STOP Zynga closing Star Wars: Commander



I’m signing because I’ve been playing this game for too many years, spent too much time, energy and resources to develop my base to its current level and enjoy the game immensely. It has created a family of squads for me and my SWC family and friends. Please save this game so many of us have come to love. Thank you for any help you can offer.

Semper fidelis,
Briton (SWC Usernames: DFOG56 and chicken_nuggets)

Briton Beck (Chatan, 2020-03-14)


It’s a great game which is closing due to a lack of good management. Efforts could have reaped significant rewards for the developers.

Duncan Innes (Fraserburgh , 2020-03-14)


I'm signing this because I'm tired of losing things that are fun and challenging. Please keep this game active.

Kyle Burns (Katy, 2020-03-14)


I love playing this game

Mike Piper (Uttoxeter, 2020-03-14)


I have been playing this game since 2014 have spent a sickening amount of money and countless hours playing the game have multiple accounts have brought players to the game and it has been a huge part of my life.

Adrien Moisan (Clearwater , 2020-03-14)


I like playing

Michel Saulnier (Montreal, 2020-03-14)


This game is awesome! Please don’t close it.

William DeWitt (Brighton, 2020-03-14)


I have being playing for over 5 years now and have thoroughly enjoyed the game. I play on a squad with a great group of people and it has become much like a "family".

I would encourage Zynga to please keep the going for the foreseeable future as there are many like myself who enjoy the competition, the game and the people we are associated with.

Thanks and I hope Zynga will re think its decision and keep the game going.

Jacqueline Allan

Jacqueline Allan (Langley, 2020-03-14)


I'm signing because I truly love this game. I've meet some incredible people from all over the world thru SWC. I've put too much time & real money into this game to see it end like this!!! Please reconsider ur decision!!!

James Patty (Aulander , 2020-03-14)


This game is a brotherhood. What other game has players that are committed for almost a decade?

Rodney Earl (Alexander City, 2020-03-14)


This is a great game and I have been playing it for 6 years!

Patrick Horning (Greenwith , 2020-03-14)


I’m signing because I love the game!!

Simon Philipp (Hertfordshire, 2020-03-14)


I really want this game to not get shut down.

Nate McDonald (North Bend, 2020-03-14)


I want to save Star Wars Commander

Bảo Phạm (HoChiMinh city, 2020-03-14)


I dont want loose all money and time used to build a good base in those years it is not fair

José Carlos Dos Santos Junior (São Paulo, 2020-03-14)


Star Wars: Commander has been around for six years, easily making it one of the longest running Star Wars mobile games. It has attracted hundreds of thousands of dedicated warriors to its hallowed halls to enjoy Star Wars: Commander. But most importantly, a wonderful international community has been built around the game. We have enjoyed this game, and generously shown so with our wallets. We have done our best to make this game profitable for Zynga/NaturaMotion. But I don’t feel that ending the game is the owners showing the community that they’re doing their best to be loyal to us and keep us coming. By ending the game so abruptly, or even at all, is a sign of cowardice. It’s not a business tactic, because all it is accomplishing is chasing people away from the company. Star Wars: Commander has a very loyal following, and we do not want a replacement.

Josiah Bennett (Mount Hope, 2020-03-14)


This game has way too big a fan base to just shut it down completely. Too many of us have invested time and/or money into this beloved game. If you don’t have the time, resources, etc to put into maintaining this game then please, I beg you, find someone else out there willing to upkeep it instead! Just don’t abandon us!!


Commander James Ayala.

James Ayala (Corpus Christi, 2020-03-14)


Zynga can eat a DICK!!

Blas Muro (Chandler , 2020-03-14)


I love the game! It has been an incredibly fun time over the past five years, thank you!

Ashley Gulden (New Orleans, 2020-03-14)


Star Wars Commander is my favourite game as it based on Star Wars (my favourite franchise) and it is a shame to see it closing down. I hope that this petition will keep it open

Wade Peters (Kelowna, 2020-03-14)


Please do not kill Star Wars Commander, let it function against a reasonable monthly or annual fee in its basic mode at least. Vested 5 years and big amounts of money into this mother of all games.

Giorgio Athanasiadis (Turku, 2020-03-14)


I invested money in this game.

Michael Price (Wilson, 2020-03-14)


I have played this game for almost 4 years, we have an amazing squad and built worldwide friendships through this game. A lot of time and energy has been invested and there is still a lot of interest in this game!

Empiress Schnupie (Perth, 2020-03-14)


... because I love this game.

Dean Rouh (Rio de Janeiro, 2020-03-14)


It's too soon to bring the guillotine down on this game! Why doesn't Zynga kill Farmville instead, that old, boring, outdated excuse of a game? Nooo, they had to go and kill something that has a massive fanbase instead, something like Star Wars! Why? I'm beginning to think Kathleen Kennedy, JJ Abrams, and Lyin' Rian Johnson own Zynga since they love destroying anything Star Wars.

Daniel Diego (Los Angeles, 2020-03-14)


Keep the game alive!

James Straza (Fairfield, 2020-03-14)


I don’t want game to end, I have years invested intonit

Eric Austin (San Bruno, 2020-03-14)


I love this game and the community we have built around it

John Barnes (Gilbert, 2020-03-14)


I love starwars commander

Tim Hsueh (Pleasanton, 2020-03-14)


The game should go on, over a million user’s, such a let down if it closes

Minesh Patel (Amarillo TX, 2020-03-14)


I’ve played this game for years and don’t want it to end.

Ryan Smiley (Tucson, 2020-03-14)


this IS a community,we have put a LOT of time and effort into building bases aswell as friendships.

Ian Mckay (manchester, 2020-03-14)


Because I want this game to continue.


Sean Clark (Littleton , 2020-03-14)


I’m signing this petition because, like many other players, I have dumped so much time into SWC and I enjoy playing the game as well.

Richard Armento (Denver, 2020-03-14)


I would like to save swc

Shannon Leischner (Washington, 2020-03-14)


This is my favorite mobile game. User name is Scottyshots spent some cash in to it and I've met a squad I'll never forget and always cherish gaming with.

Dylan Cassidy (Dover DE, 2020-03-14)


Star Wars commander is the only mobile game I play, I have invested thousands of hours and thousands of dollars into playing it over most of the past decade

Brooks Wade (Destin, 2020-03-14)


Star Wars commander has a large following and a LARGE number of people who play regularly will be devastated if it is shut down. Some squads have been here since inception and worldwide communities have been forged that will be torn apart.

Mansoor Sikander (Naperville, IL, 2020-03-14)


Protest in Zynga shutting down Star War commander game. Players had no say so in decision making. Company should look for a buyer or allow players to have the option of purchasing the game.

Wayne Wooten (San Diego , 2020-03-14)


I can’t imagine this life without this game

Pi Uyennie (Moreno Valley, 2020-03-14)


Im gutted. You’ve done this the way you have. With no prior notice. Very inconsiderate wen there’s a lot of energy gone into this game and friends have been made. A kick in the nuts.

Paul Angus-wall (Durham, 2020-03-14)


I enjoy playing this game.

Richard Gosztola (Los Angeles, 2020-03-14)


I like many others have grown close to other players in the game. I have made friends for life with some and even met others. I still very much enjoy the game and I am not ready for a huge part of my life to be over.

Felix Salinas (Mesquite , 2020-03-14)


I'm not ready to quit yet

Mark Morrison (Mountlake Terrace , 2020-03-14)


Love this game. I've been playing it for years. First mobile I ever got into and I'd hate to see it go.

Drew Smith (O'Fallon, 2020-03-14)


Because this game is awesome, Star Wars is awesome and popular and there is no reason to cancel the game!

Kory Rice (Silverton, 2020-03-14)


Reconsider your decision to shut down Star Wars Commander

Brian Eovacious (Rutland, 2020-03-14)


I have played this game for 3 years and have built 2 great squads and still play every day cos I love it.... There's nothing out there like it

Darren Picknell (Winchester, 2020-03-14)


This is more than just a game! Please don’t destroy it!

Kate Olin (Mill Valley, 2020-03-14)


I love this game , ive3meet some great people and it has helped me with my mental disorders. Please keep this game alive .

Luis Andrade (Kissimmee , 2020-03-14)


Want to keep playing

Ella Oakley (Adelaide , 2020-03-14)


I don't want this game to be over! A lot of people have spent a lot of money and time on this game, it's just not fair!!!

Daniel Villa (Mexico City, 2020-03-14)


I love playing this game with my squad mates

Matt Schulte (Wichita, 2020-03-14)


I love SW Commander. I have played it for over 4 years now and invested time and money into the game, & really want to see it continue

Alen Lucic (Mudgee , 2020-03-14)


PLEASE do not stop SWC I have been playing for years now.

Reuben Rundle (Houston , 2020-03-14)


Great game, we all have a serious amount of time invested. If you cannot keep game up, sell it to someone who will.

Glenn Lynch (Somerville, 2020-03-14)


because there literally hundreds to thousands who play Starwars commander all over the world. I payed 50 dollars to upgrade the smtt. So you have customers buying your product investing into your product. And money is not good enough anymore. And what we still get the Biggest F*** You Signed the Mouse. That's petty.

Sean Hauger (Omaha, 2020-03-14)


Its a good game
excellent game based on the saga do not remove it improve it to do it please do not remove it

Mario Sempertegui Peña (Cochabamba , 2020-03-14)


I’m signing because I love SWC

忠博 寺師 (FUKUOKA , 2020-03-14)


I want SWC to remain open

Marvin Knoll (Chanute, 2020-03-14)


I believe the developer has a responsibility to the players to make more of an effort to make the game more playable and enjoyable instead of simply decommissioning aka giving up on it.

Mark Siriunas (Oakville , 2020-03-14)


I don't want the game to end

Tim Stone (Moncton N.B., 2020-03-14)


I love this game, I play every day!! Please dont shut it down!! Plz plz plz!!

Tony Richardson (Albuquerque , 2020-03-14)


Please keep this game going. The hours and money myself and others have put in deserves it remains going. Plus the friendships we’ve created deserve it to remain.

Dan Cummins (Yetman, 2020-03-14)


I love this game

usernamebillion Hjlkh (Edmonton, 2020-03-14)


I love This game too much !!! Many players are my friends.

Patrice MARCEL (Saint Joseph, 2020-03-14)


I don't want Zynga to close the game

Phuc Pham Phu (Hai Phong, 2020-03-14)


Hundreds if people and I love this game and we have spent years playing this game and we really do not want to see the game go, can you please consider keeping the game running?

Dustin Jacobson (Minot Afb, 2020-03-14)


I've been playing this game for too long to have it stop now! This is the ONLY game I play. Please keep this game going!

Richard Rodriguez (Houston TX, 2020-03-14)


I think it is an excellent game.
Lots of "friends"
I will be sad to see it go.

Best regards

Ulrik Hansen (Lundeborg , 2020-03-14)


I love the game and would hate to lose this awesome app

Jeremy Edward (Kinistino , 2020-03-14)


I am signing this petition because not too long ago my dad and I started to connect on a game we both loved to play. We really loved the Star Wars aspect and quality of the game. Now that it’s going away I’ve looked into similar games but non can compare in graphics and pure enjoyability.
We loved that with this game we could play a little in the morning, get our dailies done and make our upgrades, then go about the rest of our day doing what we needed and then come that night we could hop back on and finish more upgrades and play heroic defenses. We loved that the game didn’t require constant playing to make progress. It was fun and didn’t consume all of our day. Really sucks that you guys are taking it down after almost 6 years of fun.

Bryan Chappell (Puyallup, 2020-03-14)


It's the only game I've ever TRULY enjoyed it made me a part of something bigger

Justin Maynard (Adelaide , 2020-03-14)


This is total BS people pay hard earned money to play this game and you take it away. It’s not right!

Dave Young (Newcastle upon Tyne , 2020-03-14)


I'm signing this petition cause I really enjoy the game and get to meat different players from all over the world.

Julie Williams (Napanee, 2020-03-14)


I’m a long time player and love Star Wars Commander.

May the Force Be With You.
Giacomo - 1st_ORDER2

Marco Trevisan (Vicenza, 2020-03-14)


Its not fair !!!

John Erotas (Larnaca, 2020-03-14)


I‘m signing because I love this game

Denis Stark (Bobenheim-Roxheim , 2020-03-14)


I really really really love this game and don’t want it to close

Nick Simonson (Munich, 2020-03-14)


Continuez le jeu

Mick Languet (Rouen, 2020-03-14)


Keep SWC going!

Ron Spadafora (Henrico, 2020-03-14)


Official protest:


Markus Bragato (Bad Wildungen, 2020-03-14)


I feel I have been robbed, I've put alot of time and money into this game for it to be taken away without me being able to complete it, it's like ordering your favourite meal then the waiter takes it from you after your first fork full, it would get you riled up.

Christopher Haswell (Sunderland , 2020-03-14)


I'm signing this petition because in five years playing this game or squad has become 16 people who have become an international community sharing jokes and tips and camaraderie. Or squad engages in a wider community against other squads. This game gas also continued the must cherished vision of start wars that millions of fans around the world enjoy. Zynga and Disney have the responsibility to keep that alive and nourished not discontinuing it because it is not making lots of money. Otherwise Zynga and Disney should give its IP and all permissions to an open source community or another game house eeady to continue it.

Ray Pinto (Chantilly, 2020-03-14)


Been playing for years,.. cant believe that was a waste ,love the thrill of ging to war with the clan

Ralf Hamstra (Utrecht, 2020-03-14)


I'm signing because I don't want them to shut down Star Wars Comander.

Colin Godin (Black Hawk , 2020-03-14)


I love Star Wars Commander

Nathan Keys (San Diego, 2020-03-14)


I’m signing because this game shouldn’t get shut down it has been a great game since I’ve first played it and lots of players are heart broken coz of it

Jordan Tingle (Hervey Bay , 2020-03-14)


Love the SWC game, big part of my life and I don't want it to stop

Ade Wakefield (Stroud, 2020-03-14)


Lots of people play this game

Jeff Nutt (Brisbane, 2020-03-14)


Love this game! Please don't shut it down!

Rob Mallu (Gonzales, 2020-03-14)


I'm a proud player who wants to keep playing

Lorcan Lacey (Wexford, 2020-03-14)


Don't close SWC servers.

Davide Di Nolfo (Vasto, 2020-03-14)


It's a fantastic game played by thousands ,I chat to people from all over the world and we work together to improve.our squad other game compares to it at all I e tried them

Paul Mccann (Clydebank, 2020-03-14)


It keeps me alive & well

Duncan Burke (Bristol , 2020-03-14)


Sign star wars comander petition

Aleksandar Petkovic (Dudelange, 2020-03-14)


Please keep this game going it means so much to thousands of fans, I’ve played this game from the very start losing it is a big deal to all. There doesn’t need to be fancy targets and units just keep it alive. Let the SWC community help with a panel of players who can help define new ideas.

Jeff Harris (Portsmouth, 2020-03-14)


I am signing because Zynga are closing an active game down for no other reason than greed. It makes them money but not as much as other games. The money I have spent (I still have credit in the game) will be robbed from me with no compensation. Not to mention the time I and other gamers have taken to build and upgrade our bases over time.

Kevin Spurgeon (Fleet, 2020-03-14)


Great platform to bring star wars fans from all over the world to build a community of gamers. I got people from all over the world and different stories different cultures great way to get to know someone you will never meet

Rob Sargent (Stinnett , 2020-03-14)


I'm signing this petition as this game has help me make friends & feel part of a global family. You have had money from the game now show some respect for the people who have lined your pockets

David Ilett (Houghton Regis, 2020-03-14)


This is an amazing game with a strong, vibrant community. And to just bin that community would be so wrong. It's one of the small handful of decent games on mobile and it shouldn't be taken away. Please reconsider.

Paul Bryson (Belfast, 2020-03-14)


It’s the right thing to do!

Preserve SWC!

Darth Brutus (Melbourne , 2020-03-14)


I love this play, i'm a player every day
In french : depuis plusieurs années je suis un joueur assidu, on a créé un groupe et des liens avec des personnes sur toute la France et au-delà qui sont devenus des amis
Si c'est une question de financement, mettez des pubs pour pérenniser le jeu !!! Vraiment déçu

Pognant-gros Patrick (Pietracorbara , 2020-03-14)

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