in Smiths Falls, my family still lives there and I am there at least once a week. Love the angle parking, very nostalgic and unique.

(Mallorytown , 2017-12-28)


DO NOT CHANGE OUR UNIQUE PARKING change is not always good and some of the changes we have seen and the money spent was not always positive

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-28)


I would like to see the angle parking because it is unique to our town and I believe that parallel parking will create congestion on Beckwith St

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-28)


Our town has many more priorities to deal with like smelly corners with sewer gas and a bridge that needs reopening - stop wasting money and leave well enough alone

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-28)


I'm signing because I believe in heritage. I grew up in Smiths Falls and it is my belief that our forefathers saw something special about having such a beautiful wide street with the angled parking and it has worked for decades so why change it now. It is the best for having parades go through the downtown area.

(Jasper, 2017-12-28)


Smiths Falls is my hometown. Our Main Street has always been unique with angled parking. Keep the small town feeling. Spend money on fixing infrastructure not on superficial cosmetic changes. Angled parking is unique to Smiths Falls.

(Ottawa, 2017-12-28)


i want parking to stay the same

(smiths falls , 2017-12-28)


I'm signing because because people don't walk a block to get to Beckwith Street. And the few parking spots left with parallel parking will be occupied by realtors, bankers and lawyers. Parallel parking will no increase pedestrian traffic on Beckwith Street.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-28)


It'll take away parking spots and I doubt it'll be any safer. As it is people try to pass you when you try to parallel park on our side streets. They pull up to close to your rear end making it very difficult to backup into your spot.

(Smiths Falls , 2017-12-28)


By going to parallel parking we will lose valuable parking spaces and our wide streets

(Jasper, 2017-12-28)


Parallel parking sucks and it will make our main drag less pretty

(Smiths falls, 2017-12-28)


Keep angle parking on Beckwith St.,

(Smiths Falls ON, 2017-12-28)


This is bullshit

(Smiths fal, 2017-12-28)


i want angle parking to be left the way it. i believe it will cause people to shop elsewhere where it is easier to park. Like out of town.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-28)


angle parking makes more sense

(Smiths Falld, 2017-12-28)


I'm signing because I strongly believe in the benefits of keeping angled parking.

(Perth, 2017-12-28)


I like smiths falls keeping some heritage aspects.

(Jasper, 2017-12-28)


I grew up in Smith Falls and still visit and angle parking always seemed practical and a tradition here and you can park more vehicles

(Orleans, 2017-12-28)


More spaces for shoppers to support downtown stores and access vehicles safely.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-29)


I am a former owner of a business in Perth where parking was an issue. Accessibility during the winter months is an issue in Perth not in Smiths Falls. I would suggest that Smiths Falls maintain its uniqueness and focus on building from what it has, and not what it doesn't have. Keep the parking as is, it will come back to be an issue if you make the change.

(Lombardy, 2017-12-29)


I want to see the uniqueness of our downtown stay the same!!

(Smiths Falls , 2017-12-29)


I am signing because i like the parking just the way it is

(Smiths falls, 2017-12-29)


There is no valid reason that I can see for changing the parking. If you change to parallel parking, you lose a lot of parking spaces. Then where will people park? The Beckwith St businesses will actually LOSE business because people have to park too far away. It's not broken, so don't try to fix it!

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-29)


We should embrace what makes our town unique. We are not Ottawa or any other town. We are Smiths Falls!

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-29)


With 2 kids parallel parking in the winter is a nightmare. I have to stand in two feet of snow to remove my child safely. Please don't get ride of Angle parking.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-29)


Preserve angle parking

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-29)


There is absolutely nothing wrong with angle parking. If you can’t back out then you shouldn’t have a license. Plus there is more room for more vehicles with angle parking then there is with parallel parking

(Fort mcmurray, 2017-12-29)


my wife can not parallel park

(Jasper, 2017-12-29)


Angled parking provides more parking for our downtown businesses as well as more versatility to our town when having street festivities. I honestly don’t see businesses capitalizing on a larger sidewalk or our town in regards to “street art” or anything like that. To provide as much parking to the businesses that make the downtown a Downtown is the most important aspect for growth.

(Smiths falls, 2017-12-29)


We need to keep angle parking

(Smiths falls , 2017-12-29)


Leave angle parking it’s part of the towns heritage

(Smiths Falls ont, 2017-12-29)


Angel parking makes our town unique and one of a kind.

(Smithsfalls, 2017-12-29)


I am from Smiths Falls and utilize the main street almost every day. To change angle parking would be a travesty.

(SmithsFas, 2017-12-30)


It makes sense

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-30)


Born and raised in Smiths Falls, I like never having to worry about getting in or out of a parking space..

(Garson, , 2017-12-30)


As you can see by the photo, angle parking is SMITHS FALLS. If a bike path is required, put it one street over and let them walk. NO TREES in the middle of the street. LEAVE IT thew way it is now!!!

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-30)


there's less parking spots by changing it and I personally know, myself included, many people who can't parallel park or suck at it!! That's the dumbest things ever! Talk about traffic jams, there are too many elderly in this town. We're not a city! Ugh!

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-31)


Preserve it. Spend tax dollars more effectively.

(Smiths Falls, 2017-12-31)


I can not see where putting a media in the middle of Beckwith St., taking away more parking spots which will hurt the merchants in the downtown. I am parking on Beckwith St. every day with lots of times you have to drive around the block to wait for parking. I think this would be the second change to Smiths Falls Council are doing that the people of Smiths Falls do not see the need for and a complete waste of Money was the Branding. I have not met anyone that understands making that change will ever do for Smiths Falls. The Small Bridge is what is hurting Smiths Falls more than Branding and taking parking off Beckwith Street. In the winter I have seen traffic backed up on Abbott St. past Home Hardware also from Brockville St. to Abbott Street. Traffic on Abbott never happened other than when the bridge was closed for boats. This money could go to fix more sewers & water pipes in town, also to lower the debt which in time will lower water bills and taxes. This will do a lot more than spending money on these things.

(Smiths Falls, 2018-01-01)


I want to keep angel parking. Winter time snowbanks are not removed in a timely will I get my kids in and out of the car?
Cyclists have plenty of trails and side streets they can take they do not need a path right down the main drag! Parallel parking down beckwith is a ridiculous idea and such a waste of tax payers hard earned money!!!!!

(Smith's Falls, 2018-01-01)


I like the angled parking. Parallel parking would reduce parking spaces. Reduced parking means reduced shoppers for downtown. A bicycle path can be created off the main street - perhaps down William to Old Mill Road to the lock or down Market Street towards the Econo Lodge and the river bank. These could connect to The Cataraqui Trail without interrupting vehicle traffic on the main drag. Bicyclists will likely not be carrying bags of merchandise in their backpacks from downtown merchants. Signage of these businesses would make visiting cyclists aware of them for a return car trip. A car that requires adequate parking.
** Smiths Falls is not (yet) a cute, quaint, antique town full of charm and people who are "always" friendly to strangers. Making a stop attractive because it is easy and perhaps reminding the populace to greet strangers with a pleasant and genuinely welcome smile will go a lot further in attracting people to this town than impeding traffic down Beckwith with bicycles and reduced parking spots. I have noticed that the majority of client service personnel are extremely friendly toward their known locals but remain shy, reserved, and stern appearing to strangers. This friendly warmth should extend to ALL clients. ( my pet peeve).

(Smiths Falls Ontario, 2018-01-01)


Its a heritage issue. You dont have the traffic counts to support a change like this. If it aint broke........

(Kanata, 2018-01-02)


You would be taking away an attribute or a type on landmark which is true to your City. Its clearly a heritage issue as well. Is your population booming? You need the road space? This just isn't supported. Spend the dollars fixing your heritage. This is clearly going after infrastructure funding which is good, i get that, but your project is wrong and ill advised. Keep your history.

(University of Waterloo, 2018-01-02)


I believe we should keep our angle parking. It allows for mor people too park. Our sidewalks are wide enough... twice the width of a regular sidewalk. Sounds like only a few would benefit from a wider sidewalk anyway. How many people do we ever have on the street walking anyway. There is more than enough room.

(Smiths Falls, 2018-01-02)


Cause I really did not care one way or the other...cause I enjoy the challenge of parallel parking...until I had to step out into a pile of snow in Perth on the main drag then drag my sorry derrière over the snowbank to safety....that is when I decided I needed to sign the petition to save other people from the same trouble...

(Smiths Falls Ontarip, 2018-01-07)


I want to keep angled parking

(Smiths falls, 2018-01-08)


Is the easiest and safes way to get in and out of the car. Especially in the winter .people with little ones or older adults have a hard enough time without being pinned by snow banks.

(Lombardy, 2018-01-08)


My Mother lives and her and I shop here when I am in town.

(Brantford , 2018-01-08)


I am a resident of Montague twp but I frequent smiths falls everyday. The parking is bad and traffic is horriable smiths falls needs to fix the bridge to help

(Smith's falls Ontario , 2018-01-08)


I like the angle parking spaces and feel comfortable with them.

(Smiths Falls, 2018-01-08)


I’m there everyday and I think the angle parking is better

(Merrickville , 2018-01-08)


I do not think that parallel parking is the answer we will lose too many parking spaces. for every 2 angle it will make 1 parallel.

(Smiths Falls, 2018-01-08)


Do not want the parking changed on Beckwith Street !!!

(Smith's Falls, 2018-01-08)


Parking in smith falls is easier on angle you can see traffic easier , park more cars in down town, please don’t change this

(Perth , 2018-01-08)


I believe the angle parking in downtown Smiths Falls should stay that way.

(Smiths Falls ON, 2018-01-08)


It is only going to make it harder to get in and out of parking

(lombardy, 2018-01-08)