Signature Campaign to Release Political Prisoners in Bhutan.



Bhutanese Political Prisoners deserves freedom and reunion with their family members.

Ram Bahadur Chhetri (The Hague., 2019-11-23)


Campaigning for unconditional release of political prisoners from Bhutan

Devendra Gautam (Kingswood , 2019-11-24)


It’s already too late to release the Political prisoners in Bhutan 🇧🇹. I have shared in Sunkosh TV & Hamro Chinaree to reach more people and sign the petition.

Jhagen Dhimal (Melbourne, 2019-11-24)


I am signing this because my own kith and kins are languishing in the Bhutanese prison since 1992. Bhutan doesn’t have a rule of law. If she had then the political prisoners of 1992 would have been freed at the time of the establishment of the democratic Bhutan. What are their crimes? They only wanted democracy in Bhutan. Now the time and situation has changed. The very kingship of the country opted for democracy so why are they still languishing in the prison? Do the rulers of Bhutan even know what a Bhuddhism stand for?

Ashok Budathoki (Denver, Colorado , 2019-11-24)


This is modern world and nobody should be in prisons for just having different ideas. Just sharing thoughts about any subject is not the crime. King is self declared leader not come from the majority so he cannot represent people and punish For having ideas different then him.

Ganga Dulal (Harrisburg , 2019-11-24)


Political prisoners in Bhutan are not criminals, they are the activist of freedom.

Khagendra Gautam (Windsor, 2019-11-24)


I fight for human rights

Hem Rizal (Manchester, 2019-11-24)


I hope that, after all these years, you can look generously after this group of prisoners. Please help these prisoners and their relatives.

Ariette Prince (Zoetermeer, 2019-11-24)


I sign this because I want Bhutan not to detain citizens (or foreigners) for their political beliefs, culture, and ethnicity. Let Bhutan be an example of absolute tolerance.

C B Dahal (Wellington, 2019-11-24)


Bhutan simply has no ground to continue to keep them behind bars.

Bishwa Chhetri (Harrisburg , 2019-11-24)


I think it’s human rights demand democracy.

Cm Nirola (Lebanon , 2019-11-24)


To support the Bhutanise refugees.

Sumitra Tamang (Darjeeling, 2019-11-24)


Let all of them get freedom.

Geeta Bastola (Schiedam , 2019-11-24)


Pushpa Chhetri

Pushpa Chhetri (Tennessee , 2019-11-24)


Let them get freedom.

Dasarath Bastola (Schledam , 2019-11-24)


Yes I Support

Hari Sharma (SA, 2019-11-24)


I appeal to the king of Bhutan to release all political prisoners who are our brothers and sisters languishing in Bhutan jail since 1990.

Gopal Gurung (Harderwijk, 2019-11-24)


All people are born free and should let them live free. No one should be imprisoned just for demanding what is theirs.

Partiman Siwa (Ohio, Cincinnati, 2019-11-24)


To release our political prisoners from Bhutan jail & focus for family reunion.

Prakash Gautam (Toronto , 2019-11-24)



Yam Khadka (Doncaster , 2019-11-24)


As I am a strong supporter of the noble mission in respect of the human rights of the Bhutanese refugees spearheaded by Ram Karki.

Arjun Prasad (Siliguri, 2019-11-24)


Some of my friends are in Bhutan’s jail.

Netra prasad Sharma (Nelson, 2019-11-24)



Sanjay Rai (Rochester , 2019-11-24)


We need you to hear us and find in your heart that they are clearly innocent people that was convicted of being arrested. Justice must prevail for the innocent people and let they live rest of their lives with their loved one.

Deodas Chhetri (Nashville TN, 2019-11-24)


Everyone deserve their own country

Dilli Adhikari (Lexington , 2019-11-24)


There is no valid reason to keep innocent people behind the bar. Please relief all the innocent prisoners who are still in the prison.

Tek Kharel (West Springfield , 2019-11-24)


Because they deserve one chance to live n see out of the prison

Amber Tamang (Haslev , 2019-11-24)


Let them release

Kanchi Chhetri (Haslev , 2019-11-24)


Because they deserve one more chance to live outside this beautiful world

Amber Tamang (Haslev, 2019-11-25)



Dhurba Gurung (Næstved, 2019-11-25)


I am signing because I believe that Royal Government of Bhutan upholds democratic values and freedom of speech and expression of people.

Prahlad Dahal (MOOROOBOOL, 2019-11-25)


We hugely respect the hereditary monarchy of Bhutan as well as present semi democracy system in the country.We deeply share our gratitude towards present and past Kings of Bhutan for maintaining unique territory and identity of the Kingdom.
A nation is build or complete only with the availability of certain populations based on international policies as framed by the joint mission of UN member nations.Like wise Bhutan is one of the members of the UN and has huge privileges in many aspects and of them is Human Rights and democracy. Every UN members nation having joined for positive progress must deliver the same spirit of freedom and democracy as enjoyed by other nations and administrators to her population.
It’s very sad that in today’s world of 21st Century of technology and science,many lhotsamoas/southern Bhutanese are still compelled to endure the punishment which is the gross violations of UN norms and regulations.Hence,for their immediate release we are signing this online petition.With huge respect,hope the RGOB would take action soon.We wish all would release soon and get reunion with their concerned family members. May God bless each and everyone in the prison as well as the government and the citizens of Bhutan 🇧🇹 🙏

Suraj Lama (Cincinnati , 2019-11-25)


I'm signing this to give a wholeheartedly solidarity for this great cause.

Garja Gurung (Michigan, 2019-11-25)


I am sighing this for the people who are behind bars for fighting freedom of human rights.

makar gururg (Manchester , 2019-11-25)


My friend told me her brother is there.

Bhakta Darjee (Ørsta , 2019-11-25)


They should be out of jail

Deepak Rai (Næstved, 2019-11-25)


Family member of victims

Devendra Gautam (Kingswood , 2019-11-25)


The political prisoners in Bhutan have been serving the jail sentence for very long time. Now they deserve amnesty from the king.

Durga Giri (Manchester, 2019-11-25)


Because they are our friends
And give Them New life again

Govinda Neoupaney (Haslev, 2019-11-25)


I’m signing this because my best friend is in Bhutan jail

Raj Tiwari (Harrisburg , 2019-11-25)


it's very important to release to political prisoner in kingdom of Bhutan if they appreciate true democracy

karna Udash (new york, 2019-11-25)


They are us and criminals. They fought for us, for human rights.

Bhoj Subba (Nelson, 2019-11-26)


I’m singing because my cousin uncle is in prison in Bhutan.

Damber Neopaney (Woodstock , 2019-11-26)


I’m singing because there are lots of people who have been in prison with out reason.

Parmila Nepal (Pittsburgh , 2019-11-26)


He is my son if you sign in this message we I thing they will release from preasion

Kumar Chhetri (Cairns, 2019-11-26)


I am signing this because I am proud Bhutanese by birth. I want change in Bhutan and help Bhutanese movement for democracy and equality.

Kuber Kuikel (West Springfield , 2019-11-26)


For the release of Nepali speaking Bhutanese who are arrested with any reason and put to jail by the then tyrannical Royal Bhutan regime. I wanted them to be released to rejoin with their family resettled in seven different countries, USA, Canada, UK, Denmark, Norway, Australia, and Netherlands. They need justice who are physically tortured and thrown in jail for life imprisonments.

Krish Dangal (Grand Rapids , 2019-11-26)


Devi sharma

Devi Sharma (Reynoldsburg , 2019-11-26)


For my brother🙏

Tmg Chori (Lethbridge, 2019-11-26)


For my brothers

Hemanta Monger (Lethbridge , 2019-11-26)


For My brothers

Sunita Nijanandi (Lethbridge, 2019-11-26)



AK Bhai (Columbus , 2019-11-26)


The one who are political victims are innocent. They need to be released without any condition ASAP. Everybody have right to raise voice for the sake of country.

Dharmindra Timsina (Etna , 2019-11-26)


I am signing this because of unhuman behaviour shown by Bhutan government. Many my elderly parents had said that they had spent couple of years in the prison of Bhutan, which was very cruel. They had received the mental and physical punishment. Many of them died because of the cruelty. According to my maternal uncles, the Bhote had thrown them into the river after been treated with electric shock and bitten by leather belt. Furthermore, resettlement to a new country is it self challenging and stressful. Even to those who have been spending time without their parents and child have been becoming very stressful journey in the new country.
Therefore, i am joining my hand to hand with people who have been working to fight against to unhuman behaviour of Bhutan. I hope this will definitely solve the issues.

Nagendra Sharma Bhattarai (Sydney, 2019-11-26)



bill bill (london, 2019-11-27)


I support the release of our brothers and sisters from Bhutan Jails.

Chandra Thapa (Zwolle, 2019-11-27)


I Support this campaign.

D Sharma (The Hague, 2019-11-27)


I’m signing because our people are in bhutan jail and they should be out because they are innocent...

Hari Powdyel (Pataskala , 2019-11-27)


Signing to release the innocent political prisoners detained for no reason conditionally.

Prabhu Chimoriya (Harrisburg , 2019-11-27)