#EndSARS #StopPoliceBuratality



The Police unit has gone beyond his constitutional purpose and has started killing innocent people.

Etinosa Iguodala (Warri, 2020-10-11)


SARS in due time have alot of
Murder case and none has been put to justice

Aniefiok Adams (Uyo, 2020-10-11)


The brutality and death rate inflicted on the everyday Nigerian man trying to earn a decent living has to stop and I stand against it.

Moore Michael (Lagos, 2020-10-15)



Zak Duggan (Tonbridge, 2020-10-16)


I'm signing this because I want to see a change in Nigeria my country. I am tired of feeling unsafe in my own country, my own land, I am tired of seeing innocent people constantly lose their lives for just looking a certain way . I want freedom, I want to be proud to be a Nigerian.

Onyedikachi Arochukwu (Port Harcourt, 2020-10-17)


I am signing this because I have been closely affected by police brutality.

Juliet Ogodo (Warri, 2020-10-18)


I think that what is happening in Nigeria is disgusting and just because it isnt happening in America doesn't mean the situation doesn't matter...

Ndi Mokgwakgwa (Johanesburh, 2020-10-18)


I am signing because I need to lend a voice against tyranny and oppression witnessed first hand*

Ibrahim Haruna (Lagos, 2020-10-19)


End SARS/SWAT period.

Ade Ajetunmobi (Kent, 2020-10-19)


I’m signing because this is a issue that needs to be publicized!

Kierra Kersh (Champaign , 2020-10-20)


Because this is unacceptable

Eliana Tavares (Paris, 2020-10-21)


The uk, civil society arrest buhari all his service chiefs and Lagos State government

Noble Junior (Lagos State , 2020-10-21)


I'm signing for all my nigerian sisters and brothers. For their freedom and right to live in a place that call itself "democracy"

Elide Lattuca (Palermo , 2020-10-21)


#ends policebrutality

Kelly Oghogho (Monza , 2020-10-21)


In Nigeria

Kelvi Ogho (Milan , 2020-10-21)


Human rights should not be violated

Luthando Phuthi (Southend on sea, 2020-10-21)



Christiana Mendes (Harbiye , 2020-10-21)


I am signing because I want a better Nigeria for me,my family,friends, generation and every other Nigeria out there I want all us to be able to live without fear

Stephanie Diamond (Delta, 2020-10-21)


I am signing because I left Nigeria because of police brutality and bad government .ENDBADGOVERMENT in Nigeria EndSars .our youths are dieing everyday please Un should come and help us .if Nigeria is fix to a normal standards many people in diaspora we relocate back home ...please stop all Nigeria politicians not to travel out of the country till they fix Nigeria ..EndSars now ...sing by Alex osagie

Alex Osagie (Lanzarote , 2020-10-21)


Nigerians are been killed by the police who are meant to protect them and the dictator general Buhari is acting with impunity

kenny Fayemi (London , 2020-10-21)


I believe every one on Africa needs to feel at home here 🖤. We are all brothers and sisters.

Gloria Asaba (Pretoria , 2020-10-21)


this needs to stop. people are innocently dying for no reason.

Jessica Benrejdal (London, 2020-10-21)


I'm signing because police brutality must come to an end.

Judith Ehiwe (Edo stae, 2020-10-21)


I’m signing because police brutality needs to END EVERYWHERE.

chloe rockwood (sarnia , 2020-10-21)


I'm tired seeing Nigerian shot to death even with our prestigious flag

ubong Umoh (Abuja, 2020-10-21)


Nigerian rights are human rights.

Taylor Sentineal (Toronto, 2020-10-21)



Bleona Shillova (Köln, 2020-10-21)


I’m signing because it’s my motherland.

Esther Adebanjo (London , 2020-10-21)


It's the right thing to do

Segun Alfred (Los Angeles, 2020-10-21)


Black Lives Matter and no person should ever be killed for simply existing

Maria Boulos (Darien, 2020-10-22)


I am signing because it is really heartbreaking seeing our fellow African brothers and sisters dying in the hands of the people who are supposed to be protecting them

Andiswa Xaba (Pietermaritzburg , 2020-10-22)


This has need to stop innocent people are dying BLM for life

Saliou Dieng (Manchester , 2020-10-22)


The brutality n murdering innocent people hav to stop right now!!

Shu Xu (London , 2020-10-22)


I’m signing this petition because the corruptions with Nigeria leaders is getting out of hand, the killing of harmless citizens is terrible , we are hungry, no job, no money, no peace , Nigeria have turn to a country of blood suckers, poor man can no longer move freely without harassment from the so called sars. It’s now or never.......

Aina Williams (Lagos, 2020-10-22)


i don't want innocent ppl to suffer and die

Kamila Gajo (Łuków, 2020-10-22)


I’m signing because I don’t believe in staying silent, and I also don’t believe in only fighting for causes for directly impact myself. We are one race, we share this earth and despite the brutality and devastation is occurring in Nigeria and not in my home country, it doesn’t matter because all global issues that harm innocent beings is my problem and signing a petition is the least I can do.

Imari Blythe-Bowen (London, 2020-10-22)


I.m signing because of indicting the Nigeria government

jada badulu Zubairu (Kaduna, 2020-10-22)


I'm signing because enough is enough we have had it in Nigeria the government is useless and the police and SARS has gone out of hand

Blessing Efe (Lagos, 2020-10-22)


fuck 12

Rin Cardoso (Durban, 2020-10-22)


what they doing ain’t right

lesly acevedo (london, 2020-10-22)

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