I am not happy with the security in my area due to the squatters

Gregory Gillham (Johannesburg, 2020-11-02)


By signing, I authorize George Gabriel & Michael Meerkotter to hand over my signature to those who have power on this issue.

Heléne Michéle Meyer (Gauteng, 2020-11-02)


The illegal occupation poses an ecological and health risk never mind the criminal risk to themselves and others, and especially neighbouring suburbs. These people need to be assisted with humanitarian government accommodation within the area.

Kelly Aronovich de Assis (Sandton, 2020-11-02)


The situation is in clear contravention of the City Bylaws and cannot be allowed to continue.

Howard Rauff (Johannesburg , 2020-11-04)


We need to find a more permanent solution for these displaced persons

Victoria Oakes (Sandton, 2020-11-04)


im signing because of health and security reasons

Hugh Basel (Johannesburg, 2020-11-04)


I ‘m signing this because it is essential that this matter be dealt with immediately in line with the objections set out above. Our health is being compromised with the terrible fall out of burning plastic as well as the hygienic concerns set out above. This could also be a crime hotspot waiting to explode

Denise Davidson (Sandton, 2020-11-04)


I support this petition because of the negative impact this issue can have on our environment/ecology and due to security concerns.

Cecelia Madden (Johannesburg, 2020-11-04)


The threat of crime in our suburb.

Mike Spence (Sandton, 2020-11-04)


concerned about health issues and safety related. Additional property been invaded.

Felicite pillay (Johannesburg, 2020-11-04)


The acrid pingent smell of burning plastic keeps me awake and other health and safety issues are ignored by the council.
As rate payers surely we can expect those in authority to execute the law before increasingly serious problems threaten the law abiding citizens.

Ronnie Davidson (Samdton, 2020-11-04)


I am signing the petition because, the illegal occupants defalcate in the river and are always on William Nicol begging or loitering in the surrounding area, which has experienced increased criminals activity.

Bastiaan Smit (Hurlingham, 2020-11-04)


You are putting me in further danger.

Charmaine Montanari (Johannesburg, 2020-11-04)


The problem has been left to fester and the land occupation is growing daily. We want to see political WILL demonstrated here.

Ian Amm (Joburg, 2020-11-04)


Safety along the Spruit and the waste along the river is a BIG problem.

Peter Tippett (Johannesburg, 2020-11-04)


This illegal occupation is not only a security threat to the general public but being on the banks of the river the amount of human feces /waste has become a health hazard to the surrounding areas and Forest Farm residents but seriously polluting the river .

Paul Gladulich (Sandton, 2020-11-04)


The green belt of the Spruit is critical to the well being of the City of Johannesburg. And, the City has a responsibility to house all people with respect and dignity

Graham Spiro (Hurlingham Manor, 2020-11-04)


As a regular user of the Braamfontein Spruit, I now fear for my safety as this area is a no-go area.

Rob Kennedy (Bryanston , 2020-11-04)


Because this becoming an environmental and security hazard

Shauket Fakie (Johannesburg, 2020-11-04)


I am signing because illegal occupation of land will lead to complicated resolution. The sooner a solution is found the better for all those involved including the illegal occupiers.

Darryl Phipps (Sandton, 2020-11-04)


The squatters are living in terrible conditions posing health risks to each other, and ecological risks to the green belt. Relocate them safely to PROPER accomodation.

Ryan Erasmus (Sandton, 2020-11-04)


Land invasion is illegal and it poses risk to the community in the surrounding area.

Kabelo Mangole (Sandton, 2020-11-04)


I am signing because I am an affected resident. The illegal occupants poses a security risk and violate the municipal planning laws

Onesmus Ayaya (Johannesburg, 2020-11-04)


I walk in the parks daily and would like to see the parks and the rivers protected from litter and human waste.

Alison Jacobson (Johannesburg, 2020-11-04)


I am concerned about the illegal land occupants.
It will only grow bigger and cause a serious Heath hazard.
Already at Field and study there is poo long the river

Ryan Hackney (Sandton, 2020-11-04)


I am a resident in the area and use the area in question to run and cycle which no longer is an option due to safety.

Pieter du Plessis (Johannesburg, 2020-11-05)


This has become a safety problem for the area

Shelley Brownwr (Samdton, 2020-11-05)


The illegal occupants pose a threat

Maurice Hall (Randburg , 2020-11-05)


I am against illegal occupation of land

Stephen Sands (sandton, 2020-11-05)


I have noticed the recent increase in violence.

In the last fortnight this spilled over into the SF&S park when ADT had to be called to restrain a drunken squatter from attacking his wife in the park.

Andrew Crawford (Sandhurst Ext 4, 2020-11-06)


Im against illegal squatting

Nick Skinner (Sandton, 2020-11-06)


This is unacceptable, the illegal occupants need to be removed, as they are causing a security risk to residents and disabled persons in the area.

Rosemary Joyce (Hurlingham Manor, 2020-11-06)


Starting to be a problem for cyclists to ride without fear. Intimidation and lawlessness

Dion Cuyler (Sandton , 2020-11-06)


I'm signing because the people ocupy this area illegally creating rubbish and filth. Public property is not there for squats it it's ther for public recreational use.

Meir Margalit (Sandton , 2020-11-06)


I use the park regularly, and the squatter camp looks awful. I am also worried about all the sewerage going straight into the river, and the impact the squatters have on the wildlife

Ian McLuckie (Sandton, 2020-11-07)


This is an illegal land occupation and the city needs to act now

Crofton Reynolds (Johannesburg, 2020-11-07)


The situation poses a health, fire and security risk

Marzia Storpioli (Sandton, 2020-11-07)


The number of illegal occupants on municipal land next to Forest Farm is out of hand and they have created an obscene mess of a beautiful green belt in Johannesburg.

SHERYL P WILLIAMS (Sandton , 2020-11-08)


This is creating a major health hazard to the area and to the dwellers themselves

Guy Williams (Sandton, 2020-11-08)


Illegal occupation of land needs to be stopped. The area may be effected by crime & sanitation issues.

Frances Harris (Sandton, 2020-11-08)


This is a safety hazard and this type of settlement begets crime

Monica Willox (Sandton, 2020-11-08)


I am concerned about the environmental hazard as this settlement is on the Braamfontein spruit and is becoming highly polluted - Ebola etc a huge possibility.

Pauline Dickson (Willowild - johannesburg, 2020-11-08)


All of the above

Pat Hunter (Johannesburg, 2020-11-08)


I live in the area and walk in the field and rec center and the illegal occupation is an eyesore and security risk plus a health hazard.

Paula Van Tonder (Johannesburg, 2020-11-08)


These people desperately need to be housed in an area that has the infrastructure necessary to support them, sanitation, water, security, electricity...

Ian West-Lewis (Sandton, 2020-11-08)


Health hazard, risk of violence within the community, lack of sanitation

Virginia Hollis (Riverclub, Sandton, 2020-11-08)


Security and health and fire risks,and serious air pollution with fires especially all throughout winter

Rosalind Brook (Johannesburg, 2020-11-08)


I live very close to the Field and Study Centre and feel the settlement is not safe for our area. I also don't feel safe going for walks in the park with my kids which defeats the purpose of having the park right there.

Brigitte Dixon (Sandton, 2020-11-08)


I support the petition for the reasons set out in the petition itself.

Christopher Clifton (Johannesburg, 2020-11-09)


I'm signing the petition because there is negative impact of illegal habitation on a green belt with ecological and environmental degradation. It also causes a lot of pollution & litter in the river which is visible all the way downstream.
There is also a lack of sanitation, including using the Historical graveyard as a toilet.

Dominique Rowbery (Johannesburg, 2020-11-09)


I am a resident in the area and very concerned about the security, health and environmental risk that this poses.

Catherine Knowles (Johannesburg, 2020-11-09)


I feel it is not right to allow this camp to develop on the banks of the spruit. There is no sanitation and therefore the living conditions are not hygienic. This is especially important as we are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic.

Jeanne Field (Sandton, 2020-11-09)


The situation is getting out of hand and the impact on the river and its banks is already significant.

Tessa Marsh (JOHANNESBURG, 2020-11-09)


I’m signing because I am worried about the cleanliness of the river as more people live along the river.

Kathy Greve (Riverclub Ext 12, 2020-11-09)


Safety and security concerns as well as a health hazard.

kim marthinusen (Sandton, 2020-11-09)

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