Shut down Mclaren Circus, South Africa



I have a passion for animals and don’t believe they should be used and abused for peoples entertainment. Animals should be respected because they can’t always defend themselves.

Stacey Taylor (Johannesburg , 2019-11-16)


I agree with this petition.

Kaylee Oberholster (Johannesburg, 2019-11-16)


Enough is enough David!! Down with McLaren Circus!!

Michaela Minnaar (Johannesburg, 2019-11-17)


Wild animals are not entertainment objects. They need to be left in the wild!

Marionique Adrianzen (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


It’s the 21st century and this exploitation needs to end!!!!!

Krystle Stewien (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


Animals should be free.

Charlene Loock (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


I hate the inhumane treatment given to wild animals for sheer monetary gain. It has to STOP

Glynis Clark (OK, 2019-11-17)


Animals should be living in a natural environment and not in cages for our entertainment.

Carol Fielden (Bryanston, 2019-11-17)


Animals in captivity for human entertainment goes against my moral being

Garrie Wright (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)



Stacey Visser (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


Animal cruelty

Geno Coetzee (Johannesburg, 2019-11-17)


Its disgusting and needs to stop

Candice Clarke (S, 2019-11-17)


Animal abuse

Elani Viljoen (Johannesburg, 2019-11-17)


Those animals need a voice and were never created for our selfish pleasures

Venetia Butler (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


This is animal abuse

Amanda Lourens (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


I’m an animal lover and animals shouldn’t be kept in captivity nor be subjected to cruelty and be made to do things unnatural to them like doing tricks

Alana-Jade Kriel (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


Wild animals belong in the wild and NOT circuses!!

Allison Rice (Bryanston , 2019-11-17)


It's disgusting

Amelda Roux (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


I do not believe in animals being used for entertainment.

Taren Welthagen (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


Stop this torture!

Erica Marais Schoeman (Broadacres, 2019-11-17)


Stop stop stop

Lydia Fiandeiro (Lonehill, 2019-11-17)


Just shut it down all animals deserve to live free

EDWARD Nndwa (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


It is completely unnatural to keep animals in a circus environment and to use them to entertain people in this way.

Karen Armour (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


A circus does NOT need wild animals in it! It is cruel and unfair to those animals who don’t have a voice to speak for themselves

Phallen Carolin (Roodepoort , 2019-11-17)


It's cruelty to animals. They shouldn't have to do this

Craig Goosen (Johannesburg, 2019-11-17)


It just aint right

Graham Miller (Randburg, 2019-11-17)


Wild animals belong in the wild and should not be used to entertain so called humans!

Veronica Whitelock (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


Wild animals should be set free!

Leigh Browne (Brisbane , 2019-11-17)


It’s cruel and unethical and should not be allowed in this modern world we live in. Let the animals free and have a life, we do what we want to so why can’t they !

Nadia Broughton (Johannesburg, 2019-11-17)


Wild animals should not be used for ‘entertainment’. This is extremely cruelty to animals.

Maureen Pike (Mtunzini, 2019-11-17)


The animals deserve to be respected and to be free to live in the wild instead of cages for peoples entertainment.

Mariska Allegretti (Johannesburg, 2019-11-17)


I am signing because lions and tigers and all other animals should be free and in the wild. They are wild animals and should be set free where they are from and belong. Not abused and put in cages for "entertainment" I have thought this from the day I was born and deliberately don't go to circuses which have any form of animals in the acts because I know the cruelty and whipping and abuse it takes to "keep these beautiful animals in line" It is sick, unfair and cruelty!!!! I know that you have to make a living and that the circus is a hard and difficult life and I respect the other acts. Just keep the animals out and the acrobats in and we will respect and support you. Thank you.

Teresa Sheard (Johannesburg, 2019-11-17)


Its cruel

Karin Liebenberg (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


I'm anti animal abuse.

Natasja da Silva (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


I belive that animals should have the right to freedom just as we do.

Jade Kennedy (J9hannesburg, 2019-11-17)


This is digusting

Kirsti Penprase (Fourways, 2019-11-17)


Animals deserve to be free and not kept in cages.

Lisa Smith (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


I don't agree with animals being used in circuses

Artemis Le Roux (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


The treatment of animals in this enviroment is totally inmumane and needs to be stopped!!!

Lindsay Dumbrill (Germiston, 2019-11-17)


No wild animals should have to live in small cages.

Diana Hunt (Johannesburg, 2019-11-17)


animal cruelty

Jonathan Can zyl (Jhb , 2019-11-17)


There's no need for animals to be in a circus for human entertainment

Allan Hill (Jhb, 2019-11-17)


I do not agree with this , it’s cruelty to animals

Angela Saffy (South Africa , 2019-11-17)


Animals do not deserve this. Shit these clowns down!

Kerry De Beer (Johannesburg, 2019-11-17)


I hate the abuse of wild animals.

Louise Schomburg (Gauteng, 2019-11-17)


Animal do not belong in Circuses

Niki Elliott (Johannesburg, 2019-11-17)


The animals deserve a voice, the care they are in is unfair and what they are made to do is sickening for people's enjoyment and money is an absolute shame.

Stacey Morgan (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


This is a very important cause

Karabo Mogadime (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


Its 2019 why are we still abusing animals for our pleasure and enjoyment.. ******* bullshit

Daniel Wessels (Johannesburg, 2019-11-17)


Animal abuse is not acceptable and they should not be caged. I believe that circuses should not be allowed and these animals deserve better. Animals are not for entertainment, they are beautiful animals that should be loved and appreciated.. not abused and shoved in a cage.

Courtney Fraser (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


These animals belong in the WILD. Not caged and used for human entertainment. Selfish, cruel and greedy!!

Kathleen Klarmann (Johannesburg, 2019-11-17)


A circus is cruelty to animald

Shelley Cooper (Kempton Park, 2019-11-17)


It is wrong to have animals in acircu

Maria Martins (Johannesburg, 2019-11-17)


Lions belong in the wild.

Danielle Le Masson (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


Live animals must not be in a circus. Cruel.

Leanne du Preez (Randburg, 2019-11-17)


Animals shouldn’t be in circuses but rather free

Karolina Trojan (Johannesburg, 2019-11-17)


Animals have rights and are not here for human entertainment.

Jenny Ramsay (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


I’m signing because I disagree with how animals are treated in circuses and I want it to stop.

Clare Robertson (Randburg, 2019-11-17)


I'm signing because it's cruel to keep wild animals in a cage.

Ashley Müller (Johannesburg, 2019-11-17)


Animals belong in the wild and in their natural environment.

Ana Flores (Sandton, 2019-11-17)


This is cruel!

Lylani van Lill (Ruwais, 2019-11-17)


I disagree with circuses using animals

Glenn Hocking (Edenvale, 2019-11-17)


Animals are not props to be gawked at they are sentient beings who shouldn’t be exploited.

Alexis Kasravi (Glasgow, 2019-11-17)


This is unacceptable!

Kate Elliot-Murray (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


Caging wild animals and beating them to perform tricks is barbaric and should be stopped immediately and the animals released to a sanctuary

Linda Horsfield (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


This is cruel to animals

Peter Piek (Paarl, 2019-11-17)


This is cruelty to animals. They don’t seem happy at all

Joanne Van vuuren (Fourways , 2019-11-17)


Why is this still happening - these animals need to be released to sanctuaries

Georgina Spiliopoulos (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


This is wild animals that do not belong in a cage

Tanita Luies (Johannesburg, 2019-11-17)


I’m signing because animals do not need to be in a circus in order for it to succeed! Animals belong in the wild where they can roam free and don’t have to endure torture just for them to perform stupid tricks that no one wants to see! #animalfreecircuses

Taylor Pieterse (Cape Town , 2019-11-17)


This is about as old fashion and despicable as a "freak shows" of the 1800s. Time to retire the animals and cease this activity. People need to vote with their feet!!!

Bill slade (salt spring island, 2019-11-17)


Animal abuse is wrong

Josh Singer (Pretoria, 2019-11-17)


I'm signing because animals deserve the right to live a life freely and naturally!

Candice Bottcher (Cape Town, 2019-11-17)


Because I am an inspector at the SPCA and I belive all animals deserve to express their natural behavior in their natural habitat

Jade Nel (Kempton park , 2019-11-17)


This is disturbing

Melissa Bergstedt (Johannesburg , 2019-11-17)


I’m signing because it’s just cruel keeping animals caged for entertainment.

Sandor Oroszi (Linden, 2019-11-17)

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