Justice for Mary Hoage!



Mary is my favorite Kwik Shop employee

Sean Medcalf (LINCOLN, 2018-11-10)


Mary is the bright spot in everyones day. Ive been a regular customer at that store for 14 yrs. In that time, there has never been a more consistantly clean, friendly, and well stocked store, as when Mary Hoage was managing it. She has had a low turnover of staff and everyone shares in her moral. I am shocked and dismayed to hear that she was let go. Let it be known that i stand with the the employees and regular customers of this store to protest her untimely dismissal. Your loss Kwik Shop, i hope you reconsider!!!

Lisa Ruhge (Lincoln, 2018-11-10)


We love Mary!

Sherri PENDERGRAS (LINCOLN, 2018-11-10)


I’m signing this petition due to the inappropriate, inconsiderate, and ILLEGAL actions performed by Mary Baily at Kwik Shop located in Lincoln, Nebraska.
The Hoage family was delivered news that no family wishes to receive nor see a loved one endure. The amount of love, support, and inspiration this family continues to portray during trying times is truly incredible! Justice for Mary Hoage!

Chelsea Derr (Mankato , 2018-11-10)


Not sure why she was fired, but I do know that she does a great job at what she does and I believe there is a wrongful firing here. We need justice,on big corporate.

David Hoage (Lincoln, 2018-11-10)


The firing of Mary is wrong. Mary has turned that store around. She is the reason my family and I go to that store. She will be missed by many people.

Tom Gormley (Lincoln, 2018-11-10)


Because Mary is an awesome person and a great manager-her store is always in great shape and her employees are fantastic. She is already missed. Please bring her back.

Jennifer Varenhorst-Wohlers (Lincoln, 2018-11-10)


Mary was an asset to Kwik Shop. She greeted everyone with a smile. She took the time to get to know her customers and truly cares for them all. Mary worked her butt off for Kwik Shop for over 30 years. Kwik Shop made a terrible decision firing one of their best employees and has lost my business.

Katie Chambers (Lincoln, 2018-11-10)


Mary is one of the sweetest people I know. She cares about her employees and customers. The moral in that store has changed since she became manager . I am devastated about what they have done to her and treated her. Bring Mary Hoage back!!

Holly Pierce (LINCOLN, 2018-11-10)


Mary is one of the reasons that I even go to kwik shop. She is always helpful, she knows her customers needs and their names. She makes you feel important and not just another shopper. I have no doubt that store will lose alot of loyal customers!

Samantha Brakhage (Lincoln, 2018-11-10)


Mary does not deserve this! She's the only reason we go into quik shop! Give her job back!!!!

Ashley Gormley (Lincoln, 2018-11-10)


Mary is always smiling and pleasant ! I have never seen her be anything but helpful and courteous.
I will no longer take my business to Kwik Shop unless Mary is reinstated. This is the only place where I purchase gas and I am in the store often more than once a day.
In my opinion you lost yourself a valuable asset.

Kelly Carter (Lincoln, 2018-11-10)


Mary is one of the reasons i even go into kwik shop, a friendly familiar face who always cares about every individuals day.

Michaelynn Landolt (Lincoln, 2018-11-10)


Really how upsetting wont be going there until this gets fixed

Jordan Michael Collins (Goehner, 2018-11-10)


Mary Hoage is known by the locals as the person who “genuinely cares” about her customers ans staff. I find it hard to believe she was released from her job for poor moral. What a joke!

Cindy Lassek-Mahn Hoage (Lincoln , 2018-11-10)


Mary should be given back her job

Julie Flynn (Lincoln, 2018-11-10)


Mary rocks

Maureen Chambers (Lincoln, 2018-11-10)


Chris Converse

Chris Converse (Waverly , 2018-11-10)


Mary is a wonderful woman and she does not deserve this!!!!

Lauren Galardi (Nebraska City, 2018-11-10)


I’m signing this because I believe Mary Hoage was wrongfully fired! She is one of the hardest working, most caring and fair people I know. She has worked with the public for over three decades and has managed or supervised Kwik Shops in the Lincoln, Ne area for many of those years and has many awards and accolades for her exemplary work ethic.

Diane Wasserman (Paxton , 2018-11-10)


I'm signing because I know as well as everyone who walked into that store that Mary Hoage was a fantastic manager! I believe she was fired because of her pay and not wanting to pay her the amount of money she deserves. She was always such an amazing person and did do her job! I as a former employee know this! Honestly kwik shop didnt deserve her!

Cortney Osmon (Lincoln, 2018-11-11)


I’ve known Mary for 35 years. I worked for Mary at the 48th and Madison Location in Lincoln Nebraska, later I worked for Retail Data Systems and worked with Mary almost weekly supporting Kwik Shops POS equipment. Mary has always been one of the most driven, outgoing, and successful people I have ever met. I have worked for 3M, IBM, and currently work for GE Healthcare, when I am asked about great managers I always mention Mary Hoage.

Mark Wiegert (Lincoln, 2018-11-11)


I am shocked at this news? Been Hoages neighbor for 20yrs Mary is a wonderful person.

Rick Featherstone (Waverly , 2018-11-11)


She makes my day much better! Always listens to me about my problems and cheers me up. The store is the cleanest and employees the best. Greets everyone by name. I will boycott kwik shop and will tell everyone I know. Believe me I work at a huge company very close to there and know many of my coworkers go there!

Teresa Watson (Lincoln, 2018-11-11)


Mary is an amazing upbeat person who is dedicated in all she does

Jenn Black (Omaha , 2018-11-11)


Mary is a wonderful woman and is one of the most up beat people I know

Riley Black (Waverly, 2018-11-11)


I've known Mary for nearly 20 years and I've never know her to be rude to any customer or have poor moral. Her customers love her and her employees love and respect her! I've worked with her as a sales rep for many years and believe this firing is uncalled for and unsubstantiated. Any changes to her overall mood would be due to her husband recently being diagnosed with cancer, but she still gave everything to her customers and the company. The company should be ashamed for letting a manager of Mary's quality go.

Stephanie Mock (Lincoln, 2018-11-11)


That's no way to treat your employees! Much less someone dealing with major health scares! Give her her job back!

Penny Alexander (Lincoln, 2018-11-11)


I’m signing because Mary was the best Manager at Kwik Shop there ever was!!!! She meant so much to me and I’m sure she did to every customer that shopped there. She knew every customer by name and always had a smile on her face. She cared so much about every customer and was always there to help when ever you needed anything!!!! I stand strong for Mary and how dare you Kwik Shop Corparate *******s let this great woman go!!!!!

Melissa Young (Lincoln, 2018-11-11)


This is wrong, period. Best manager/customer service person I've ever met. Only a complete moron would fire her.

Scott Brewer (Lincoln, 2018-11-11)


We will miss her and we will be stopping somewhere else till she’s back

Kristy Cruse (Lincoln , 2018-11-11)


Mary didn't deserve being fired. She's a great woman, a great manager. She knew all of her costumers.

Porsha Holmes (Lincoln, 2018-11-11)


I believe it’s wrong to fire Mary Houge. She deserves a second opportunity.
Stand beside your good employees; not stab them in the back!!

Melissa Hamilton (Lincoln, 2018-11-11)



William Stuefer (Lincoln , 2018-11-12)


I feel it was an unreasonable separation. She is a great manager. Please reconsider.

Bob Odom (Lincoln , 2018-11-12)


Mary's a great caring person.

Becky Zech (Bennet, 2018-11-12)


I'm signing because "Miss Mary" is the kindest, most thoughtful human being this side of the globe! She is everyone's mother, sister, confidant, and friend. My heart is broken for her. We love you Miss Mary!

Maria Owen-Miller (Lincoln, 2018-11-12)


Good people deserve second chances and I’ve never seen this employee have poor moral in the times I’ve been in for coffee or soda.

Danni Savington (Lincoln , 2018-11-12)


She us wonderful person going through some really hard times.

Ruby Chloupek (Lincoln , 2018-11-12)


She is a high school class mates of mine.. No one should have to deal with all the stress of their loved one fighting a deadly disease and also worry about their job.. The company has no compassion for one of their own going through all the struggles with a loved one being ill. I was just there visiting my dad for his birthday and I can tell you that the next time I am up there I will Not stop by kwik trip anymore unless they give her her job back with a apology. I work for a airline company and word of mouth works very well..... I also have a lot of family and friends in Lincoln that I will be telling.them of this story... .. I really wish her and her family the best and they are in our thoughts and prayers...

Jill Hoffman (BEDFORD, 2018-11-12)


I'm signing because Mary was always one of the nicest and most friendly people! While some of the new staff has been off putting it's people like Mary that keep me coming back! All of the ladies at this location have always made me smile and laugh!

DeeJay Johns (Lincoln, 2018-11-13)


Mary knew about everyone's name and she called them by their name as we walked into the store. Mary is the most professional and polite person I have ever seen at this store.

Teresa Weaver (Lincoln, NE, 2018-11-13)


Mary is one of the greatest kwik shop employees! She was always super friendly, why would they fire such a wonderful woman?

Melissa Meinecke Pohlmann (Lincoln , 2018-11-13)


This was not fair to a good employee

Lori Silverstrand (Lincoln, 2018-11-13)


Mary was always there for us. I say US because I know I'm not the only one got comfort and advice from her. Sometimes I would just go in and buy a coffee to say hi because she was a part of my routine. Not that it matters but you wont see me near that place without her.

Levi Ledbetter (Lincoln, 2018-11-13)


I agree

Denise Welch (Lincoln, 2018-11-13)


Mary has been great! She knows all of her regular people by name and always greats us by name! She has also been positive and someone I enjoyed talking to. I am greatly disappointed that she has been fired. It will not be the same without her there! Bring back Mary

Tracey Rosenthal (Wilber, 2018-11-14)


I love Mary!! This is so wrong!! I dont even frequent the store anymore because I moved out of the neighborhood, but will always remember Mary. When I walked into the store, Mary always said, "good morning Micki. Mary is great, she is kind, fun witty, and you could tell everyone loved her!

Micki Wright West Beahr (Lincoln, 2018-11-14)


Mary doesn't deserve to be treated like this !

Eric Romer (Lincoln, 2018-11-14)


Mary Hoage is a wonderful person

Frank Vanderharr (Lincoln, 2018-12-04)

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