Supporting the letter of the Lebanese people to the IMF



Supporting the letter of the Lebanese people to the IMF

Salma Baker Ahdab (Courbevoie, 2020-05-28)


Trust in the authors and conviction in the rightness of every point in the proposal.

Jeanne-Marie Layoun (PARIS, 2020-05-28)


Change has to start now ..

Ahmad Al bawab (Beirut, 2020-05-28)


Adhere a 100%

Shirine Abdallah (Beirut, 2020-05-28)


In the name of humanity and fairness. The voice of the abused people by their government.

Antoine Katbe (New York, 2020-05-28)


No plans, no reforms, no transparency, no money for Lebanese

Nadine Naccache (Beirut , 2020-05-28)


I totally agree with all the terms of this petition.

Farjallah Hayek (Beirut, 2020-05-28)


I’m signing this because I believe that the above reforms and preconditions form the basis from which we can modernize our the state and the way it’s run, assist in the fair distribution of income (and losses), reduce corruption, nepotism and favoritism, and protect our people.

Maya Dada (Beirut , 2020-05-28)


I'm completely agree with your letter. Thank you.

University Medical Specialist, and Writer.

Fadil Hammoud (Paris, 2020-05-28)


This is what true governance should be for new beginnings...

Simone De Chadarévian (Gatineau, 2020-05-29)


The thieves ruling the country for the past 30 years have to arrested and judged. The stolen money has to be returned back!!!
Their abuses of power cannot remain unpunished !!

Michel Nseir (Dubai , 2020-05-29)


Without reform And proper governance , this country is gone for ever!
This is our last chance for recovery...

Bahjat Mirza (Beirut , 2020-05-29)


No more money for the corrupt political class

George Mrad (Beirut , 2020-05-29)


I’m signing because the aforementioned letter provides a clear path to the much needed reforms that mist be tackled before suggesting any economic reform plan.

Louccas Bou Jaoude (Jouret El Ballout, 2020-05-29)


Excellent initiative !

Constantin Salameh (Beirut, 2020-05-29)


I am dreaming of a better Lebanon

Colette Hamawi (Dubai , 2020-05-29)


The politicians holding on to power in this country must understand that they can stand aside and give somebody else a chance to run the country properly in a transparent and better way.
The country has run out of liquidity and cannot breathe anymore because of their past practices.
People are suffocating. Let them take the courageous step of stepping aside peacefully before chaos.

Bassam Tueni (Beirut, 2020-05-29)


Restore Lebanon worldwide.
Improve Economy.
Job opportunities for dignity and to fight poverty .
Respect the citizen .

Nicole Salem Ackaouy (Beirut, 2020-05-29)


I fully subscribe to all these conditions

Fadi Moussalli (Dubai, 2020-05-29)


Lebanon does not deserve getting to this dramatic situation, nor does his citizens.
Any financial aid need to be addressed and focused and in no way given to the political corrupted class that led us to this situation.
We had enough from foreign aids that is not getting to where it is supposed to.

Marcel Mansour (Beirut, 2020-05-29)


We are taken hostage by hizbollah and currier politicians

George Salamoun (Dubai, 2020-05-29)


لا ثقة بالسلطة الحالية ولا ثقة بالتغيير عن طريقها

Adel Adraa (Akkar, 2020-05-29)


I support all the clauses mentioned in this petition.

Rami Jabbour (Jounieh, 2020-05-29)


We do not want any money received to help the people ending up as usual in the pockets and bank accounts of our politicians

Nawal El Meouchi (Bikfaya, 2020-05-29)


No need for IMF or else, without these conditions, because we will be back to same actual status of corruption and mismanagement.

Imad Oueini (Riyadh, 2020-05-29)


The articles of this petition are highly representative of the demands of the majority of the Lebanese

Leila Jaroudi (Beirut, 2020-05-29)


My country needs all these reforms

Hoda Lozi (Beirut, 2020-05-29)

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