please do NOT Delete Small DNA Matches!



Please show support for our African American genealogists and reconsider the planned deletion of small DNA matches!

Melanie J. Rice (Fort Wayne, IN, 2020-07-20)


I would like to see Ancestry take the time to consider the impact this planned deletion will have on many of their customers and seek alternative methods to bolster the identification of distant family connections.

Alaine Kier (N Chelmsford, 2020-07-20)


I have found such matches can be the key to discovering more about my Irish ancestors, their families and descendants. Small matches can be the brickwall buster.

Jean Morgan (Kinver, 2020-07-20)


Many people are working with matches in the 6-7cM range. We know that the reliability of smaller matches is lower than for matches at higher cM, and they have to be viewed with caution, but we also know that some of these matches are correct. Customers of Ancestry should be given the choice whether to view these matches or not - they should not just be taken away.

Iain Layden (Milton Keynes, 2020-07-20)


I have cousins who are people of color, who have trouble researching their families because of forebears being enslaved. Small segments might be all they have.

Robin Grantham (Jacksonville, 2020-07-20)


From my 110 identified shared matches nine 8% are below 8 centimorgans. These lower matches are very useful to me in taking my family tree further back in time. This could be specifically for people who’s Ancestry is in semi Endogamous groups going a very long way back in the UK.

Suzanne Hogarth (London, 2020-07-20)


I have found these smaller matches important to proving my lineage further back. I have only had my DNA results a few months and want the opportunity to explore these matches further.

Kelly Sexton (Boonville, 2020-07-20)


Though I do understand some of these low matches can be false matches, I have found many matches at the 6 cM and 7 cM to be accurate and incredibly helpful espcecially when comparing these with other relatives matches.

I would ask to please allow us to continue to be able to see ALL of our DNA matches and let us decide for ourselves.

Thank you.

Lana Henderson-Lucas (Zimmerman, 2020-07-20)


This is data that has proven to be useful! As more people move their research back in time, even more will rely on these small (but mighty) matches.

Certainly there are other ways to relieve strain on their infrastructure -- for example, limit the size of photos users can attach to identify themselves. I have downloaded groups to a spreadsheet to work with in the absence of Ancestry-provided tools, and the copy-and-paste process can take a very long time, entirely due to the size of images.

Kim Norgren (Albuquerque, 2020-07-20)


We spend so much time (and money) searching for the smallest shred of information, so why erase any?

Cecelia Furman (Holly Springs, 2020-07-20)


I need the data from these matches to work with 16th and 17th century unknown ancestors and these provide clues. I have found value in these.

LeAnn Weller (Los Lunas, 2020-07-20)


In addition to the well said opinions already stated, we PAID for this with the understanding that we had time to contact distant relatives.

Diann Dunn (Pender, 2020-07-20)


I’m signing because I have an adopted African American son and the 6-8 cM segments and necessary to help find his pre-slavery ancestors. It gives us a chance to find his family history.

Clinton Moore (Van Nuys, 2020-07-20)


As an adopted person with no actual personal history to go off of, sometimes going all the way back generations helps to confirm how different families connect. My 4th cousin level is where I have the most luck reconnecting the dots.

Tracy Whitmire (Howell, 2020-07-20)


Aside from these lower matches being helpful in making my tree, I am trying to determine the relationship with people I know from outside of Ancestry. They are distant cousins and we know of each other because of unusual surnames. It would be nice to know if they are actually related. The paper trail has reached the point where it is difficult to obtain records going further back in time.

Leslie Dorschell (Toronto, 2020-07-20)


I find some of the lower cM matches that I have very helpful to my research.

Roberta Robinson (Oshawa, 2020-07-20)


My (adopted) son is African American and has only 16,000 total matches. Because of the disproportionate number of American whites vs. American Blacks in Ancestry’s DNA pool, he has fewer close matches but much more low cM matches. As result he will lose approximately 50% of his matches. This is unfair to Ancestry’s African American paying constituents.

Dawn Moore (Los Angelos, 2020-07-20)


I don't want to lose this valuable information!

Heather Scott (Philadelphia , 2020-07-20)


Well, I am adopted. So even the same cm's could help at some point and time.
Please re-consider.

Maria Capaldi (Levittown, 2020-07-20)


I find a high validity rate in my low cm matches.

Madelaine Judkins (Merrimac, 2020-07-20)


I am a 5th generation Australian looking for my unknown Ancestors in Scotland. I need those matches, however small!

Judy Calder (Kanwal, 2020-07-21)


DNA matches in the 6-7cM range are a significant part of my results yielding several good connections. Unlike some users in the USA I have only 313 "close" DNA matches and 34,974 in total. The cull will remove many existing matches and innumerable future matches.

Julian Smith (Carshalton, 2020-07-21)


I have confirmed 6 cm matches that have helped me break through brick walls. !!

Joe Bissett (Somerset, 2020-07-21)


Whilst the low matches can be misleading, some are invaluable in breaking through brick walls and confirming generational lines. Especially in the UK where we already do not seem to get as many matches as in the US. Please don't reduce our number of matches even further.

Rachel Robinson (Warwick , 2020-07-21)


Because my distance dna matches does help with sorting where some matches go .PLEASE find another solution

Lynette Carter (New Orleans Louisiana , 2020-07-21)


This terrible decision will severely impact my ability to break through brick walls in my tree. Unbelievable decision for a company who touts DNA for genealogy research!

D. Baxter (Ashland, 2020-07-21)


I find many family links with small matches and would miss them if they go!

Yvonne Smith (Christchurch , 2020-07-21)


As a Genetic Genealogist, I’ve not only been a member since 1998 but have purchased dozens of DNA kits (Some for my family and many for others), and lower shared centimorgans can still offer much more than you apparently think. I am concerned that you will be removing an important factor in research as I have numerous instances of matches in which these lower matches did play an important role in proving a distant connection. Proven to not be “noise” by comparing shared matches and common ancestors.
Please do not remove these lower cM matches.

Christi Partee

Christi Partee (Bull Shoals, 2020-07-21)


I feel they have value in determining and confirming ancestors. I don’t want to lose any possible links.

Sheila Hislop (Danbury, Connecticut , 2020-07-21)


I hope the deletion of small cM matches will not happen.

Marsha Sturdivant (Waco, 2020-07-21)


I have found a bunch of important matches with known common ancestors in the 6-7cM range that will be removed. I don't want to lose the opportunity to identify more such matches.

Barry Smith (Palmyra, Pennsylvani, 2020-07-21)


I need every piece of information available. Small leads sometimes make all the difference.

barb Loehrer (Manchester, 2020-07-21)


I live in an area with spotty internet. I have not even been able to access DNA matches this month! We need more time to check or document lower matches.

Brenda Sheets (Lynch Station, VA, 2020-07-21)


I think ALL matches are important

Jason Clary (Citrus Heights, 2020-07-21)


The small matches have been to most useful breaking down brick walls, confirming assumptions, indicating possible avenues for research.
Many smaller matches have ended up being relatively close cousins and they are also very helpful in moving further back in time especially when working 8-10 generations back or more.
A lot of research information will be lost to us if removed

Alison Childs (Wellington , 2020-07-21)


Lower level cm matches are crucial for effective research where records do not exist. They are particularly critical in my Irish research. I understand that many minority groups encounter similar benefit from these matches. Please find another way to relieve your platform strains. Thank you.

Deborah E Huffmyer (Monaca PA , 2020-07-21)


I am African American and very concerned about the loss of this potential valuable data. In the process of saving these matches deemed "small matches or noise" by others I have found 100 percent African, Native American, English, Irish matches.
As a senior, I manage 3 other trees and it is virtually impossible for me to save all matches for each one. At the least provide us with the option to save all for each page.
Think not all users were considered in this drastic move.
More diversity at the decision-making level may prevent future disasters such as this.

Bernadette Weaver (Detroit, 2020-07-21)


I have common ancestors in my 6-7 cm matches. I don’t want to lose them since I am adopted and searching all possibilities. This would be a devastation to all the work I have put in.

Mary Anderson (Brunswick , 2020-07-21)


I have been working on brick walls at the 4th grandparent for years now and all my good clues come from these small matches.

Jennifer Mrazek (Warren, 2020-07-22)


I am trying to connect to relatives on my paternal side, and so far have done this with low Cm of a few. I would hate to loose this ability.

Janet Mickens (Van Buren, 2020-07-22)


Need those small matches to open doors plus I like to keep my messages to go back too

COLEEN Taggart (Uralla , 2020-07-22)


I'm am new, and dont want to lose any data. Will need a learn curve to figure things out.

Janet Kardos (New Smyrna Beach, 2020-07-22)


I don’t want to see all my possible 5th great grandparents descendants to go

Louis Hutchinson (Derbyshire , 2020-07-22)


I'm signing this because the small matches are the ones that could really help someone with their tree!

Beth Burns (Pottstown, 2020-07-22)


I have American African ancestors and I want to be able to research the relationship with them.

Brent Gilligan (Oak Flats, 2020-07-22)


I am devastated than I will no longer have a valuable tool to research my distant grandparents. I have 4th cousins that share 6-7 cms with me. Please reconsider your decision.

june me (melbourne, 2020-07-22)


If they are allowed to delete our low matches now, nothing stops them from deleting higher ones next time. Our DNA, our matches and our money used to pay for the test. Leave it alone Ancestry..

Sheila Hogg (Gloucester, 2020-07-22)


I have just paid my fee for my DNA test...I didn’t pay for less than I was to expect of the results

Beverley Perrey (Elizabeth Vale, 2020-07-22)


I have just sent off my dna test and need all the matches i can get to find my family

John Fox (Croydon, 2020-07-22)


I manage or have access to 15+ kits. I have several brick walls, Inc my surname from 1815. I am finally getting sufficient clues of his possible parents with many 6-7 cM matches. I have been working in this 20+ yrs, an Ancestry mbr of almost 20 yrs, but began using DNA for 4 yrs since July 2016. I need a chromosome browser

Becky Perdue (Dublin, 2020-07-22)


I've had more success with the under 8cM matches than the higher matches in sorting my family history connections.

Rene Borst (Adelaide, 2020-07-22)


they might only be small but I have been able to attach them tree.

Margaret coley (telford, 2020-07-22)


I need my smaller cM matches to solve my brick wall!

Mary Joslin (Knoxville, Tennessee, 2020-07-22)


I believe genealogy is important.

Shawna Krider (Roseville, 2020-07-22)


Most of my big break throughs have been at 6-8cms

Jane Purvis (Windsor, 2020-07-22)


I found two cousin matches in 6cMs cMs last week. If you already got rid of the 6-8, I would have lost my ancestors. A few years back, your company got rid of a lot of people,

Michele Mahler (Ann Arbor, 2020-07-22)


Please do not delete the small matches. That is what I am using to trace my family. I am trying to verify a surname.

I think it is unfair that you continue to ruminate things like matches for the YDNA test to offered and my message folders that I worked hard to find.

Charlotte Hsrrell (Milledgeville, Georgia, 2020-07-22)


I'm trying to verify my paternal line. My now deceased father was told it was a different person. My 6, 7 and 8 cm matches are critical to verifying this. I have verified matches in this range but need to investigate each line.

Lorie Wildman-mackey (Rochester, n.y., 2020-07-22)


I do find connections with less than 8cM matches. Some of these matches may have info that I really need. I also currently am trying to connect 3 large lines of a similar surname & I need every dna match, no matter how small the cM.

Jofreda Mikalson (Spokane, 2020-07-22)


I want to be able to reasearch all myfamilies

linda haupt (KANSAS CITY, 2020-07-22)


We need all searches no matter how big or small

Sharon Molnar (Orange Park, 2020-07-22)


I have been researching for 40+ years. Most of my brickwalls are found at 3rd, 4th and 5th great grandparent level. My Ancestry DNA results have enabled me to confirm a link I had long suspected but which I could not prove with documentation as a baptism had been omitted from a parish register in 1777. The crucial match which finally proved this connection after many years was a 7cM one. Without that one I would still be stuck. I have other examples I could mention of important connections established through 6cM and 7cM matches. Please do not delete these potentially very valuable matches.

Christopher RALPH (WARMINSTER, 2020-07-22)


between 6-7 cm I have 131 matches that have the same ancestors in their tree as me. What about all the other matches that don't have extensive trees or trees at all or maybe just list one of the children or just parents. My guess it would be in the multiple hundreds? The aim of AncestryDNA is to, I quote "provide people with deeply meaningful insights about who they are and where they come from to enrich their lives." You are denying me from doing that.

Brad Tolhurst (Sidney, 2020-07-22)


I'm signing because I think it's wrong to take away the slim chance that black Americans have of finding their ancestors! As for the rest of us we would like the matches to stay for own personal reasons as well. But the impact this will have on the black reseaech community that are trying to find their ancestors at a time when identity's were largely wiped out, will be DEVASTATING!

Please do not delete the smaller cm matches!

Julie Dewyer (Norco, 2020-07-22)


Low Cms can sometimes be the only way for people to connect.

Jean Hislop (Danbury, 2020-07-22)


I need all my DNA matches for researching purposes

Gloria Sierra (Zephyrhills, FL, 2020-07-22)


Most of me is European, but I am finally on the road to being able to confirm that I am tri-racial. The only way I'm have found to do that is through the smaller cm matches. Please do not get rid of them, if your system can't handle the load, give us another solution other than just dumping them. Maybe taking my ball and going somewhere else may free up some space for others.

Dorothy Mersinger (Alvin, 2020-07-22)


Literally ALL of my DNA matches that I’ve been able to trace through the tree that I’ve already made have been 6-8cM matches. While these confirm that the work I’ve done thus far is correct, those other small matches fit into my world somewhere and finding out will really help me trace lines that I haven’t even discovered yet. Please don’t get rid of my small matches!

Melissa Burch (Walden, 2020-07-22)


I those lower cms can really help me find out more about my family

Jadea DeFreitas-Barnes (Brampton , 2020-07-22)


I am new and haven’t had a chance to really delve into this. Please don’t cut me off.

Vicki Trefry (Spokane, 2020-07-22)


I want to keep my small DNA matches!

H. L. Idestrup (Odense M, 2020-07-22)


Blessings Ancestry, I'm signing to request that we are allowed to retain our 6-7 cM matches. Those matches have accurately connected me to the genetic enslavers of my Ancestors all the way back to Colonial Virginia. I also request that a feature button or select all be added that allows a member to add the selected matches by cM to our colored coded group. I currently have over 20k such matches. Having to individually select each match severely impacts my disability as I try to retain the matches to about 20 kits I work with. I am also a long-time paying member. Thank you.

Donna Evans (Laguna Woods, 2020-07-22)


It is important and vital information for all of us, in search of our genealogy!

Jorge Pineiro (Harker Heights , 2020-07-22)


These low cMs are very valuable to me.

Lori Shehow (Marinette, 2020-07-22)


Even small matches can help in a big way. If you know nothing of your family because of being adopted this person could help you find the big picture.

Darla Sprague (Iron River, 2020-07-22)


These smaller CM #s are super important to southern research.

Colleen McCann (Berkeley , 2020-07-22)


I want to keep all DNA matches

Angela Brooks (Suitland , 2020-07-22)


To support the efforts of Black genealogy researchers,

Lynda McCann (Reston, 2020-07-22)


small DNA matches essential to breaking brick walls. Please offer user options to keep small matches.

Kimbely Fraser (OTTAWA, 2020-07-22)


I'm signing since biogeographical results are real and useful. Don't hide data; let customers decide what they want to use. Biogeographical results may be of less importance in the main group of US-customers, but it is important for other groups, which mixtures are less common.

Wim Penninx (Delft, 2020-07-22)


I'm signing because I heavily rely on those distant matches to find the common ancestor in my research. Everyone knows that babies/families were sold to people all over the United States and there is not always a paper trail stating where they ended up. Please, do not delete these matches.

Janice Poole (Augusta, 2020-07-22)


I have found many confirmed matches in the 6-7cMs range so find them invaluable for finding new cousins. Also, my husband has 30 confirmed common ancestor matches in this range, all of which I have checked and all are correct.

Jill Sumbler (Launceston, 2020-07-22)


Please do not delete the low CM matches. I have a number of matches < 8 cm which have proved to be important for my family research, especially if they have trees and are on a line from Slovakia/Russia for which there are few matches.

Charlene Herring (Christchurch, 2020-07-22)


I want complete information and not be ruled by others wants

Vinny Graham (Orlando , 2020-07-22)


I have known 2nd cousins who AncestryDNA shows as sharing 8-10 cMs and a 2nd cousin 1x who only shows up on my sister's results. Based on this, I really hate to think of what I might be losing if this threshold is changed. Additionally, I have access to nine DNA kits and I have not been able to reach the bottom of the list of matches when I filter the 6-7 cM matches.

Suzanne Danet (Glen Head, 2020-07-22)


I fell the small cMs are important in working out our distant matches, especially where we have brick walls and little to no information. Please do not delete them and please keep that avenue of research/matches open for us. Thank you for your consideration.

Bonnie Goller (New Cuyama, California, 2020-07-22)


I just sent My test sample out and then I find this out. I would have never gone with an Ancestry DNA test had I known they would do this. I had tested with other companies and they did not do this. It is hard enough for any of Us to find our relatives, then You do this? I want to know all of My matches, no matter how low the Cm is. Is that not what We are paying You for? Please reconsider this very wrong decision.

Dale Yeaglely (Jackson, ca, 2020-07-23)


I think the 6 and 7 cm matches are of use even though they may not be 100% You already have them so what does it hurt for me to have access to them?

Jay Glidewell (Meriden, KS., 2020-07-23)


I'm signing because I rely on half 4th cousin matches to prove theories and get through brick walls. Some of my 6-7 cm matches are NPE'S that I am able to help.

Martina Ranney (Jupiter , 2020-07-23)


We are just getting started. Please do not remove any clues for us!

Sandy Skelton (Peoria, 2020-07-23)


Two 7 cMs matches have given me the only link to my GG-grandfather in Germany.

Ruth Shaw (Wesley Chapel, 2020-07-23)


Small centiMorgan DNA matches can be true, not spurious, matches linking 5-7th cousins or even more distant.

Jenny Davidson (Middle Park, 2020-07-23)


Smaller matches have been instrumental in figuring out my family tree

Diane Boykin (Watkinsville, 2020-07-23)


I have found that working with some matches in the 6-8 cM range has given me really worthwhile outcomes. My maternal grandfather is a case in point as my mother never knew him and was an orphan early in life. 4 different matches in the zone suggested for exclusion has confirmed without doubt who my grandfather was.

Colin Hildreth (Morrinsville, 2020-07-23)


Please give us more time to go through these records! I have many matches at the 6-7cm that are valid.

Donna Huddleston (Irmo, 2020-07-23)


We should be working to improve the genealogical experience for people of colour - not adding obstacles to what is already a difficult experience for many.

Laura House (London, 2020-07-23)


I have found ancestors back to a 9x ggf because of small segments of DNA. Granted, it is more difficult, but possible. Even today, I have seen 6th and 8th cousins. I would hate to see those eliminated.

Andrea Ramsay (Wichita, 2020-07-23)


I wish to support African American ancestry research and I do use my smaller matches in my research as well as clustering when search for biological family members for others. Please leave the matches as they are. Thank you.

Deane Spaulding (Crestline, 2020-07-23)


Matches of 7cM are 42% likely to be IBD. We are smart enough to use them to break down brick walls and they are the reason I had people tested at Ancestry. In 2019 they made slave schedules difficult to find. Why are they whitewashing genealogy? While adoptees deserve answers so does everyone else. This is bad for all family historians. This is bad for all who aren't racist. This is an abomination for those trying to find their history where a paper trail doesn't list names because people were considered property.

Stacey Mitchell (Corona, 2020-07-23)


I have seen match of 6 cm that connect to others with the same ancestors.

Christina Hunt (Dingmans Ferry Dr, 2020-07-23)


I don’t want to lose valuable dna connections less than 8 cm. These matches are necessary to file in gaps for African Ancestry.

Terika Baker-Wright (Winter Garden, 2020-07-24)


In the name of genetic genealogy

David Boyles (Rapid City, SD, 2020-07-24)


We have found relevant matches in the 6-8 cM range.

Clifford Greenblatt (Owings Mills, 2020-07-24)


I have found 6-7cM matches that are true matches in my family. Please don't discard these valuable matches for me and other people.

Marilyn Greenblatt (Owings Mills, MD, 2020-07-24)


I do not want to lose my low cM matches as I find them useful.

Rosemary Morgan (Guildford , 2020-07-24)


I need those matches, a large portion of my low matches have been proved to be true.
Also, I have paid for my kit and my results, Ancestry have no right to take them away, they are my property.also, they are my relatives, the very point of me joining Ancestry is to find my relatives!
It's like me walking into a shop and buying some cup cakes, then the shopkeeper walks into my house and takes them away. How dare you Ancestry!

Jenny Bailey (Truro, 2020-07-24)