Sign this petition to allow Makeup Artists to play music in their live video!!



I am a makeup artist who goes live and is scared to play music because it will get deleted

Tiesha Simmons (Slidell, 2018-09-04)


MAkeup Artist follow with the music and it helps with there dead air when they are focused on something with their makeup

Ynobe Hill Cummings (Murfreesboro , 2018-09-04)


Makeup artists should be able to play music during lives

Rachael Williams-Cooper (Philadelphia, 2018-09-04)


Removing videos for background music is dumb

Sarah Bear (Sacramento, 2018-09-04)


We shouldn't have our videos taken down cause we play music. Other people are on here smoking pot but we as artist can't play some music in the back ground? Please

Stephanie Frances (West Blocton, 2018-09-04)


Because I think the MUA should be able to play music as part of their live tutorial.

Echelle Bates (Kenner, 2018-09-05)


Im signing because I am a MUA and Facebook creator. Music is a part of the culture and it allows creativity to flow during the live videos. It’s entertaining and completely fitting.

Kimberly Chappell Mua (Kansas City , 2018-09-05)


Bc I feel people should bee able to play music in the background while doing makeup videos I mean who are they hurting?!

Melissa Spellen (Brockway , 2018-09-05)


I'm an upcoming makeup artist and I agree with this message

Adrianna Benton (New York New York, 2018-09-05)


I am an MUA that goes live and would like to use music for entertainment

Claudia Starr (Dallas, 2018-09-05)


It’s ridiculous to get blocked and muted even when I do state I don’t own the rights to the songs ..the makeup community uses music for entertainment purposes only and to help us as we do our makeup ..this is our therapy and our way of building our business

Antoinette White (Pensacola , 2018-09-05)


Live makeup tutorials are part information and part entertainment. MUA'S should be allowed to play music as part of their live tutorials.

Demetria Montgomery (Hazel Green, 2018-09-05)


They should be able to listen to music that helps them in their craft

Tashecia Dumas (Rockingham , 2018-09-05)


I support this petiton

Lia Allen (Kansas City, 2018-09-05)


Someone's hard work shouldn't be taken down just because of a stupid song

Lia Hollenbeck (Herndon , 2018-09-05)


I think it's dumb for Facebook to delete videos of woman doing there makeup while listening to makeup in the background.

Kate Mcdonald (Malone, 2018-09-05)


Because it’s truly boring doing my makeup on live in silence

Yemi Taylor (Binghamton , 2018-09-05)


I am a fellow MUA! Musics sets the tone for the viewers and the live. Helps with the entertainment portion.

Sharda Macon (Stockton, 2018-09-05)


I'm signing because music adds to the enjoyment, it's calming, and entertaining.

Sabrie Wiggins-Rose (Waldorf , 2018-09-05)


I’m signing because I like to know the music my make-up artists like to listen to and there is no harm in them playing music they do not claim any rights to to entertain us while doing make-up. It just makes the experience fun. If anything, it promotes artists.

D Anne Coleman (Clifton Forge, 2018-09-05)


tired of my lives being deleted bc of music . it’s free music & im not making $ from it .

Alissa Victoria (grenada, 2018-09-05)


I think makeup artists should be able to play music in there live videos. I also do live videos and would like to listen to music while I'm doing my makeup. Thank you.

Andrea Crum (Chapmanville WV, 2018-09-05)


Athena !!! Music makes it better

Sheila Mawejje (Purley, 2018-09-05)


I am a make artist and I’m tired of getting booted and muted!!!

Shermanetta Sellers (Montgomery , 2018-09-05)


I love too hear music while i do my makeup.

Laneah Solomon (Kansas city , 2018-09-05)


I am a make up artist and would like music playing in my background

Sunny Wilson ( Vegas , 2018-09-05)


I am a makeup artist and I son t go live for this very reason. We should be allowed to use music. We ve already purchased it thru streaming so it shouldn t be any copyright issues. We work hard and this is one of our platforms and it s frustrating and not fair.

Ebony Williams (Columbus, 2018-09-05)


I would love to be able to play music without being kicked off every time I stream

Stephanie Nicole (Center, 2018-09-05)


I agree wholeheartedly! I pay for my music every month! There is no reason I should not be able to listen to the music I purchased for my entertainment. This is so ridiculous!!

Jordan Kope (Saint Louis, 2018-09-05)


I think the MUA’s should be allowed to play music during their live presentations. It gives airtime to the musical artist (they should acknowledge that they have no rights to the music but using it for enjoyment) and it adds to the MUA’s presentation! These presentations are not videotaped and sold fir profit but merely shared on Facebook for others to view later. This is an appealing plus to your sight. Someone of us send more time on to watch the lives. Perhaps you could partner with some companies and encourage them to do more lives.

Renee Woods (Chattanooga , 2018-09-05)


I’m an mua who listens to music

Sholanda Davis (Huntsville, AL, 2018-09-05)


My daughter, relatives, and friends are Make-Up Artists.

Elizabeth Ingram (Rockingham , 2018-09-05)


It’s frustrating that we can’t play music we have paid for

Sonia Henriques (Maple , 2018-09-05)


I go live and it’s soooo frustrating when I’m not on here to promote music, but to show my talent while listen to my favorite music in the background. Please make it stop!!!!!

Courtney Flakes (Fort Worth , 2018-09-05)


Because my live always get muted or deleted.

Mika Grady (Indianpolis, 2018-09-05)


As Long If Its Clean Version Music.

Justine Williams (Miami, 2018-09-05)


I’m a makeup artist and I enjoy music. It’s something I do when I’m doing makeup all the time. It’s unfair that I can’t play my music and frankly ridiculous. Playing music is basically free promotion for an artist but they don’t see it like that

Bree Davis (Spartanburg, 2018-09-05)


I would like to see makeup artists play music in their back grounds

Ebony Curlee (Robertsdale , 2018-09-05)


I feel MUA should have the right to enhance their craft Nd showcase it to their potential clients with music. People love music and are not trying to steal it.

Carlos Steele (Dallas, 2018-09-05)


I understand copyright laws but no one doing the tutorials are claiming that they own rights to the music, in fact it's usually the opposite being posted in the live title.

Sarah Betts (Deer Isle, 2018-09-05)


I’m signing this because this should not be a problem and I’m sure the artist doesn’t have a problem with it

Lashondra Skinner (Memphis, 2018-09-05)


If My Friend Who Go Live Daily And Videos Get Cut Or Blocked Even Using The Disclaimers

Ziyah Brown (Kansas City , 2018-09-05)


I believe that makeup artist such as myself should be able to use music in their videos.

Tieshia Hall (Hi hat , 2018-09-05)


I’m make up artist who would really appreciate playing music for entertainment purposes

Makeila White (New Providence , 2018-09-05)


We make disclaimers that the music don’t belong to us. The music is only entertainment

Shatasha Jones (Nashville , 2018-09-05)


I totally agree with the MUA's. It sets a mood for the live and gives background noise to jam to.

Risse Devine (Inkster, 2018-09-05)


Because I support them in everything that they are doing and its nothing wrong with playing music

Renee Burns Bell (Caldwell Texas, 2018-09-05)


Sue wallace

Sue Wallace (Detroit , 2018-09-05)


I'm signing this because we need to play music in background it's like a mediation for is to give with.

Amanda Foster (Eastpointe, 2018-09-05)


It’s boring to watch a live video with no sound in the background. Yes the artists do talk but they are also concentrating on their canvas.

Amanda Brown (Norcross , 2018-09-05)


We em listen to music while doing our makeup and then you delete or videos

Kya Hammock (Minot, 2018-09-05)


It’s annoying watching lives and it either shuts off because of some music no one is actually listening too but listen to it for background music and if the live gets a bit boring, we can post IG stories w music atleast if it’s such a big deal have something we can tag the music we were listening to on the post somehow

Aja Cassidy (Steubenville , 2018-09-05)


I’m siSigning this petition because I believe that make up artist should be allowed to play music during their live videos. Make up artists are not selling the music they are providing an educational experience to viewers. The music is only being used for entertainment purposes.

Tiffany Walter (Del Rio , 2018-09-05)


Because i watch these lives and its ridiculous how facebook cuts off the videos in the middle or mutes the videos. Oh Abbi is one of the ladies i watch most and shes always getting kocked off because of this. Its crap.

Adrienne Nance (Phenix city, 2018-09-05)


We should be allowed to play music in the background

Barbee Trammell (Roundrock, 2018-09-05)


I’m signing because I don’t see a problem with music in lives. It fills the silence and portrays the mood.

Chelsea Jenness (Rothschild, 2018-09-06)


This is what is needed for the videos

Erica Brisco (Sacramento , 2018-09-06)


Because why can't you enjoy music while you're doing your makeup

Taina Baerga (Pontiac, 2018-09-06)


It’s not like it’s hurting anyone and it helps with the ambiance!

Regena Valles (Sacramento , 2018-09-06)


im signing because I go live everyday to do makeup looks and I would love to play music but its so hard because you get restricted or they just shut yohr live video down

eboni booker (lansdowne , 2018-09-06)


I am a makeup artist who does tutorials and live videos and having my videos ended not only hurt my viewers but it hurts my business as well

Mia Frison (Birmingham , 2018-09-06)


We should be able to play music that we buy

Kimberly Chapman (Winston-Salem , 2018-09-06)


Im apart of Beauty Industry

Derica Gaston (Winston-Salem, 2018-09-06)


Music can and does feed the soul to create

Michelle Harris (FORT WAYNE, 2018-09-06)


Music is motivation.......

janice durham (city, 2018-09-06)


I Am one of these aspiring mua.

Deb McGillick (Somerset , 2018-09-06)


I love to play music on my lives as well

Desiree Davis (Rockford, 2018-09-06)


I think MUAs should be allowed to go live playing music without it being interrupted ... we clearly mark our captions "Do not own the right to music playing" so obvuwe are not copywriting anyone

Andrea Brown (Las Vegas , 2018-09-06)


Makeup artist should be able to play music while they are on live

Timandra Cheatham (Memphis , 2018-09-06)


I am a makeup artist an i understand all of what it is to have music playing an then facebook decides to take it down music is a part of mediating an hiw peoe connect with others .

Halley Greer (Garland, 2018-09-06)


Doing makeup on live with no music is boring and getting blocked with hundreds of viewers is devastating.

Alicia Turner (Indian head, 2018-09-06)


It hurts nobody.

Steffie Sissoko (Lawrence, 2018-09-06)


Im a mua

Meshawnn Ford (Saint Paul, 2018-09-06)


Im a makeup artist who has been shut down several times even when i have stated i do not own the rights.....but yet i can go perform in a show with no disclosure and the videos are still up!

Roxianna Ditmore (Dallas, 2018-09-06)


Not being able to play music in lives is absolutely ridiculous!! It’s calming and we all know no one is trying to steal the rights to the damn music.

Vanessa Alcocer (New Boston , 2018-09-06)


I want o be able to play music freely on lives

Tiffany Johnson (Center, 2018-09-06)


It's their right to listen to music while they working. It's not hurting anyone.

Christi Griffin (Alexandria, 2018-09-06)


I am tired of people having their videos taken down due to background music. This is people’s work and if it isn’t offending then it should be fine

Sue Watson (Brighton, 2018-09-06)


I wanna play my tunes I PAID FOR

Denver Williams (London , 2018-09-06)


Some can not watch a whole live. So we go back for the #replay that isn't there anymore.
Banning music is wrong on so many levels.

Essie Lownsbery (Gillette , 2018-09-06)


I am a MUA and love to have music in the background for relaxing and creativity!

Heidi Carvalho (Gilbert, 2018-09-06)


I love watching all my muas live they should be able to play music

Taunya Vanstraten (Menasha, 2018-09-06)


This is just another form of censorship.



I am singing because I agree with the author of thr petition.

Michelle Ramirez (Yuba City, 2018-09-06)


I honestly don’t see what’s the big deal of these girls playing music while being live their doing nothing wrong by listening to it

Wendy Luna (Los Angeles, 2018-09-07)


I think we should be able to play our music with out our videos being deleted

Alexis Butler (Sandy, 2018-09-07)


I'm signing because I have a great friend who does the same thing. She is amazing at what she does and should be allowed to continue to do so without her vidoes being taken down because of the music.

Amanda Grulich (Fort Worth, 2018-09-07)

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