Say 'No' to Proposed ICN project on 248th Ave - Naperville



I am against this structure on 248 as it will generate traffic issues, this is a residential area.

Sanjay Bhat (Plainfield , 2021-01-10)


Fix the road first. Traffic issue.

Mike Carey (Naperville , 2021-01-10)


This development will cause serious safety and traffic concerns.

Wes Trestler (Naperville, 2021-01-11)



This is in reference to the plans submitted by ICN for the construction of a community center at 3540 248th Ave, Naperville. I am making this as a written complaint to be considered for the upcoming PZC meeting on Jan 20th. As a resident of the Ashwoodpointe Community (Birch Lane) and as a property owner very close to the proposed site, I strongly object to the proposed project. The proposed site is across the road from my property where I live. There are several reasons that are a cause of concern to me and my family.

The size of the project and its growth plans are not suited for the neighboring residential community (Ashwood Pointe, Tall grass etc.) which is not a gated community as well, There are potential issues with the constant influx of people and large congregations that would disturb the tranquility of our community. There are safety concerns due to high volume sounds that might arise during specific ritual activities, traffic and large groups of people meeting on different occasions and timings thereby opening up room for miscreants to take advantage of the situation. This shall negatively affect my family and friends in the community which are very close to the site. Eventhough the project was considered years ago when there are few residential homes, but now it's completely packed with residential community. Hence projects of such scale and size should be accommodated in more expansive land and where the population density is significantly lower than the proposed site.

Gopinath Kartheesan (Naperville, 2021-01-11)


I care about environment and the project will have a negative impact on the green space

Rohit Chaudhari (Naperville, 2021-01-12)


I feel the complex is too large for 14 acres...too many parking spots,

Geralyn Prokop (Naperville , 2021-01-12)


I’m signing because I’m very concerned about the added traffic this complex will create in and around the residential neighborhoods.

Patty Scholle (Naperville, 2021-01-13)


Project is too large for the surrounding residential communities. Safety and additional traffic is a danger.

Robert Mathson (Naperville , 2021-01-13)


I’m signing because this construction would adversely affect all the subdivisions with safety concerns for residents miles around.

Martha Fernandez (Naperville, 2021-01-13)


Too much traffic in a residential area

Jay Silva (Naperville, 2021-01-13)


I'm signing to oppose the size and scope of the project, embedded within a neighborhood, and impacting the surrounding neighborhoods, parks and trails.

Christian Evans (Naperville, 2021-01-13)


This is a residential area and i do not want it to turn into the area like up at cavalry church with major traffic passing through neighborhoods and around the area. This is not limites to just when services are held but these centers also host other events which cause continual conjestion. This will alrwady be increased in this area due to the park at wolf's crossing. These two projects together will really cause issues in the area.

Brian Jeffords (Naperville, 2021-01-13)


I object to this development due to increased traffic, congestion, noise and other disruption it would bring to our neighborhood and personal living environment

Rob Cornwell (Naperville, 2021-01-13)


This is way to big and busy for this area.

Terri Setliff (Naperville, 2021-01-14)


I am deeply concerned with a large-scale project of this nature being proposed to be built in the middle of residential neighborhood and impacting traffic and safety in the vicinity.

Sethuraman Venkataraman (Naperville, 2021-01-15)


I am signing this because I oppose the proposal.

Salil Sheth (West Chicago, 2021-01-16)


I take 248 every day for all errands, work commute, school etc since we are part of 204 school district. 248 is already getting congested with new subdivision and any additional construction will add to the congestion and safety of residents.

Prakash Natarajan (Plainfield , 2021-01-18)


I support happiness of my community

Punam Patel (Dix Hills, 2021-01-18)


I have concerns outlined above

Anirudh Sonthalia (Naperville, 2021-01-18)


I am signing because this development should not be made in middle of residential area which spoils the serenity of the locality.

Kirthika Abimannan (Naperville, 2021-01-19)


I am signing because this development should not be made in middle of residential area which spoils the serenity of the locality.

Suresh Kumar Ramasamy (Naperville, 2021-01-19)