Justice for the 'Dog with no Name'



This picture makes my blood boil. No living creature should be treated like this.

Sheila McCallum (Durban, 2018-05-04)


I can't stand animal cruelty. An animal should never suffer like this

Shevaun Wheeler (Durban, 2018-05-04)


No animal deserves this treatment!!! I hope justice is served to this owner!

Nicolle Kirk (Durban, 2018-05-04)


Speaking for those who can’t speak themselves

Steph Dunstone (Durban , 2018-05-04)


I love animals and hate those who hurt them. Anyone hurting any type of animal should be fined or imprisoned

Monique van Schalkwyk (Durban, 2018-05-04)



Pauline Dawson (Durban, 2018-05-04)


I want justice for this poor baby

Kaish Ramdaw (Durban , 2018-05-04)


I hate cruelty and abuse to animals
And justice for the dog with no name whom has died...

Shereen Khan (Durban, 2018-05-04)


Anybody who harms an animal should be severely punished!

Tamara Chambi (Durban, 2018-05-04)


I love animals, and i believe that cruelty to animals should have thr same consequences as cruetly to humans...if not, more severe. Animals only love and can't speak pain...we need to be their voice.

Sashleen Naidoo (Durban, 2018-05-04)


These scumbags need to pay!

Sash Naicker (Durban, 2018-05-04)


This is cruelty beyond belief. To think that the owners watched as this dog suffered to the end is beyond my comprehension and the owners should definitely get the maximum sentence.

Bernadine Everett (Bluff, Durban, 2018-05-04)


All life is important and people who abuse and hurt animals need to know that they are not above the law..We need to be the voice for animals as they are dependent on us.

Rachel Benjie (Durban, 2018-05-04)


I’m absolutely horrified that this poor dog had to suffer.

Lesley Ferreira (Durban , 2018-05-04)


This cause is very close to my heart

Lucy Erasmus (Durban North , 2018-05-04)


I’m am signing because I’m sick an tired of humans abusing animals!!

Anura Nandlal (Durban , 2018-05-04)


If we don't speak up for them now, then who will and when?

Kerishka Karan (Durban, 2018-05-04)


I am an animal lover and I find cruelty to them appalling!

Tlotlo Diakanyo (Bloemfontein , 2018-05-04)


This is disgusting and the owner in questions needs to pay the price

Symone Robinson (Johannesburg , 2018-05-04)


I’m singing because the dog deserves justice and deserved a carefree life unlike what those shitheads gave it.

Olivia Nealon (Durban, 2018-05-04)


I LOVE animals and NO animal should be treated like that. They all deserve to have a happy warm loving life!!!

Tracey Venter (Durban, 2018-05-04)


I hate cruelty to animals

Pavashnee Padayachi (Durban, 2018-05-04)


i am outraged by the despicable, willful actions of the owner. Surely this must be a psycopath? Put her in jail!!!

Caroline Smith (Durban, 2018-05-04)


There needs to be zero tolerance against animal cruelty. Animals have rights as well and need to respected and cared for as you would respect and care for your own family.

Jade Prithepaul (Durban, 2018-05-04)


I LOVE animals and especially dogs. This is extremely heartbreaking as i am a dog owner and would never dream of treating my own or anyone elses pet this way. Each day the abuse and neglect of pets are increasing and I hope by signing this partition that the voices of these amazing and beautiful souls are heard. God bless them and may their precious souls Rest In Peace.

Sharren Peter (Durban, 2018-05-04)


This makes me extremely angry. What's wrong with people, how can they be this cruel.

Aneesa Seedat (Durban, 2018-05-04)


Absolutely shocking!! i hope justice can be served

Tara Baxter (Durban, 2018-05-04)


The bastard who did this to the dog must be punished

Akshar Authar (Durban, 2018-05-04)


The suffering of defendless animals must stop RIP poor baby im totally heartbrokken

Susan Bronkhorst (Boksburg, 2018-05-04)


Because this cruelty needs to end. If you cant take care of a dog give it away to someone who actually can. Dogs are mans best friend yet people treat them like thrash. Absolutely disgusted at this article, I do hope some justice is served for this poor dog and many other. My heart goes out to them. Please stop!

Serisha Sewpersad (Durban, 2018-05-04)


All animals should be protected. Crimes against them should not be allowed.

Stephanie Mundy (Durban, 2018-05-04)


This kind of cruelty cannot be tolerated and the owner must be punished and banned from owning any animals in future!!!!

Genevieve Ellis (Durban , 2018-05-04)


The perpetrator needs to be punished and an example needs to be set. No animal should suffer like this!

Kiran Gopal (Umhlanga, 2018-05-04)


Because I hate animal cruelty

Brandon Padayachee (Durban , 2018-05-04)


I want to be the voice for the voiceless. We need to put the culprits behind bars. They cannot abuse animals and walk the streets as if it's ok

Danell Govender (Durban, 2018-05-04)


This is horrific!! The person/s responsible must be punished!! and must never be allowed to own another animal - EVER!!

Wendy Allison (Durban, 2018-05-04)


Disgusting human beings

Alison Wixley (Durban, 2018-05-04)


I'm signing as animals have no voice

Stephenie Darling (Durban , 2018-05-04)


I'm signing because animals need someone to speak for them. Murderers like the person that abused this dog need to be held accountable and receive a just sentence and punishment.

Priya Naidoo (Durban, 2018-05-04)


We are the are their only voice

Tenisha Naidoo (Johannesburg , 2018-05-04)


I am tired of reading about inhumane treatment of animals and no-one being held responsible. it is time to change...



These kinds of horrific acts of cruelty must be stopped.

Jason Georgiades (Tenterden, 2018-05-04)


Cruelty to animals must have more severe consequences. This is murder

Adrian Naidoo (Durban, 2018-05-04)


This is a disgrace!

Carol Dillon (Durban, 2018-05-04)


How can be humans so cruel

Abeer Wasim (Durban , 2018-05-04)


I want justice for all dogs suffering by hands of humans.

Amanda Benade (Durban , 2018-05-04)


Animal abusers must be charged for their crimes

Belinda Du Plessis (Durban, 2018-05-04)


The voiceless need to be protected. They us to stand up and fight for their protection.

Linda Inward (Pietermaritzburg, 2018-05-04)


People should take responsibility for animals! If you choose to contain an animal it cannot look for food, water or shelter - it becomes your job!

Suzanne van Hoven (Pretoria, 2018-05-04)


We need justice for this precious soul!

Vanessa Franks (Durban , 2018-05-04)


I am against animal cruelty.

Kritasha Pillay (Durban, 2018-05-04)


Humans need to know that animals have rights too!

Shelene Mohanlall (Durban , 2018-05-04)


I am beyond furious that any one could do this to a living creature. My heart breaks for this beautiful dog. Just know that the wheel turns.



This is horrendous!

Mark Dand (Durban, 2018-05-04)


No brainer

Alison Shepherd (Durban, 2018-05-04)


It's about time owners start taking response their pets and need to see shown the consequences are real.

Karmil Govender (Durban, 2018-05-04)


Its appalling

Pauline Boulind (Durban, 2018-05-04)


This is so sad. I truly hope this goes to court and the person who did this is dealt the punishment he deserves

Linda Dewet (Westville, 2018-05-04)


Only considerable prison time can even begin to bring justice for this kind of cruelty.

Catherine Clarke (Durban , 2018-05-04)


We need to speak up for those without a voice.

Caitlin Perkins (Durban, 2018-05-04)


Cruelty needs to end and people need to know that there are consequences for their actions

Kuvanya Naidoo (Durban , 2018-05-04)


I hate cruelty to poor innocent animals

Stacy Gyanath (Durban, 2018-05-04)


Justice must be sought for dogs with no names. The stop to animal cruelty is near.

Trivania Naidoo (Durban, 2018-05-04)


I detest and hate any form of Animal Abuse

Karen van der Berg (Durban, 2018-05-04)


This happens all the time.. you are a murderer if you can do this to a breathing furbaby. We must follow Europe on how they treat their pets and rules and penalties etc. So sad!!!

Charlotte Van derwalt (Durban, 2018-05-04)


I’m an animal lover! We have 6 furbabies, 4 of which are rescues. They ask for nothing but love. Life would not be the same without them as their love to us is unconditional. No animal deserves to be starved and neglected while their owner’s tummy is full! RIP “Dog with no name” sorry you were so neglected and suffered so much. You are now safe in the arms of our Lord and Saviour, your creator ❤️

Janet Nel (Durban , 2018-05-04)


Animals cant speak for themselves.

Rina Goossens (Krugersdorp, 2018-05-04)


All life matters!

Shavani Bissoon (Durban, 2018-05-04)


This is appalling. The owners should be charged and prosecuted. You don’t need 500??

Jane Bourne (Abu Dhabi , 2018-05-04)


I can't stand cruelty to animals.

Sally John (Durban, 2018-05-04)


I want this rotten waste of human flesh to be brought to book for this!

Margaux Theron (Durban, 2018-05-04)


Tired of animals being abused.

Amanda Bodenstein (Durban, 2018-05-04)


I love animals and this is just horrible

Deborah Staphorst (Durban, 2018-05-04)


I hate animal cruelty

Joeash Govender (Durban, 2018-05-04)


This is cruelty in the most evil format they could have surrendered the poor dog. They must be prosecuted please.

Glynis Cohen (Scottburgh, 2018-05-04)


I'm signing this because the owner needs to be imprisoned for the inhumane treatment of this beautiful little animal. As well as to help send a message out there as to what may happen to others if they behave in this pathetic way!

Ronelle Mari (Durban, 2018-05-04)


Cruelty must be punished

Juanita Reuben (Durban, 2018-05-04)


This vile disgusting lowlife must be punished for this horrific abuse
This poor doggy suffered horrendously
Hope you rot in jail you scum

Diane Bester (Durban, 2018-05-04)


Animal abuse is unacceptable!!! Need to have stricter laws to hold people accountable

Tarryn Oldewage (Durban, 2018-05-04)


It's a disgrace that a person can watch their dog starving to death and not do anything about it. The owner deserves the same punishment. Tied up and left in the sun to starve to death. BASTARD

Brenda Phelps (Durban, 2018-05-04)


I hate cruelty towards animals! They should never suffer at the hands of cruel humans!

Nicky Antonizzi (Durban, 2018-05-04)