These kids need their sports, fresh air and their teams. For their mental health they are being crushed by these decisions

Karen Rosenbaum (Middletown, 2020-11-14)


My daughter is a senior and captain of field hockey team. The team wants a chance to defend state title

Teresa Lioudakis (Lincroft , 2020-11-14)


My daughter plays field hockey for MHSS. The team is four days away from state semi final. Per our governor virtual schooling does not prohibit extra curricular events. The team does not have a case nor have they been contact traced. LET THEM PLAY!

Julie Raymond (Lincroft, 2020-11-14)


I believe that this decision was too broad-sweeping and the sports programs that are not impacted by the recent outbreak should be allowed to continue especially since the entire district is virtual for the duration of the Fall season and in accordance to statements by our governor.

Karen Coyle (Middletown, 2020-11-14)


No reason the young man to not finish the season, safety is one thing - but we can NOT let a few positive case dictate the majorities future.

Gregory Meredith (Belford , 2020-11-14)


As a parent of a student athlete for MHSS girls soccer. We ask you to reconsider. There are no cases on the girls soccer team and no reach outs for exposure from the health department please reconsider.

Heather Doherty (Red Bank, 2020-11-14)


We need sports in our kids lives especially now!

Nadine Pirie (Red Bank, 2020-11-14)


These kids have played all season following all protocol, no positive tests and 5 days away fro states you pull the plug. I call BS!

Carol Salvadore (Middletown, 2020-11-14)


Let them PLAY!!!

Jason Najdzinowicz (Tinton Falls, 2020-11-14)


These kids have lost so much already due to this pandemic....LET THEM PLAY!!!!!

Georgia Osterman (Succasunna, 2020-11-14)


My four children and I all went through the Middletown school system and we all experienced tremendous opportunity , growth and lifelong friendships through school athletics All those who follow should be afforded this same opportunity as long as the safety of all is taken into consideration.

Karen Brey (Middletown, 2020-11-14)


I’m signing because this is not right! It’s our life not the governments.

Paul Sully (Navesink , 2020-11-14)


I believe the kids should be able to play sports! They need this. Let them play before we get shut down again; esp with no cases and other teams playing

Nadine Corcoran-Pereless (Locust, 2020-11-14)


The damage from the cancelled activities, isolation of the kids and the disheartened spirit all athletes, fans, band and cheer will have a longer lasting negative impact then the possibility of a disease that we now know is not an automatic death sentence.

Rosemary Seppe (Lincroft, 2020-11-14)


Because it’s stupid you decided now to end season

Nicholas Lowe (Howell, 2020-11-14)


Our children deserve to play. They adhered to guidelines. Guidelines are set for safety. Rules cannot be changed according to feelings or fear

Jennifer Brown (Middletown , 2020-11-14)


It's very important for kids to continue their school experiences and this includes sports.

James Fannin (Madison , 2020-11-14)


I don’t support closing schools or canceling sports at all! These kids who aren’t even affected by the corona virus won’t ever get this time back . Especially OUR Seniors

Bill Michalski (Middletown, 2020-11-14)


Dedicated athletes deserve better.

Michael Keenan (Lincroft, 2020-11-14)


I’m signing because my granddaughter is a senior on the Middletown South soccer team. It is a shame if these girls who have been working so hard after a shortened season not to finish what they started out to accomplish. I stand behind these girls and their parents.

Janet Frese (Massapequa , 2020-11-14)


I'm signing this because I'm heartbroken for the kids and their parents.. The whole of sports can't be shut down..

Kevin Prefer (Middletown, 2020-11-14)


The CDC just announced that teen mental health hospitalizations due to the pandemic are up 31%.....31%! For many, athletics are one thing that keep them mentally healthy.

Pamela Woodward (Middletown, 2020-11-14)


Let them play.

Sean Richter (Lincroft , 2020-11-14)


I'm a parent of a MHSS student athlete

William Doherty (Red Bank, 2020-11-14)


It’s crucial for children’s development to be in school learning.

Amanda Panick (Lincroft , 2020-11-14)


These young adults deserve to play. It is physically and mentally unhealthy for them to sit around and be locked up staring at screens for hours!

Jennifer Smith (Leonardo, 2020-11-14)


These kids need to maintain activities for their mental well being. They are suffering enough from being socially removed on a daily basis. They are spiraling into deep depression. COVID will be the least of the pandemics.

Dawn Gmoch (Atlantic Highlands, 2020-11-14)


All our boys deserve better their season was already cut short from the very beginning and now two hours before the game ?? The SENIORS especially deserve closure they need finish out their season. They have worked so hard to get where they are and to have it taken away just like that is miserable.

Marissa Capone (Middletown , 2020-11-14)


Grandfather of a student at Middletown

George Doherty (Red Bank, 2020-11-14)


My daughter plays varsity soccer for Middletown High School North. Please let them attend states!

Rosie Scholz (Belford, 2020-11-14)


Students who are doing the right thing should not be punished

cristian Corcione (Howell, 2020-11-14)


This is ridiculous! Kids are finishing up their outdoor seasons and have been fine this whole time.

Michele Ponik (Lincroft , 2020-11-14)


It is not fair to have fall sports, and football stadiums full of people, and cancel winter sports. If the schools follow important guidelines with no spectators there should be no reason to cancel. We must warn all the students that parties after sports or in homes is strictly prohibited, and if found to be happening, they will have consequences. Sports are a healthy outlet for these kids. Some of these kids had there spring and winter sport canceled. In my opinion we should be doing more sports in the schools since our is overcrowded and half the kids get cut. All kids who want to play a sport should be able to participate, at the very least have intramural sports. It is better for their overall health. It keeps them busy, healthy and happy.

Terri Vilardi (Middletown, 2020-11-14)


Let these kids have some sore of normalcy in these crazy times!!

Susan Haun (Middletown, 2020-11-14)



Angela Cigolini (Atlantic Highlands, 2020-11-14)


Kids should have as normal of life as possible. If there are no positives; let them play. Kids need this for their scholarships etc.

Nicole Sisk (Laurel, 2020-11-14)


Even though fans can't be at the sporting events, let the sports seasons continue.

Kathryn Fitzsimmons (Middletown , 2020-11-14)


I feel like it’s another quick decision that hasn’t been vetted. Is it true that all sports are being shut down because of one team? We feel like there is a lack of transparency here.

Joe Coyle (Middletown, 2020-11-14)


Sports are being cancelled when none of the kids were even exposed. The wide sweeping of closures is unfair to these students who have worked hard and earned their spots for playoffs and regionals. Children are not evening have severe symptoms from the virus. Let them play!

Maria Breen (Middletown, 2020-11-14)


Let the kids play. They need some type of normalcy.

Kelly Walling (Red bank, 2020-11-14)


I would like to be able to finish out my senior year field hockey season.

madison Cigolini (middletown, 2020-11-14)


I am a senior on the Middletown South field hockey team. Please let us play through the last week of our final season. We are trying to defend a State Title, this means more to us than you know.

Bella Unrath (Middletown, 2020-11-14)


With proper attendance restrictions, mask and distance requirements the kids can safely complete

Rob Justus (Maineville , 2020-11-14)


I am a student athlete affected by this decision.

Grace Inacio (Belford, 2020-11-14)


No town should ever prohibit healthy kids from playing sports or attending school. The unilateral decision to prohibit scholastic activity may be doing even more irreparable harm than the virus itself. Allow the parents to decide whether or not their child participates. It seems to us they've done a pretty good job thus far.

Arleen and Dan Vecchio (Hasbrouck Heights, 2020-11-14)


Free the dawg

Mike Frazee (Middletown, 2020-11-14)


It is the right thing to do! 🇺🇸

Tara Fleming (Middletown, 2020-11-14)


Let freedom win

Michael Miller (New Egypt, 2020-11-14)


We need to get on with our lives & not let a government virus stop them from playing what they love to do...they’ve waited their whole life for this!! Let them play!!

Arlene Ciccone Hallard (Middletown , 2020-11-14)


If the school wants to pretend this is about keeping kids safe and go to virtual instruction they can lie to us about that when we know it’s about the teachers who don’t want to come to work. But if there are coaches willing to coach, and kids willing to participate, stay out of our way and let kids have their sports.

David Mann (Middletown, 2020-11-14)


Our children's rights are being taken away unjustly. The NJSIAA states that sports can continue if school is virtual. Enough with this BS and abuse of power, we will not back down!

Orit Mann (Middletown , 2020-11-14)


Our kids have missed out on so much this year and they deserve to finish their season!

Jennifer Provinil (Lincroft, 2020-11-14)


South high school athletes deserve to play!!

Alexis Walsh (Highlands, 2020-11-14)


I want the field hockey girls to play!! These seniors have worked so hard to get to this point. Don't take that away from them their last year out of fear. They deserve this and we are talking 3 more games only!!!!

Saeah Blozen (Red Bank, 2020-11-14)


The virus hasn’t spread through sports! Let them play!!!!

Maureen Donnelly Salesi (Middletown, 2020-11-14)


I am signing on behalf of the Middletown south field hockey team who is defending a state title. I hope you can reconsider your decision and understand the depth of its effects on the students in our community. Thank you.

Kayla Freibott (Lincroft , 2020-11-14)


The administration is out of control!

shannon miller (port monmouth, 2020-11-14)


Arbitrary and capricious decision. Don’t take this away from our hard working athletes.

Linda OKeefe (Redbank, 2020-11-14)


Kids learn so much from sports. Winning, losing, friendship, getting along with teammates you don’t care for, time management. The list is truly endless. But most importantly, these high school kids will not be able to get this time back. Let them finish the season

Karen Purcell (Middletown, 2020-11-14)


Both of my children have engaged in outdoor soccer since the beginning of June and have had no issues with Covid. Our children have had enough disruption in their lives. It’s imperative that children are allowed out and continue playing the sports he/she loves!

Msria Mcnamara (Middletown, 2020-11-14)


Kids should be playing!!! Let the kids and their parents decide what is best for their family!!

Donna Cuming (Middletown, 2020-11-14)

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